The Pet Industry Goldmine: Facts and Trends to Know

If you are a pet owner or manage your own business in the pet industry one thing is for certain: You know the pet industry is a goldmine. With new technology and advances in care for pets, there is no sign of the industry slowing down anytime soon.

Pet owners want the best for their loved companions. And pet industry businesses want to make sure they are capitalizing on the latest market trends. Are you staying up to date with the latest pet industry trends? We can help.

We’ve put together a list of the latest trends to help you care for your pet or your business. Stay on top of these new pet industry trends and you’ll be getting the best for your pet or businesses:

1. Pet Industry Trends: Going Natural

It’s tough to underestimate the organic and natural food markets. In the United States alone organic and natural food sales forecasts to hit 6.8 billion in 2019.

But the new frontier in pet care is a drive toward natural foods as well. The global pet food market is expected to be worth $98.81 billion by 2022.

And much of that growth could be due to natural foods for pets. There are a number of trends in the pet food industry alone. These include clean labels, a healthy focus, and fewer processed foods.

Pet owners want  the same focus on health and wellness for their companions as they do for themselves. Businesses need to be aware of this trend and make sure to cater to the health food desires of their pets and owners.

pet industry trends

2. Mobile Grooming

With software apps, virtual businesses, and an increased focus on client satisfaction it’s no wonder that mobile pet grooming is set to explode.

You can hire a car through Uber. You can order grocery delivery online. Why shouldn’t pet grooming be just as easy?

Teeth cleaning for pets is another aspect of this trend. What could be easier than setting appointments, processing payments, and handling the business of grooming with a smartphone or iPad?

With technology support, mobile grooming can exceed the standards of traditional grooming and offer ease and convenience. Plus, business owners can equip their mobile enterprise with other aspects of the latest trends. You’ll be cross-marketing services on the road in 2019 with mobile grooming.

3. Pet Photography

We all know that Americans love selfies. But coming in at a close second is how much we love photographs of our pets.

Pet photography is one of the newest pet trends. It takes our love for pet photography and places it in the hands of the professionals. Pet owners want to see their loved companions in the best light.

The best pet photographers  love animals, have a great sense of style, know the market, and can handle pets to get the best results. With some photographers  charging $150 per session  there is a lot of opportunity for revenue and income in the pet photography industry.

Plus, industry professionals can leverage their grooming, dog walking, or pet care business to include pet photography. The best photographers have their own marketing embedded into their work. Just think, every pet owner who shares a photo you’ve created will be doing your advertising for you!

pet industry trends

4. Loving the Luxury

With all the attention to photography, great food, and mobile solutions the focus on luxury should come as no surprise to observers of the pet industry.

From high-quality food to boarding solutions and retail products there is a growing trend toward luxury in pet care.

High-end pet services are one of the many areas of the pet industry that is  seeing significant growth.

Pet massages, spas, spray color, and limo rides  are among the services pet owners are willing to pay for. Luxury isn’t just in the pampered experience though. Pet owners are investing in luxury goods and collars for their companions.

Leather, jewels, and custom designs  are all trends in dog collars. Pet owners want luxury in goods and experience for their loved pets.

pet industry trends

5. Technology Trends

When is the last time you went anywhere without your smartphone? Well, pet owners want the same technology benefits for their companions as they have for themselves.

Technology allows owners to monitor the behavior of their pets. It also lets them stay connected to their companions.

There are  monitoring tools like Fitbark  that let owners get to know their pets even better through technology. In addition, many of us are aware of GPS positioning services that let us locate our pets.

pet industry trends

6. Pet Waste Removal

The best industry trends address the needs and desires of owners. And what more can owners ask for than an easy solution to the worst part of dog ownership?

One of the fastest growing trends in pet care is pet waste removal. One company grew from a $150 initial investment to a business with just under $9 million in annual revenue. This company now operates in 24 states. Removing pet waste is a trend that allows owners to focus on enjoying their pet.

They let service providers deal with the headaches of waste removal.

pet industry trends

7. TV for Dogs!

You never thought you would have to share your TV with your dog, right? Turns out some dogs like TV too and signing up for DOGTV is becoming a popular trend.

DOGTV was the first television experience created for dogs to relax and entertain them, allowing you to leave a little love on when heading out of your home. DOGTV is not just a TV channel; after all, our dogs don’t binge watch their favorite shows as we do. But, they do experience happy stimulation and comfort from the scientifically developed sights and sounds that it provides.

8. The Dog Person’s Dating App

Find someone you really DIG, on the dog person’s dating app! This app allows dog owners (or anyone who’d like to snuggle up to a dog owner) a chance to meet fellow single canine lovers.

Dogs show us how to love unconditionally, so it is only fitting that they are part of the soul mate search. The app shows pictures of potential matches with their dogs. Each person creates a profile and then the app will fetch five compatible matches a day. Once a person finds someone they are interested in meeting, the app offers dog-friendly bars, restaurants and parks to meet at. It’s a goldmine!

pet industry trends

Get Easy Access To The Goldmine!

Once you realize the amount of opportunity with the pet industry trends the only question is how to make the most of it.

With the right tools, processes, and technology you can watch your revenues soar when servicing pets. As long as you have the right tools you can make the most of the pet industry trends.

Dog Grooming Prices: How Much Should I Charge?

dog groomer prices

Dog Grooming Prices

The right pricing strategy is vital to your pet grooming business. So how much should you charge? Here’s everything you need to know about dog grooming prices.

An important part of setting up your business model will be establishing your prices. Yet, it can often be tricky to determine exactly how much to charge your clients. Do you offer a single price that covers all services, or upcharge depending on the specific treatment? Do you charge more for different sized dogs, and if so, how do you set the pay scale? These are just a few of the questions you may have.

Today, we’re discussing how to set your dog grooming prices. This way, you can rest assured you’re charging your customers a fair and balanced rate. Interested in learning more? Let’s dive in!

