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New Petcare Features

The 123pet care team is frequently adding new features and enhancements to help our customers further streamline their operations, increase profits, and grow their business. Read on to learn more about our latest releases…

quickbooks integration

Connect 123Pet Care to QuickBooks Online!

Customers can now set up 123Pet Care to send transaction data to their linked QuickBooks Online account! To set this up, log in to your account, and on the left-hand side click ‘Settings’ and then ‘General Settings’. From here you will see ‘QuickBooks’ at the top right corner, click the ‘Connect’ button to connect your (already purchased) QuickBooks Online account to 123Pet Care. After a simple connection process, you can then click the Manual Sync button whenever you want to send fresh data (or for the first time) into your QB database.

New & Improved DayCare Calendar 

Our DayCare calendar has been updated to help you further streamline your business operations and improve space and time management! Appointments will now be presented as ‘Pet Cards’, and will show you at a glance who is in what room, if they have warnings, and/or if they have any notes attached.


We will also be implementing a ‘Week View’ which will provide you with a bird’s eye view of your availability and capacity to help you make better decisions with your marketing campaigns and customer communications regarding your availability.

Pricing For Half and Full Day Sessions

We will have a new pricing option available in ‘General Settings’. This option will allow you to establish daycare room prices based on half or full day. If you choose this new pricing option, your daycare appointments will then show a daycare session pull-down menu. You can then set a price for AM, PM, and Full Day sessions, instead of using just an hourly rate for your DayCare rooms.

123petcare features

Learn more about our redesigned DayCare calendar and new pricing options by visiting this article.

Grooming Drop Off Windows

You can now allow your groomers to receive multiple pets and service them in groups throughout the day. To opt-in to this new method, visit ‘General Settings’ and change the drop-down menu for your ‘Grooming Calendar Type’ to ‘Drop-Off Windows’. This converts the calendar to represent your Groomer’s time as chucks where they can handle their pet activity as they see fit a window of time.


new features petcare

Grooming Weight/Coat Pricing

You can now set your grooming services to dynamically update the price and duration of a service based on a pet’s weight class and coat type. Weight classes can be defined in the ‘Company Info’ page, and coat types for short, long and complex are available for selection. 123Pet Care will automatically map a pet’s weight to the appropriate weight class and you can set up as many weight classes as needed.

real time reports

Stay On Top Of Business With These Real-Time Reports!

  • No Show Report – see how many ‘no shows’ you have received at a glance, with options for daily, weekly and monthly views. Once your dates are in place, you can easily run, export, and even print your report – the choice is yours.
  • Appointment Status Report – see all of your appointments during a customizable time range with their status (completed, canceled, no show). Specify report groupings and columns displayed by clicking the ‘Show Settings’ button.


123petcare new features


Customer Last Visit Report – this report will help you quickly and easily see all customers who don’t already have an appointment scheduled. You can use this report to send email broadcasts to encourage them to book an appointment.




We hope you enjoy these new updates as you continue to utilize 123Pet Care to grow and run your business! If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team by emailing support@daysmart.com.

Camilla A Mills
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