9 Grooming Products for Your Salon Goals

grooming products

9 Grooming Products for Your Salon Goals

Is your salon prepped to be the best in your area for this coming year? Don’t lose clientele because you don’t have the best grooming products on the market.

As a pet groomer, you love your company — after all, where else can you give stunning makeovers to man’s best friend day in and day out? The question is, do you have the necessary grooming products to bring in more barks (and thus more bucks) in the new year?

Research shows that over the past five years, the Pet Grooming & Boarding in the US industry has grown by 6.8% to reach revenue of $8 billion in 2018. In the same time frame, the number of businesses has grown by 5.1% and the number of employees has grown by 6.7%.

We’ve compiled a guide to the 9 leading grooming products you need to avoid losing clientele and, thus, ultimately reach your salon goals. Let’s get started!

1. Bristle Brush

One of the staple grooming products you need for your salon in the new year is a natural bristle brush.

Just like its human counterpart, a dog bristle brush is gentle and soft. These brushes, fabricated from natural materials, offer the benefit of not creating the type of static buildup you get with a nylon brush.

On top of that, they effortlessly distribute oils in a dog’s coat and smooth out his fur — particularly if you’re working with a breed with long hair. You can find both short and long versions of this type of brush, along with its firm and soft versions.

grooming products

2. Friction Brush

This is another essential tool for any pet groomer. After all, just as tangles in your own hair can cause you major headaches, man’s best friend doesn’t like them, either.

With a rubber friction brush, you can easily obliterate even the toughest of tangles without worrying about hurting your furry client. Plus, this brush type gets rids of more of that unwanted hair compared with metal brushes.

grooming products


3. De-Shedding Comb

Want your future grooming sessions to be even more of a win-win for your dogs and you each time? Don’t start a session without a de-shedding comb.

This short comb features a blade designed to remove fur that is shedding. This is particularly invaluable in the Spring — the season when double-coated dogs blow out their undercoats.

grooming products

4. Slicker Brush

Want another tool up your sleeve that can set you apart from the competition? A slicker brush will do the trick.

If you’re working on dog breeds that have long or medium fur, or on dogs with curly coats, you can’t do without a slicker brush. This brush features thin wires that are positioned close to one another. With a slicker brush, you can remove fur that is shedding, and you can also remove mats.

But be careful when you use this brush: You don’t want to end up scratching a pooch’s skin. Used correctly, these brushes can make breaking up stubborn tangles effortless.

grooming products

5. Pin Brush

Got a double-coated, wire-haired or long-haired pooch on your hands? Don’t get tangled up with ineffective grooming tools. You can’t go wrong with a pin brush for working through those menacing tangles, particularly for dogs that have long or medium hair.

See a theme here? Tangles are not your friend, but the right tools — including the pin brush — can help you to combat them effortlessly.

grooming products

6. Shedding Rake

You need a rake for more than just your yard in the fall. The right shedding rake can do wonders for a furry coat if you need to remove a dog’s loose undercoat.

The shedding rake has tines that face downward and are widely spaced. With this tool, you can quickly say goodbye to mats and tangles and say hello to a fresh-looking coat.

grooming products

7. Shedding Blade

Interested in giving teeth to your grooming service, particularly when dealing with dogs that shed a lot? Loose fur can seem like one of your worst enemies in the dog salon. Fortunately, a shedding blade can be your best friend, helping you to overcome this annoying fur.

A shedding blade looks like the blade of a hacksaw, featuring special teeth designed to get rid of all of that excess hair — and thus all of that extra unnecessary stress.

grooming products

8. Metal Comb

Maybe shedding is not your client’s problem. In that case, you need a different device — namely a metal comb. Metal combs are perfect for those single-coat dog breeds that have just a few kinds that need to be worked out. Just comb tiny sections to work those tangles out. It’s that easy.

grooming products

9. Hound Glove

Maybe figuring out dog combs and brushes is leaving you wanting to pull out your own hair. We’ve got a solution that was designed with a fine-tooth comb just to make your job easier.

It’s a rubber hand glove — and the name says it all. All you do with this miracle gadget is slip it on your hand and then rub your furry friend. The glove makes brushing a dog’s furry coat and adding some shine to her an easy process.

grooming products

How We Can Help

We offer a top-of-the-line pet grooming software that would make a perfect addition to your arsenal of grooming tools in the new year. The software allows you to conveniently schedule your services, track transactions and communicate with clients automatically.