Check Out Local Dog Grooming Prices

It goes without saying that as a dog groomer, you’ll want to research your local competition. It might be tempting to offer prices lower than the “going rate” in your area. Yet, keep in mind that this research is primarily intended to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Check the local online reviews, hop on the competing social media pages, and, if you can visit the shops to check out what they’re offering and how much they’re charging. Then, use this comprehensive knowledge to help guide your strategy. But remember, successful groomers stand out by their quality, professionalism, and technique, not always their price point.

Calculating the Value You Bring

When determining how to set your dog grooming prices, it’s important to consider exactly what you bring to the table as a groomer. Also, think about how much your customers are willing to spend for the solutions you provide.

Not sure where to start? Think first about what sets you apart. Are you an expert at small breeds, able to get them to look show-worthy in a matter of hours? Or maybe you offer a de-shed that can save homeowners tons of time and money cleaning their house? You might also specialize in deep-cleaning canine teeth, or a homemade oatmeal bath treatment, or a long line of spa options that customers can’t get anywhere else.

Now think about how much those services are worth to the people who call on you to pamper their pooch. You’ll obviously need to calculate your personal costs to gather the supplies and provide the labor to make sure you turn a profit. Yet, it’s just as important to think about the services in terms of perceived value.

In other words, how much do you think your customers believe your services are worth? How much time are you saving them? What about energy and other resources? Working from here can be a valuable place to start.

animal groomer , dog groomer prices , cost of dog grooming , pet grooming prices

Critical Price Factors to Consider

To ensure your time and effort are appropriately compensated, you’ll likely want to charge more depending on specific price factors. Common considerations include breed size, temperament, and the number of services to be performed.

Let’s start with breed size. A groom for a Great Dane would typically cost more than one for a poodle, though this might not always be the case. You’ll also want to factor in the actual services provided. Some dogs may be more high maintenance than others and will carry a bigger charge regardless of size. Concerning temperament, you may want to consider charging more for dogs that are aggressive or extremely timid, as these dogs will require extra attention and care and can take longer to groom.

Lastly, the number of services to be performed is perhaps the most important factor when developing dog grooming prices. Is the dog coming in for a routine wash and nail trim? Or does he require teeth brushing, gland expression, and de-shedding? What about a deep moisturizing treatment or a specialty shampoo soak? You may want to consider establishing set packages that cover the basic, mid-range, and premium levels of care. Then, adjust from there depending on the other two factors (breed size and temperament).

Basic grooming packages are typically set at between $30 and $90 depending on your region and the price of living. You can establish a percentage upcharge for the mid-range and premium levels, or offer these services à la carte if desired.

Setting Pricing Standards

As you’re setting up the packages and upcharges described above, consider whether your prices will be set as a per dog fee, or as an hourly rate. Payment by the hour will guarantee that you’ll at least get a set amount of money for your time. As such, it is a desirable option. The primary issue with charging by the dog is that there could be unexpected delays or issues that may cause you to work overtime on a particular animal for no extra pay (think of working extra hours as a salaried employee versus an hourly one).

If you opt to charge by the dog, be sure to take into consideration its weight and the condition of its coat. For example, a young dalmatian might cost less for a basic package than a medium-sized cocker spaniel, though both are receiving the same services.

friends , dog groomer prices , cost of dog grooming , pet grooming prices

Perks and Discounts

When brainstorming your dog grooming prices, you may want to include some rewards and perks that can be extended to your return clients. This type of incentive is great for building a client base (especially for new groomers). It also encourages your clients to share your business with their friends.

One of the most common rewards is a frequent customer appreciation discount. For example, if a client sets a standing appointment each month, you can extend a 5% discount on return services. This type of offer won’t be too hard on your bottom line, and could actually work wonders to boost it.

Smart Software: Helping Your Pet Business Thrive

As you prepare your grooming business for launch, chances are that pricing and payments aren’t your only considerations. You’ll also be thinking about operations, marketing, logistics, booking, and more. As you take this next step forward, we’d love to help. We offer comprehensive software solutions designed to make owning a pet-centric business easy and effortless.

Feel free to take a look at some of our main features, as well as the valuable add-ons we offer. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and let’s connect!

The Best Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

So, you’re thinking about opening your own dog grooming business, but you don’t exactly know where to begin.

Well, you’re starting at just the right time. Professional dog grooming businesses are growing at a rapid rate. More folks are realizing that hiring a dog groomer is a very convenient service that helps eliminate some stress in their busy lives. Plus, an increasingly aging population of pet owners means many people don’t have the energy to take care of their dog’s grooming needs on their own. But, just like any other business, you first need to figure out your upfront costs before you get the ball rolling.

As a pet professional pet groomer, one of your most important upfront costs will be your professional dog grooming supplies. Without the proper tools on hand, you’ll find yourself ill-equipped when it comes to running day-to-day operations.

But, you’re going to need more than just a brush and some dollar store shampoo to be taken seriously. If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to buy the right professional supplies and tools.

Keep reading to learn about the best professional dog grooming supplies you need to make your business a success.

Nail Clippers

When it comes to buying professional dog grooming supplies, you’re going to quickly notice that you’re going to need almost two of everything.

And it begins with the nail clippers. For nail clippers, you’re going to want to purchase both a small-sized pair and a large-sized pair. Typically, nail clippers for larger dogs will state “large” on the package or product description. Both pairs of clippers should come with a cover to prevent any accidental cutting. The cover will also help prevent the clippers from rusting too quickly.

There are two styles you have to choose from for clippers: scissors-style or guillotine-style. The one you choose is really just a matter of personal preference. Although it doesn’t hurt to have both kinds on hand- as you may find some pups have personal preferences of their own!

Grooming Shears

We all know how difficult it can be to untangle a dog’s matted hair. Grooming shears will be your new best friend for cutting mats of tangled hair and beautifying the dog’s fur.

Dog owners tend to have a wide variety of preferences when it comes to their dog’s fur length. Some dog owners will want you to keep their dog’s hair short so they don’t have to deal with shedding or tangled mats. Some owners love the fluff and will just want a simple trim. And other owners will want their dog groomed in a specific way to prepare them for a dog show.

