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123Pet Software Has Features Built For Grooming Success!

Mobile Grooming

Powerful Mobile Apps

Texts & Email Confirmations

Color Coded Appointment Book

Vaccination Notifications

Pet is 'Ready for Pick Up' Texts

Hundreds Of Robust Reports

Professionally Designed Marketing

Convenient Client & Pet Records

Five Star Appointment Software Reviews!
From Real 123Pet Users

“I look like a wonderful groomer because I remember everything about their little fluffy. It saves me time everyday and saves me worrying about those paper client cards. I have added more groomers to my shop in the last few months and the notes are great, I don’t have to explain every dog to them or their hair cut.”

Sonya r, austin, tx

“The options are endless with this program. From re-booking, merging clients, online booking, gift certificates, credit card processing, loyalty points, notifications, bookkeeping and so much more, you really can’t go wrong.”


“I use it every day to create my appointments, email reminders, reschedule clients. Though I am a small grooming shop I hope to someday build a boarding kennel and 123Pet Software is ready when I am. I wish that I could take advantage of more of the features in 123Pet Software.”

Joyce c, mountain view, wy