Contact us to find out more about the right grooming products to help you to take your pet salon to the next level in 2018. Looking for a new pet grooming software to kick off your 2018 goals? Try 123Pet absolutely free!

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What to Expect When Taking Your Cat to a Cat Groomer

cat groomer

Cat Grooming

Their tongues can do that?!

Cats are professional groomers in their own right. As animals who spend a good portion of their waking hours bathing themselves, you would think they would appreciate our efforts to keep them clean and healthy.

Yet anyone who has ever tried to groom a cat can attest to the challenge that is grooming your favorite feline. From the dreaded bath to the little details such as eyes, ears, claws, and teeth, many pets will put up a fight before they accept your tender loving care.

Taking your pet to a groomer will spare you a few band-aids and headaches. But is it necessary? Why take a meticulously clean animal for grooming when they do it every day?

Below we cover the reasons for grooming your feline as well as what you can expect when you take your pet in for an appointment.

Why Should I Take My Cat To A Groomer?

You may wonder why go through the trouble of grooming your cat when they’re so good at doing it themselves? Even though felines are masters of cleanliness, there are several reasons why they may need a little extra maintenance.

Indoor cats often require frequent nail trimmings for your sake as much as theirs. Claws are innate tools for felines, who use them for grip as well as for defense. Their natural inclination to sharpen their tiny claws can lead to expensive problems if you don’t trim them.

Your pet may also need baths to treat skin conditions or fleas, or frequent brushing to maintain their coat’s sheen and reduce shedding.

This is just a handful of reasons why you should take your cat to the groomer on top of their regular grooming habits. A full grooming does more than help with hygiene and keep Fluffy looking pretty.

It’s also good for your feline’s health. When you take your cat for a full grooming session every quarter, your groomer can inspect for parasites, lumps, bumps, and other health issues. This includes handling fleas and ticks, dandruff, matted fur, dental hygiene, and proper trimming of their claws.

What to Expect When You Take Your Cat to a Groomer

Groomers will offer often offer various grooming services and packages based on your pet’s needs. However, to cover all of our bases we will detail the most common services offered in a full grooming session.

1. Cat Groomers Offer Basic Nail Care

Keeping your kitty’s nails trimmed is an essential part of cat care. Cat groomers will trim up to the quick, which is the pink part of each claw that houses sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

When you don’t trim claws often enough, it can lead to a lengthening of the quick. However, with steady claw trimming it will eventually recede. It will require more frequent trimmings the first few weeks before returning to a manageable length.

However, maintaining short nails is important to prevent it from happening again. Most cat groomers provide this service on every visit, which may be every 4-6 weeks or sooner, depending on your cat’s level of care.

cat groomer

2. Cat Groomers Provide a Thorough Brushing and/or Trim

You should brush your cat on a minimum of a weekly basis. If your cat has long hair, you may groom them more frequently. However, even if you do this at home it’s good to take your cat to a groomer at least once a quarter.

Cat groomers go above and beyond your regular brushing session. They tackle matted fur and knots and provide a trim to long-haired pets who need a bit of maintenance.

For example, some long-haired cats have a tendency to grow fur between their toes. This can aggravate your pet, lead to accumulated litter box debris, or even impact their traction.

It’s important to let your groomer handle this task. Many cat owners don’t realize that their pet actually has whiskers near the back of their legs and near their pads. Groomers will know how to navigate this area without impacting these important tactile hairs.

They will also keep an eye out for any signs of skin concerns, such as lumps, bumps, lesions, or missing patches of fur.

cat groomer

3. Cat Groomers Can Safely Give Your Cat a Bath

Most cats aren’t a fan of water. Just the threat of a bath can transform your docile little angel into an angry honey badger. Thankfully, cat groomers have the skills and expertise to give your feline a bath without hurting themselves or your pet.

Most cats only need a bath when they have fleas, a dermatological condition, or very dirty or poorly managed coats. In this case, your groomer uses professional equipment. This includes recirculating bathing systems and drying systems that help clean your kitty quickly and efficiently.