Due to the wide range of preferences, you’ll need to have a variety of shears on hand. The varieties available include: straight, curved, stiletto, blending, thinning, and convex.

Combs and Brushes

Selecting the proper brush or comb will help ensure the dog stays comfortable and healthy. As we all know, different breeds of dogs have different coats. Therefore, you are going to need a wide selection of brushes.

You will need nylon and wire combs to help work out some of the tinier knots. You will also want a flea comb for both removing fleas and de-tangling the fur. If the dog has thin fur, it will typically need a very soft brush to stay comfortable. Whereas dogs with thicker fur can usually handle much sturdier brushes.

Grooming Table

Now, a grooming table may seem like a bit of an unnecessary luxury to some, but trust us, your knees will be thanking you later. Plus, a table will help show the dog that it needs to stay in one spot until you are finished grooming.

Folding tables are great for those planning to run a mobile grooming business. Or, you can opt for an electronic table or a hydraulic table. Both of these tables can rise to the height that you require. However, the hydraulic tables require you to use a pump to get the table to your desired height, whereas with the electric tables you only have to press a button. Although they are more convenient, electric tables will tend to be more expensive.

The number one priority when purchasing a grooming table though is your comfort. Standing all day can do a number on your back, so make sure you pick a table that fits your comfort level.

professional dog grooming supplies, professional dog grooming brushes

Dog Bath

Dogs tend to carry a lot of dirt and debris on their fur, and because of this, you will definitely need to give them a good scrub down before you begin grooming. The shape of the dog tub depends on personal preference. But make sure it can hold up to 300 lbs. If you’re not afraid of splurging a little, look for a tub that has a ramp connected to it so larger dogs can walk right in.

Dog Shampoo

A shampoo is essential for keeping a dog’s fur healthy. The right shampoo can even help prevent infections and reduce the amount of shedding.

Depending on the dog’s needs, you’ll want to have a few different types of shampoos on hand. De-shedding shampoos, show pet shampoos, whitening shampoos, and flea removal shampoos will all be necessary.

Dog Fur Dryer

After a thorough scrub in the tub, the dog’s fur will need to be dried. You can use a standard handheld dryer or you can go for a standing dryer. Standing dryers are great for freeing up your hands so you can work on brushing and keeping the dog still. However, handheld dryers allow you to get closer to the fur so it drys faster.

Ear, Eye, and Dental Kits

And while the fur is the main event, you can’t forget about those ears, eyes, and teeth. Dog ear cleaning kits will help you remove any excess fur and keep the ears dry. Eye drops will help keep shampoo out of the dog’s eyes as well as any other irritating products.

You can buy dog toothbrushes and dog dental paste that are meant for one-time use only and can be thrown away after.

Professional Dog Grooming Supplies: Wrap Up

Now that you have your list on hand it’s time to start making some purchases.

Of course, buying the right professional dog grooming supplies is only the beginning of setting up your business. Be sure to check out our pet grooming software. It has everything you need to help keep your clients and your business organized.

Why not try 123Pet Software absolutely free!

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9 Grooming Products for Your Salon Goals

grooming products

9 Grooming Products for Your Salon Goals

Is your salon prepped to be the best in your area for this coming year? Don’t lose clientele because you don’t have the best grooming products on the market.

As a pet groomer, you love your company — after all, where else can you give stunning makeovers to man’s best friend day in and day out? The question is, do you have the necessary grooming products to bring in more barks (and thus more bucks) in the new year?

Research shows that over the past five years, the Pet Grooming & Boarding in the US industry has grown by 6.8% to reach revenue of $8 billion in 2018. In the same time frame, the number of businesses has grown by 5.1% and the number of employees has grown by 6.7%.

We’ve compiled a guide to the 9 leading grooming products you need to avoid losing clientele and, thus, ultimately reach your salon goals. Let’s get started!

1. Bristle Brush

One of the staple grooming products you need for your salon in the new year is a natural bristle brush.

Just like its human counterpart, a dog bristle brush is gentle and soft. These brushes, fabricated from natural materials, offer the benefit of not creating the type of static buildup you get with a nylon brush.

On top of that, they effortlessly distribute oils in a dog’s coat and smooth out his fur — particularly if you’re working with a breed with long hair. You can find both short and long versions of this type of brush, along with its firm and soft versions.

grooming products

2. Friction Brush

This is another essential tool for any pet groomer. After all, just as tangles in your own hair can cause you major headaches, man’s best friend doesn’t like them, either.

With a rubber friction brush, you can easily obliterate even the toughest of tangles without worrying about hurting your furry client. Plus, this brush type gets rids of more of that unwanted hair compared with metal brushes.

grooming products


3. De-Shedding Comb

Want your future grooming sessions to be even more of a win-win for your dogs and you each time? Don’t start a session without a de-shedding comb.

This short comb features a blade designed to remove fur that is shedding. This is particularly invaluable in the Spring — the season when double-coated dogs blow out their undercoats.

grooming products

4. Slicker Brush

Want another tool up your sleeve that can set you apart from the competition? A slicker brush will do the trick.

If you’re working on dog breeds that have long or medium fur, or on dogs with curly coats, you can’t do without a slicker brush. This brush features thin wires that are positioned close to one another. With a slicker brush, you can remove fur that is shedding, and you can also remove mats.

But be careful when you use this brush: You don’t want to end up scratching a pooch’s skin. Used correctly, these brushes can make breaking up stubborn tangles effortless.

grooming products

5. Pin Brush

Got a double-coated, wire-haired or long-haired pooch on your hands? Don’t get tangled up with ineffective grooming tools. You can’t go wrong with a pin brush for working through those menacing tangles, particularly for dogs that have long or medium hair.

See a theme here? Tangles are not your friend, but the right tools — including the pin brush — can help you to combat them effortlessly.

grooming products

6. Shedding Rake

You need a rake for more than just your yard in the fall. The right shedding rake can do wonders for a furry coat if you need to remove a dog’s loose undercoat.

The shedding rake has tines that face downward and are widely spaced. With this tool, you can quickly say goodbye to mats and tangles and say hello to a fresh-looking coat.

grooming products

7. Shedding Blade

Interested in giving teeth to your grooming service, particularly when dealing with dogs that shed a lot? Loose fur can seem like one of your worst enemies in the dog salon. Fortunately, a shedding blade can be your best friend, helping you to overcome this annoying fur.

A shedding blade looks like the blade of a hacksaw, featuring special teeth designed to get rid of all of that excess hair — and thus all of that extra unnecessary stress.

grooming products

8. Metal Comb

Maybe shedding is not your client’s problem. In that case, you need a different device — namely a metal comb. Metal combs are perfect for those single-coat dog breeds that have just a few kinds that need to be worked out. Just comb tiny sections to work those tangles out. It’s that easy.

grooming products

9. Hound Glove

Maybe figuring out dog combs and brushes is leaving you wanting to pull out your own hair. We’ve got a solution that was designed with a fine-tooth comb just to make your job easier.

It’s a rubber hand glove — and the name says it all. All you do with this miracle gadget is slip it on your hand and then rub your furry friend. The glove makes brushing a dog’s furry coat and adding some shine to her an easy process.

grooming products

How We Can Help

We offer a top-of-the-line pet grooming software that would make a perfect addition to your arsenal of grooming tools in the new year. The software allows you to conveniently schedule your services, track transactions and communicate with clients automatically.

Contact us to find out more about the right grooming products to help you to take your pet salon to the next level in 2018. Looking for a new pet grooming software to kick off your 2018 goals? Try 123Pet absolutely free!

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How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Are you pet-obsessed? Looking for a more fulfilling career? It’s time to finally open your own business! Here’s how to start a dog grooming business.

A dog grooming business is one of the most satisfying and long-lasting types of businesses anyone could choose to build. An animal-lover (like you) providing a service to other animal-lovers is a win-win.

And anyone who owns a dog knows that it’s a challenge to keep one clean! A dog grooming business is great because it’s impossible to run out of customers.

If you’re wondering how to start a dog grooming business, here are a few ideas and tips to consider:

The real genesis of a new business is the concept. When you’re lying in bed at night wondering how to start a dog grooming business, you’ve got to concentrate first on nailing the concept. Decide if you want the business to be full-service or self-service. Or a little of each? What do you think would work best in your community? If you have a storefront, will you sell other pet-related items like food, treats, and collars?

You know the neighborhoods in your town, so only you can determine what sort of service would be most welcome and successful. Think about the car washing businesses in your area as an indicator. Do you live where people generally pay someone else to detail their car? Or do you live in a place where every Saturday morning people grab a bucket and wash their cars right in their driveways? Or do you see a lot of automated drive-through car washes?

Consider each in terms of how those same people would want to wash their dogs. You might even think about a mobile dog wash that offers house calls. Or maybe you want to buy an existing franchise!

The Name

When you first asked yourself how to start a dog grooming business, you may have simultaneously asked yourself how to name a dog grooming business. Or maybe you’re one of those people who thought of the name first! It happens.

You’ll want the name to be unique, yet easy to remember, right? Of course, you’ll also want a name that no one else is using (at least in your area) and you’ll want it to be web-ready, that is, something that you can easily create a website for that’s also not taken.

When you know for sure that no one else has claimed your name, register it. It’s a smart move to patent or trademark the name as well. Once you’ve firmed up a name and a URL, claim it on all the social media you plan on employing to communicate with customers and market your brand.


I bet this is something you haven’t thought about at all. Yes, software for your dog grooming business. You know why? Because you have to keep track of money. You have to make and keep appointments both over the phone and online. You probably want to create a rewards program. You’ll have to pay your employees! So many things!

Training and Certification

Dog grooming businesses don’t have to follow the same rules that human hair salons and barbershops do. That is, you won’t need a license that shows you’re trained to groom a dog. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from taking courses, though. For example, Animal Behavior College has 6000 locations in the United States and teaches people all about handling pets. Official training will make you seem, well, more official. It legitimizes your work even if it’s not technically necessary.

Getting the Word Out

As we mentioned before, social media is the least expensive way to communicate directly with your customers or potential customers. For instance, Facebook ads are targeted at specific users; you can get really specific about whose attention you’re trying to grab.

You can also create videos that you tweet out or post on your website or Facebook page. By creating a video you can speak directly to the people you want to do business with.  You can show them exactly who you are and what you do without leaving your office or spending any money. And once you’ve built a good email list, you can use email as an inexpensive marketing tool.

If you’re lucky–or not so lucky–your customers will give you online reviews. Even if they’re not quite glowing you can still make them work for you. Another great way to get the word out is to visit local pet shops and veterinary clinics and introduce yourself. Hand our information about your services.

how to start a dog grooming business

The Nitty Gritty

You have a lot of specific choices to consider when you’re trying to answer the question that’s been floating around your head for months: How to start a dog grooming business. Where will you set up shop? Just like every other type of business, when you ask yourself how to start a dog grooming business, you’ll also be asking where to start a dog grooming business.

Position your shop where dogs are. Near a dog park. Near a veterinary clinic. Near a pet store (though not a chain with a grooming service). Or, you could nestle it among shops near a cluster of neighborhoods. The type of equipment you purchase will depend, of course, on which kind of grooming service you’ve decided to start. That is, if you’re focusing on self-serve, you’ll need several large tubs with pull-down sprayers. You’ll need plastic aprons for your customers to use so their dogs won’t soak them. You’ll need soap for sensitive skin, and for regular skin, and so on.

You can also go with new or used equipment. Maybe start small and buy more as business picks up. All of this falls under the category of “nitty gritty” and you seem like a great list-maker…

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that asking how to start a dog grooming business is definitely the right question. We’ve done some brainstorming here, but you’re onto something fabulous and now it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.

Becoming a small business owner is not easy, regardless of how awesome your idea is. If you see a way to simplify matters, take it! Now it’s time for you to make some lists and some phone calls and clean up some dogs!