They also go the extra mile to create a low-stress environment and put your cat at ease.

cat groomer

4. Cat Groomers Provide Ear Care

Cats aren’t able to maintain their ear care well on their own. A cat groomer will check the inner and outer ear to make sure it’s clean while making note of any:

  • Bald Spots
  • Redness
  • Discharge
  • Swelling
  • Debris
  • Odor
  • Caked Ear Wax
  • Bleeding

These are all signs that may require medical attention from a veterinarian.

cat groomer

5. Some Cat Groomers May Provide Dental Care

Dental care is another special service a groomer can provide. Even though cats don’t have to brush their teeth regularly like we do, they still need dental care to keep their gums and teeth healthy.

Some groomers may provide a teeth brushing service that will address and prevent plaque buildup. It will also make your kitty’s breath smell much better.

Coupled together, these services help to provide your pet a refreshing grooming service that improves their hygiene while helping you keep an extra eye on their overall health.

cat groomer

Get More Pet Care and Grooming Tips

Whether you’re a groomer or simply a cat lover looking for more ways to dote on your furry friend, we have the perfect resource for you. Our blog features numerous tips and tidbits of information you want to get your paws on.

Browse our articles and discover new ways to pamper and spoil your pet today! In a good way, of course.

Looking for a Pet Bathtub? Here Are the 10 Best Products On The Market

pet bathtubs

Despite how it may look in the movies and TV commercials–all soapy bubbles and happy tongues–washing pets in an ordinary bathtub can be quite the ordeal.

If the only time you’re in need of a place to wash your pet is when he rolls in mud in the backyard, you’ll probably be able to get away with washing him up in your own bathtub, or hosing him down on the back porch–but the fact is, as a groomer (or a pet owner with mess-prone animals!), a standard bathtub or utility sink may not cut it.

Luckily, for those of us who spend a little more of our time washing pets, there’s a whole host of specially-designed pet-washing tubs for your choosing.

Say goodbye to slipping around on your knees and spending hours mopping up the bathroom floor; check out the 10 best pet bathtub products on the market!

1. Home Pet Spa Wash Enclosure

Here it is: the Home Spa Pet Wash Enclosure! One of the market’s most-luxury pet bathtub models, this pet bathtub is sure to transform your pet-washing game entirely.

The Home Spa Pet Wash Enclosure has a partial covering that serves to keep pets fully in the tub throughout the wash; no more wrestling with those big, wet pups! The tub comes complete with strategically-placed jets and an attached shower wand–everything you need to keep those pets happy and smiling!

Pet BathTubs

2. Mustee 28CF Utilitub Combo

This tub is a bit more traditional, but every bit as effective as the Home Pet Spa. The Mustee 28CF Utilitub Combo bath is plenty big and durable enough to accommodate any size pet (okay, well, “any size” under 300 pounds!) with ease!

This pet bathtub comes complete with 4 steel legs, which make it extremely durable, and a pull-out spout that can stretch up to 24 inches, which makes it super effective for washing!

Pet Bathtubs

3. Lilys Pet Collapsible Tub

A less-substantial and expensive option, Lilys Pet Collapsible Tub is ideal for groomers whose furry friends are on the smaller side. If most of your clients are small dogs or other small animals, this bathtub may be just the option you need.

The tub is entirely portable, as its durable fabric and PVC pipes collapse so it can be transported in a more compact bundle by its vinyl handles. This tub is cheap, antibacterial, and long-lasting!

Pet Bathtubs

4. Master Equipment Everyday Pro

One of the most groomer-friendly pet bathtub options, the Master Equipment Everyday Pro is like that second set of hands you always wish you had!

This model boasts a stainless steel stand, shampoo rack, multiple faucet hookup options, and four different leash hooks. It’s also big enough to accommodate most any size pet, so you’ll always have the convenience of this Master Equipment tub on your side.

Pet Bathtubs

5. Booster Elevated

For the fun and convenience-loving groomer, the Booster Elevated tub may be the perfect fit. It’s designed to be equal-parts functional and user-friendly.

The Booster Elevated bathtub comes in 4 colors, each of which is equipped with a one-size-fits-all entryway and nonslip rubber flooring. And get this–while your client shakes dry, just snap this tub apart and store it flat in a corner of your workspace!