Already took the first steps to starting your dog grooming business and want a great software to keep everything on track? Try 123Pet Software absolutely free for 14 days!

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7 Top Tips To Keep Your Canine Cool This Summer

canine cool

It’s ‘officially’ summer on June 21st and with the temperatures rising this can cause a lot of discomfort for all of us, including our canine friends.

Don’t get fooled by their running and excitement! Here are 7 top tips on keeping your dog cool and contented this summer season.

1. Thirsty Canine

When we go for a walk on a hot day, you can agree with me that most of us will remember to pack bottled water before we even tie our shoes.

How many of us remember to carry some for our dogs? Not many, right? Well it is important to carry water for our canine friends as it is to carry ours.

On a hot day walk, you dog frequently gets thirsty. Consequently, stumbling across a pothole of stagnant water, serves as a recipe for invitation to take a lick.

What we do not know, however, is how long the stagnant water has been laying around. In addition, the longer the water has been on the pothole, the higher chances are that it is infested with microbial organisms that can cause infection upon consumption.

We, therefore, should always remember to carry water for our canine friends next time we take them out for a walk.

2. Screen Me Up

Sunburn is not just a condition experienced by humans. The intense sun rays also penetrate on the surface of the skin of our pets, and can cause sun burns.

Consequently, it is advisable to apply some sunscreen on the surface of your canine to prevent them from experiencing effects of sunburn.

If you’re having trouble finding a canine-specific sunscreen, look for one that’s safe for human babies or sensitive skin.


3. I’m Coming With You!

Do not leave you dog in the car on a hot day please. When packed under the sun, temperatures inside your car increase drastically.

Should it happen that you have left your dog inside the car, the escalating temperature takes a toll on them, and they begin to develop signs and symptoms attributed to heat stroke.

In case one is not around to remedy the condition, this high temperature is serious and could lead to death of your canine friend.


4. Exercise Time

As much as we would like to keep our dogs in shape, it is important to limit the amount of exercise we expose them to, especially during hot seasons.

Exercises have a tendency to increase our body temperature, a situation which is worsen by high environmental temperature conditions.

If not checked, the rapid increase in temperature can endanger dogs.


5. Shade For me

To prevent your dog from being exposed to high environmental temperature conditions, it is important to constantly be on the lookout as to whether your dog is under shade or not.

In addition, ensure you always have your dog walking in the shade whenever you are walking on the streets.


6. Yum, Frozen Treats

Chilled treats such as ice provide for a micro cool environment that temporarily lowers the body temperature of your dog.

Temperature gradient is established between the body parts in contact with the cold treat, contributing to a drop in body temperature.


7. That Breeze Feels Good

Just like in humans, fans have a cooling effect on the surface of the body of your dog.

When cold air is blown across the body surface, it carries along with it heat energy, consequently lowering body temperature.

This can be the perfect go to if your furry friend is getting to hot.


What To Look Out For

Here are some keys signs to look out for if your dog looks like he’s getting too hot:

  • When your dog starts breathing and panting rapidly, especially on occasion you do not normally consider strenuous to your dog
  • When your dog salivates excessively, and in some cases the saliva is relative thicker, it is a sign that the dog is struggling to reduce its body temperature
  • Fatigue and depression – your dog may start to show signs of withdrawing from activities that in most occasions excite them
  • Muscle tremors which may at times also lead to staggering

Heat stroke, just like in humans, can be catastrophic and even lead to death of your favorite canine.

Upon noticing signs and symptoms of a possible heat stroke, one should try to provide external means to cool your dog. For instance, a wet cloth can be rubbed on the belly or under arm, or even under the groin.

At times fanning can work too. However, if the condition is not lessening or appears to get worse, kindly contact a licensed veterinary officer.

It is, therefore prudent to put in motion practices that will not only keep your dog cool during summer, but also maintaining your preferred health standards.

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Promote Your Dog Groomers In Preparation For Bring Your Dog To Work Day

‘Take Your Dog To Work day’ is just a few weeks away (on June 24th to be precise), and no one wants to bring a scruffy looking, smelly dog to work. This is the ideal time to come up with fresh new ideas to promote your dog groomers.

Of course, as a pet professional you have a few other things on your plate. For example hiring more staff to handle all the clients coming in, buying more supplies, organizing your dog groomers for the take your dog to work day as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations.

This is one of the busiest times of the year for groomers. However, as a grooming business owner, you must understand the critical role that marketing plays in the ongoing health of your business. And with the take your dog to work day approaching it is the right time to take your marketing strategy a step further to keep a steady stream of new clients coming in, and existing clients coming back for more.

With this in mind, here are some of the essential marketing tips for your dog groomers in preparation for bringing your dog to work day.

Social media

Schedule a couple of social media updates ahead of time to post in the coming weeks or days as we approach the take your dog to work day.

Post some inspiring content about dogs, for example, how to be kind to animals or more exciting ask your fans to share photos of their dogs in their best outfits.

This could stir a whole series of images with tips on how your clients should dress their dogs.

Be sure to include some of your products or services, but do not make it all about your pet business since you want your followers to click the like, share and re-tweet buttons so be sure to include some fun and non-promotional tips.

dog groomers

Give a little something extra

To the days leading to take your dog to work day, give away some goodies, such as dog biscuits, leashes, stickers, magnets, calendars, and pet food can covers, printed with your business logo and theme color also include your business name, physical address, phone number and email address.

This will advertise your dog groomers and will go a long way to let your clients know you appreciate their business.

Prepare the ‘take your dog to work’ offers

This is a great time to have promotional offers. You can provide an early bird discount for your clients.

This is where clients have to book a grooming appointment. The earlier the booking, the more the discount while last minute booking has no cuts or even quite pricey.

As a groomer, this will make your job easier, as you get to plan. You could also set up some attractive displays of your bestselling dog treats, and mix in some pet toys, or consider a Buy one Get one Free Offer, or offer free baths and bulk discounts on your dog groomers.

dog groomers

Write a blog post

With the upcoming pet holiday, it’s time to write an intriguing blog post. Go for topics such as ‘Do and Dont’s of Take Your Dog to Work Day’ or ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day Tips’ or even better ‘how to prepare your dog for grooming’.