Pet Bathtubs


6. Pet Gear Pup-Tub

This tub is perfect for the groomer who loves a good deal and a great amount of function. The Pet Gear Pup-Tub comes with 2 functional straps to ensure your pet or client stays in place while you wash, as well as a rubber mat-covered floor to help her keep her footing.

This tub is durable and easy to clean; plus, it fits on most counters, so there won’t be any backbreaking-bending to scrub!

Pet Bathtubs

7. Kopeks Pool

The Kopeks Pool is an excellent option for those who value flexibility and keeping their options open. This lightweight pet bathtub can be used on any hard, flat surface–and when you’re finished, you can drain and fold the tub for easy storage.

This pet bathtub comes in 3 different sizes and can be used as a pool for playing, too. Just choose whatever is best for your little fur-pals!

Pet Bathtubs

8. Flying Pig FP301

This tub was created with comfort in mind–for the pet and the groomer both. The Flying Pig FP301 is crafted using sturdy metal. Its practical metal stand allows the tub to support pets of all sizes and allows groomers to remain upright while they wash pets at a comfortable elevation. The tub’s floor is designed to allow pets stability during washing.

The Flying Pig FP301 will stand the test of time, as it won’t corrode or rust. It comes complete with 2 separate hoses; one for hot and one for cold water. If you’re looking for a great, practical investment, this may be the tub you’re after.

Pet Bathtubs

9. Flying Pig Portable

Another from Flying Pig brand, this tub values portability for the mobile groomer (and pet!) on the go. Set it up indoors or outdoors and be free to scrub your small- to medium-sized pet from all angles.

This tub is simple but super-functional. Its stand is adjustable and it comes with 3 leash-hook options, so you don’t have to give up on loving your options!

Pet Bathtubs

10. Flying Pig FP701L

For the trifecta of Flying Pig pet bathtubs, we present to you the Flying Pig FP701L! This industrial-grade tub will be enough to convince even the most skeptical of pups that you mean business. This massive, super-durable tub is perfect for pets big and small–it even comes with a ramp for easy pet access!

Probably the most intense and functional of all pet bathtubs on the market, the Flying Pig FP701L is exactly what the super-serious groomer needs.

Pet Bathtubs

Still Looking for the Perfect Pet Bathtub?

If you spend a good amount of your time washing pups and other pets, it makes total sense that you’d be after the perfect product to make your job easier (and drier!). A specialized pet bathtub may be exactly what you need to make it happen.

For more services to make your life as a pet groomer easier, check out our site!

Top 9 Reasons Why The Cost of Dog Grooming is Greater Than Your Own Haircut

cost of dog grooming

The Cost Of Dog Grooming

Let’s face it – bringing your favorite furry friend in for a haircut may not be something you like to do, especially when they finally realize the ride they got to take was to the groomer. And, then, there is the cost of dog grooming – why does it cost so much? In fact, there are quite a few reasons for this. Let’s take a look.

#9: You don’t wait eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair.

Just imagine that for a moment. If you are the type of person who can’t stand going a day without a shower, imagine what you may feel like after eight weeks. Even all of the licking they do doesn’t get the deep down clean of a true bath.

#8: Your hairdresser doesn’t give you a sanitary trim.

Yes, down there. There is no reason why your hairdresser is taking a sharp object near your private areas. And, that’s a good thing, but it also means they are really doing the work for your pet. Not only does every dog fear trims in this area, no pet groomer wants to slip here.

#7: Your hairdresser doesn’t remove the boogies from your eyes.

Have you ever tried to wipe your dog’s eye? That black, gooey substance that comes off is nothing but downright gross. This could be one of the reasons you are paying a bit more for your dog’s haircut.

#6: Your haircut doesn’t include a manicure and pedicure.

But, your pet’s does. Your dog and cats hair is likely to look fantastic, but they also will have their nails done, too. And, that in itself is no easy task.

#5: The likelihood of you pooping on the hairdresser is pretty slim.

Is your pet one of the many that walk into a groomer’s shop, gets anxious suddenly, and immediately has to go to the bathroom? Yes, the groomer has to clean up after that.

#4: Your hairdresser doesn’t wash and clean your rear end.

Remember, there can be eight weeks in between appointments here (and sometimes those at-home baths don’t do a great job in this area). However, your pet’s rear will be clean just as he or she needs.