Blog posts are excellent for SEO marketing, they boost your brand as well as increase your business visibility on the internet, and it also shows that your grooming business cares about your client, which in return will building, trust and like factor.


Newspapers and pet magazines are always on the lookout for fresh content.

Approach any of these publications and write exciting content about dogs, incorporate the take your dog to work day, involve the community plus your grooming business which is in the same local area.

Consider marketing your shop in smaller local newspapers. Community newspapers are cheaper and can reach more targeted audiences as compared to larger publications. Chances are they will run your story; this will give a big boost to your grooming business.

dog groomers

Send out newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers. Newsletters should contain important dog news, tips answering client questions and fun dog related stories.

You could also give reasons why you need to groom dogs for the upcoming take your dog to work day. A regular and well-written newsletter will allow clients know you at a personal level and as a friend.

A newsletter will also help you get referrals from your clients when friends ask for pet grooming recommendations.

Send a handwritten note wishing your clients happy ‘take your dog to work’ day

Send some adorable dog-themed thank you cards to appreciate your best clients for their business. The card can also include business contact information.

Write them a handwritten thank you card, wish them a happy ‘take your dog to work’ day and tell them how much you love looking after their pet.

Remember to mention the pet’s name and even include the pet’s favorite cookie in the envelope. Also, remind them of their next appointment.


Let your clients know your dog groomers opening hours

One overlooked part of marketing is to keep customers in the loop of your opening hours. This is especially important ahead of a pet holiday like take your dog to work day.

There is nothing worse than clients desperately searching your website for information about your opening hours or having clients turn up at your door when you are closed. So, ensure your clients know your opening hours.

You can put a sign on the door with your Opening Hours in the week leading up to the take your dog to work day. Post an update on your social media networks. Update the Opening Hours on your outgoing voicemail message and your Website.

Email your clients in the week leading up to the dog holiday to let them know of your opening hours. Make sure this gets done well ahead of time as clients may have to make alternative plans if you are closed.

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The Pawfect Dog Dad Gifts for Father’s Day

dog dad

Anyone can be a pet owner, but it takes someone special to be a dog dad (or mom)! And because Father’s Day is just around the corner – June 17 to be exact, you might be wondering what you can give the dog dads in your life.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard bit by researching the best gifts for dog owners. Check out these pawfect dog dad gifts for Father’s Day.

Dog Dad Shirt

Some people think giving shirts as a gift is terrible. But it really depends on the print, as well as the person getting the gift.

Personally, we think dog dad shirts  like these  are wonderful. They’re practical and you can give a bunch of them to every dog parent in your circle. Or, if you know custom t-shirt printing shops, you can have one printed with your own design.

If you’re feeling generous, you can give 7 shirts, one for each day of the week.

Father's Day

Matching Dog and Owner Apparel

Does he have a lot of dog dad shirts already?

If yes, you can venture outside shirts and give him a hoodie or pajamas. Take it up a notch by buying his furbaby a matching set.

Personalized Sticky Notes or Notepad

Here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know that the average office dude or gal gets  11 messages via Post-it  daily?

So if your guy spends most of his time at the office (when not spending time with his dog baby, of course), why not give him something he can use often and remind him of his best pal at the same time?

Just think how happy he’ll be when he sees a picture of his furbaby every time he has to write a note.

Father's Day

Free Apps

Yes, you read that right. We’re saying you should get a dog dad some free apps for Father’s Day. After all, aren’t the best things in life free?

Okay, that sounds a bit corny, but hear us out.  such as Finding Rover or DogVacay are actually quite useful for dog owners.  Finding Rover , for example, helps families find their lost dogs through a virtual database of canine facial recognition, while  DogVacay  helps dog owners who want to go on vacation find cage-free pet boarding in their region.

Now, if the dog dad you’re giving these gifts to isn’t all that tech-savvy, you can take this opportunity to introduce him to the wonderful world of apps. Yes, you may have given him a free gift but he’ll surely appreciate your thought and effort.

Father's Day

HEPA Filters

Do you know of dog dads who have pet allergies?

While some people would just tell these dog owners to get rid of their furbabies, we know for a fact that there’s a way to  live with pet allergies  without getting rid of your pet.

One of those ways is with HEPA filtration. Aside from removing microscopic allergens, HEPA filters also get rid of indoor air pollutants, which allow homes to retain good indoor air quality.

High-Tech Pet Gadgets

If you’re looking for unique gifts for dog owners that double as the perfect Father’s Day presents, you can go for high-tech pet gadgets.

From wireless, waterproof devices that act as GPS beacons for doggies to home monitors that allow owners to check up on their furbabies while they’re at work, there are so many gizmos out there that are sure to please techie dog dads.

Father's Day


Dog Books

What’s the best way to please a dog lover and a bibliophile?

Give them a dog book or two (or more if you want). Now, if you’re not sure which ones are good enough to give as a gift, you can start with  Oprah’s recommendations, which include titles such as Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love and You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness.

Father's Day

Doggie Cufflinks

For a stylish dog dad, you can’t go wrong with doggie cufflinks. They come in all sorts of styles and shapes now, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect design.

There are silver ones, gold ones, and even cufflinks made from wood. Just choose something you know he’ll love to wear for formal and semi formal occasions.

Father's Day

Dog Dad and Baby Holiday

Feeling generous? If the dog dad you have in mind is in dire need of a vacation but can’t go because he doesn’t want to leave his precious pup, give him and his baby a vacation.

The great thing about doing it this year is there are so many  dog-friendly destinations  nowadays, you won’t find it a hassle to plan in advance or just in time for Father’s Day.

Dog DNA Test Kit

Is he obsessed with his furry companion’s genetic makeup?

We can assure you, it’s not because he’s being over the top as a dog dad. If he has a mixed breed dog, it’s even more important for him to know its background because there are  specific health issues he may need to watch out for.

For example, Dobermans are at risk for bleeding disorders while certain big dogs are prone to arthritis. Knowing these risk factors can help owners make better choices about their dogs’ diet and other health requirements.

Father's Day

Weird Doggie Gifts

For dog dads who like ridiculous stuff, there are some truly  bizarre accessories  for their furbabies you can gift them with.

From dog tattoos to pet high chairs, pet saunas, and butt covers, you just have to do a bit of research to come up with a weird dog gift an equally weird dog dad will love.

Gifts for Dog Owners: Are You Set for Father’s Day?

Now that you have some ideas as to what to give the dog dad/s in your life, don’t wait until the last minute to get the perfect gift.

And if you’re still looking for gifts for dog owners, don’t forget to check out our blog for more ideas.

Know of dog dads who also have their own pet grooming service? You can give them the perfect Father’s Day gift with the right pet software. Check out  123Pet Software for more information.

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World Environment Day: Simple Ways To Make Your Grooming Salon More Green

World Environment Day is the perfect time to remind ourselves that “green” is everyone’s responsibility. Rising environmental challenges remind us that it’s important that we play a leadership role in preserving our planet.

Interestingly, when a grooming business goes green, they do more than improve the environment. They tend to improve their bottom line too. At the same time, environmentally-friendly pet groomers can make for healthier and more productive employees. There are many ways to make going green an asset to your grooming salon.

According to a 2013 EPA survey, Americans generated more than 250 million tons of trash, about 87 million tons of which was recycled and composted.

Recycling is on the rise in recent decades, and environmental responsibility is fashionable in some quarters.

Businesses like pet groomers play a unique role in advancing this trend. There are millions of organizations across the world involved in the creation and consumption of resources. So businesses play a big part in setting a standard that contributes to a safer, cleaner natural environment.

Below are a few steps that, however small, can make your salon a leader in the ongoing efforts to preserve the environment.

Go Green, Literally!

How do you, and your employees, actually get to the grooming salon every morning? Many prefer the use of personal cars because modern life is defined by rushing around and getting somewhere fast has become the primary goal for some.

Even in cities with robust public transportation, some prefer the convenience and speed of personal automobile travel.

As a pet grooming owner, you can work against that tendency by encouraging your staff to use public transport options. If public transit is not available, encourage employees to carpool by setting up a matching system or providing attractive incentives. Carpool initiatives are great for the environment and your salon.

After all, pooling helps you save on parking expenses and encourages deeper bonds and social connections between employees.


Waste Not.

Technology plays a major role in many grooming businesses, and can help to make certain grooming processes more environmentally friendly while cutting resource costs.

But while digitizing records helps save paper and ink, our computing tools do create a waste of their own, sometimes known as e-waste.

As technology rapidly develops, older tools are discarded for new. It is important to responsibly deal with obsolete equipment, as it sometimes contains dangerous components or chemicals.

The good news is that many electronic parts are recyclable, but not every groomer takes the time to ensure their e-waste is actually recycled. With millions of tons of e-waste created every year, this is a major opportunity for the grooming community to go green.

Find green substitutes

Most grooming salons have a fair amount of “single use” materials, from the morning coffee cup, the lunch time plastic fork and knife, even break room napkins… But many of these materials are terrible for the environment, as they cannot be recycled.

Being plastic doesn’t mean recyclable. It’s a good idea to replace these items with eco-friendly substitutes, which are easy to find and increasingly affordable.

Recyclable or reusable materials go a long way. Distributing free coffee mugs or maintaining actual silverware are some examples of saving money and promoting sustainability.




It’s not a bad idea to ally with some other salons to magnify your impact. Working hand in hand with other salons can make it easier for you to advertise and amplify your efforts.

Salon groups are great ways of achieving economies of scale for your bigger initiatives, such as buying more efficient capital goods, or sharing tips and ideas.

Just say no (to toxins)

A clean grooming salon is key for a productive workforce, but bathroom and office cleaners often contain toxic ingredients, even while claiming to disinfect.

One way to go green is to utilize less toxic and environmentally corrosive cleaners and you could also consider using as many environmentally friendly pet products as possible. Your staff and clients will appreciate the change, boosting morale while reducing your eco-footprint.


Give it away, don’t throw it away

Grooming sales need regular renovation and repair. Unfortunately, this process often leads to obsolete material and debris being unloaded into crowded landfills.

It doesn’t have to be this way, as other salons or salon schools may be eager to take in some of your unwanted salon furniture, equipment, or materials. Instead of being disposed of, these items can be reused.

This type of recycling can also serve wider social good, especially when you donate salon equipment or other goods to organizations or individuals in need.

Save electricity

Okay, this is some advice we can all use, at home and at work. Be mindful of your switches! Although salons need to be bright and cheerful, there’s no need to keep lights on when nobody is in the salon, or in rooms that are rarely in use.

Managing electricity use in a grooming salon is a multifaceted process. Ensure that everyone understands best practices for preserving power while using salon computers and equipment, and that they turn off all devices at the end of each day. 


Find renewable alternatives

Well-established grooming salons don’t always have the option of starting from scratch in a sustainable way, like brand new grooming salons can.

However, renovations and renewal can be done over time and continual improvement can result. This includes selecting efficient equipment that decreases your overall eco-footprint.

An easy way to start is by making small changes to the materials used on a daily basis. Using renewable alternatives for even a small part of your salon operations sets the right tone for a sustainable business culture.

Go paperless

This method is tried and true. Cut back on print-outs for everyday transaction items. With computer technology so ubiquitous today, it’s a no-brainer to leverage digital tools to replace cumbersome paperwork.

Email, info systems, and apps all help make this vision a reality. Of course some occasions do call for the good old printed letter. In this case, opt for recycled paper and recyclable envelopes.

To inculcate a paperless culture, add a “paperless” request to all email signatures kindly asking that recipients not print the thread. The paperless culture is good for both the environment and profitability.