#3: Your hairdresser doesn’t clean your ears.

On a dog, the ears are one of the most sensitive locations. And, when it comes down to it, they need extra care to prevent water from getting into them. Your pet’s groomer knows how to properly clean them, too, giving them that too-cute look.

#2: You sit still for your hairdresser.

At least, that’s the hope. Even if you move around a bit, it is not likely you are going to scratch your ear randomly or start barking when someone walks in the door.

#1: You don’t bite or scratch your hairdresser.

And, one of the most important reasons why the cost of dog grooming is a bit more is simply this – you don’t bite. But, pets do.

Still wondering why your dog’s grooming appointment costs more? Chances are good you can see the value by watching just how much care and passion the groomer puts into their work on your pet.

For more interesting and valuable pet grooming content. Check 123Pets blog!

7 Pet Business Ideas for the Animal-Obsessed

Are you pet-obsessed? Do you dream of working with piles of puppies or cuddling with cats? Would you love to become an animal groomer, dog walker or pet photographer? We have good news: the pet business is booming.

In 2017 US pet owner spent $69.51 billion on their pets. In 2018 that number is expected to rise to $72.13 billion.

If you love pets and want a piece of that pie, check out these pet business ideas. Who knows? Maybe you can turn your passion for pets into your new job as an animal groomer or pet photographer.

Start Walking

If you love the outdoors or just want some extra exercise, dog walking might be one of the perfect pet business ideas for you.

Plenty of people with pooches work long hours, but still want their pet to get the daily exercise it needs. That’s where you come in.

If you live in a smaller town, you can freelance with fliers or advertise in the local paper to get the word out. If you live in a large city, link up with an online listing service and update your LinkedIn profile to find new customers.

Stock up on bags and look into adjustable collars and leashes that can fit multiple sizes of dogs.

animal groomer

Turn out Treats

Search out your inner gourmand and start a pet treat company. Gourmet pet treats are all the rage.

You can peddle your wares to local boutiques and vet offices, but don’t stop there. Nowadays, gourmet treats for pets are popping up all over: at coffee shops and even local human bakeries.

This is a great business venture because it’s very low risk. Initial start-up costs are low. You’ll only need to buy ingredients, baking molds, and packaging materials.

Once you’re certified and have a little bit of experience under your belt, you can budget more towards advertising and expanding.

Animal Groomer

Becoming a certified animal groomer takes time and dedication, but it’s so worth it.

If the idea of beautifying a bulldog or putting bows on beagles tickles your fancy, then contact a local groomer and ask about an apprenticeship. Look for postings at local pet stores for an assistant groomer.

Be aware that being an animal groomer isn’t all glitz and glam.

You’ll have to deal with unruly and dirty pets too. New programs can relieve some of the burdens by making appointment scheduling and billing easier.

With a bit of experience, you can learn the tricks of the trade and eventually open your own grooming shop.

animal groomer

Doggie Day Care

Does the idea of a pack of dogs make you smile? Dog sitting is one of those pet business ideas that people love to imagine, but prepare for the reality.

Running a doggie day care is no easy task. It takes a lot of energy and attention to detail. You’ll need to feed, walk, water, and play with each and every dog.

If you’re watching several, you’ll need to know specific details about each pet. They may have certain medications or special diets to be aware of. Small and large dogs may need separate areas and will need different sizes of beds, bowls, and harnesses.

Make sure you’re equipped to attend to the needs of each individual pet.

Obedience Training

If you’re the patient sort, try obedience training. You can run group training classes from home, or get a job as a trainer at a local pet shop. Some animal trainers even charge extra fees to make home visits.

Read up on different breeds and their habits, and become an expert in your field. There are many books and popular dog blogs to help you.

You can also search out certifications in your area, though they aren’t required to get started.

As you become more knowledgeable, you can offer more specialized classes. Customers will pay a premium for coaching on pets with separation anxiety or pets who are damaging their homes while they’re away.

To grow your business, try offering special training seminars and packages. Book clients ahead of time to maximize your time.

animal groomer

Pet Photography

Do you have an eye for art? It’s time to dust off your DSLR camera and get snapping.