Saving money on paper can truly help your grooming salon stay lean and invest into more profitable digital technologies.


Scrutinize your supply chain

If you want to go green with your grooming salon, be sure to assess your practices and pay attention to all aspects of your business and supply chain. Reach out to all layers of your grooming salon to identify and rectify problems.

Encouraging sustainability should be an ongoing process, and it requires both big and small changes, but any grooming salon can implement at least some of these recommendations.

These tips are meant to help both the environment and your bottom line. So, for World Environment Day, choose to take the first steps towards a greener, more sustainable future or use this as an opportunity to redouble your efforts!

You can start your new ‘eco-friendly’ ways by saying goodbye to pen and paper and downloading 123Pet Software!

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Dog Shedding: The Best Brush For Your Breed

dog shedding

With the warmer weather upon us, all dog owners knows what this means- shedding! Unless your lucky enough to own a dog that doesn’t shed you’re more than likely going to need a great brush to get rid of the unwanted hair, before it ends up all over the couch!

With so many dog shedding brushes and dog grooming tools available, it’s challenging to try to figure out which one is best for your shedding dog.

34,239. That’s the number of results you got when you do a quick search for dog brushes.

That’s a lot of brushes to have to click through before finding the right one for your shedding dog.

A dog brush is the most basic grooming tool for any groomer to have. But, with so many dog brush options available, it’s challenging to try to figure out which one is best. Read our helpful guide on how to select the right brush.

Read our helpful guide on how to select the right brush and make shedding season a breeze.

Dog Grooming Tools:

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes have rows of thin wire pins close together which help remove loose fur and detangle. It’s typically in a rectangular shape and the wires are angled slightly to not scratch the skin.

When using a slicker brush, you need to be careful not to use too much pressure. Because of the wires, it can irritate the dog’s skin.

shedding, dog grooming tools


A rake brush is the best brush to use to get into long and heavy coats. (And no, I am not talking about a garden rake.)

Rakes are brushes designed to remove tangles and dead undercoat near the dog’s skin. They are often shaped like a shaving razor and feature one or two rows of tightly-spaced pins.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Pin brush

A pin brush is a shaped like paddle brush with long, flexible pins. They are often plastic or rubber. This brush is used to get debris and hair out from your dog’s coat.

These are usually used on long fur coats. The bristles are farther apart to allow the coat to be brushed easily.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Bristle brush

The bristle dog brush is best for short-haired dogs. This brush has soft bristles close together that will bring out the shine in your dog’s coat.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Stripping comb

A stripping comb has extra fine stainless steel wires that are close together. This comb trims out the undercoat to remove loose fur without pulling. It’s great for wiry coats.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Soft Slicker Dog Brush

This dog brush has reinforced coated tips to not irritate your dog’s skin. It’s perfect for delicate areas such as underarms or paws. The soft slicker brush is one of the few brushes recommended for curly haired dogs to fluff their fur.

Now that we have had a quick rundown on the basic brushes, here are the coat types used for each brush.

There are 4 different basic dog coat types. It’s important to know what brush is used for what coat. You wouldn’t want to use the same brush for a collie as you would a poodle.

Each breed has a unique coat. Use these specific brushes to meet their needs.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Dog Brush for Long Coats

Long coats can either be silky or course.

Bearded collies, St. Bernards, and Huskies are all examples of dogs that have long, coarse coats. These coats need to be brushed every day or every other day to prevent matting of the undercoat.

A slicker brush would be a good option for long-haired dogs because the wires are close together on a flat surface.

It’s important to remember to use caution when using a slicker brush. Because of the stiff wires placed close together, they can cause discomfort if you use too much pressure.

Another suggestion for a dog brush for long coats is a rake. Choose a rake that has bristles about the same length as your dog’s coat. Too short of bristles and it won’t do its job, and bristles too long will irritate your dog’s skin.

Silky coat breeds include Afghan Hound, Pekingese, and Setters. These dogs will require the same brushes as long, coarse coat dogs.

The difference will be the spacing between the bristles and the length of the bristles. The longer the coat, the more spacing there should be between the bristles. Also for silky coats, the bristles can be more flexible, compared to stiffer bristles for coarse coats.

You can also try a pin brush. Pin brushes work great on long, silky coats. You’ll find a lot of pin brushes at dog shows.

 dog grooming tools, shedding

Smooth Coats

These are short-haired dogs that do not need to be brushed every day. They have short, smooth coats such as Boxers, Labradors, and German short-haired pointers.

While long coats require the most maintenance, smooth coats require the least. Use a bristle brush every once in a while to keep the coat looking shiny and the shedding to a minimum.

Use this dog brush once going against the lay of the coat, then again going with the coat. This will keep the smooth coat looking shiny and healthy.

Slicker brushes can also be used on short, smooth coats. Just be sure to get one with short bristles and be aware of the pressure applied when brushing.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Wiry Coats

A wiry coat is what you will find on Schnauzers, Irish Wolfhounds, and most Terriers. The wire coat can also be known as the broken coat. These require plucking to prevent mats and tangles.

Use a slicker brush and a stripping comb. Stripping combs are particularly useful for wire coats because of their widely spaced stainless steel wires that will strip and detangle in one step.

Start with a stripping comb and run it along the back of the dog. This will thin out the overgrown coat and prevent mats and tangles.

After thinning out the coat with the stripper comb, use a slicker brush to brush the coat in layers.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Curly Coats

Curly coats are a type of coat that grows constantly and should be trimmed or cut regularly. These coats are found in breeds such as Poodles, Spanish Water Dogs, and the Bedlington Terrier.

Because they are non-shedding dogs, curly coat dogs do not need to be brushed very often. The best dog brush to use is a soft slicker brush. Use the soft slicker brush to go against the fur to make it fluff up.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Brush Shedding Dogs With Confidence

After reading our quick dog brush guide, you will be able to brush any dog coat with confidence. Brushing and maintaining your dog should be a pleasant bonding experience between you and your furry friend.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts. We’re here to help with any grooming needs you have.

Happy brushing!

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