To be a pet photographer, you’ll need to be flexible. Pet photography can cover a wide range of pets from iguanas and birds to dogs and cats. You might even find yourself photographing a horse or two.

Create a few backdrops for your photos and gather the necessary equipment. Tripods, flashes, and a few distracting squeaky toys are all things you’ll need to factor into your budget.

If you’re feeling generous, volunteer your time. Take free photos for local pet shelters to give the animals more exposure.

You might find your generosity rewarded. Ask if you can place your logo on the images, or offer packages to the new owners of the adopted pets.

Animal Clothing

You might find animal clothing a little bit wacky – but try telling that to these Instagram famous pets.

Pet owners love to dress up their pets, and not just for Halloween. If you have a knack for sewing or knitting, you’re ready to get started.

For these kinds of pet business ideas, you’ll need a few supplies. Think about what products you’ll be creating and buy accordingly.

Don’t stick to just clothing. Branch out into accessories, too.

For bows, you’ll need ribbon, glue, and possibly glitter. For knitted items like scarves or sweaters, you’re going to want yarn and knitting needles.

Sit down and take the time to plan out your initial investments to save yourself from a headache later on.

animal groomer

Get Moving On Your Pet Business Ideas

The biggest hurdle to starting your business is you! If you’re in love with animals and are ready to make a change, now is the time.

Start creating a business plan today. Create a personalized strategy for your individual market. In no time, you’ll be achieving your dream of working with pets.

Do you have other pet business ideas? Have you started a pet business yourself? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below.

9 Surprising Health Benefits To Owning a Dog

When you own a dog, it’s not just a pet to you, it’s another member of the family. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, but did you ever stop to think about the health benefits they can bring as well?

It’s not likely something you consider when you think about your furry friend. But the surprising health benefits of having a dog can have more impact than you realize.

So, what are these health benefits? And is it something that extends to the entire family?

Let’s look at 9 health benefits owning a dog can have and how they affect everyone in your household.

1. Owning A Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

We all know the importance of losing access weight. And the health benefits of doing so can be tremendous.

When you have a furry friend, your opportunities of getting up and moving around are greatly increased. Taking them for a walk or playing in the yard with them might not feel like exercise, but it is.

Even a 30-minute walk a day can have a positive effect on your weight loss goals.

So, whether they know it or not, your dog is your best work-out buddy.

owning a dog

2. Supports Cardiovascular Health

When you have increased physical activity from owning a dog, it’s also going to have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

Studies have shown that dog owners will have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who do not own a dog.

Harvard Medical School has even said that dog owners have lower blood pressure. Along with that, they have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

All of that means that, with improved cardiovascular health, you can expect to have a longer, better quality of life.

3. Reduces Stress

Daily life is full of stress. And when stress gets to be too much, it can start to have a negative effect on our health, both mentally and physically.

But research has proven that petting a dog can lower the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol. Not only in you, but in your dog as well.

In addition to that, your levels of oxytocin and serotonin will increase. Sometimes to double their previous levels. And this brings on the feeling of happiness, relaxation, and feelings of love.

owning a dog

4. Decreases Loneliness

It’s hard to feel lonely when you have a happy, loving dog excited to see you when you get home every day. And that’s exactly why dog owners enjoy improved mental health.

Dog owners tend to have higher self-esteem. And they accept rejection or isolation better than those who don’t own a dog. This helps to ward off feelings of loneliness and depression.

And psychologists agree that the companionship of a dog can help the well-being of anyone – from a senior citizen to an introvert or someone suffering from mental illness.

5. Increases Energy Levels

Owning a dog can perk up a monotonous and boring life. This keeps you on your toes and increases your daily physical activity. And by doing that, your energy levels will increase.

In fact, a study shows that dog owners have a 69% increased physical activity compared to those who don’t own a dog. This also increases the speed at which dog owners walk.

And the benefits spread to everyone in the family. Even children are more likely to go play outside with a dog, increasing both their physical activity and energy levels. Which fights childhood obesity.

owning a dog

6. Improves Immune System

Speaking of the positive effects on children, owning a dog can improve their immune system early on in life.

Studies have shown that when children are exposed to dogs within their first year of life, they are less likely to develop asthma. And school-aged children will have a better immunity to germs and bacteria than those who don’t grow up around dogs.

This is all due to their immune systems having contact with these animals early on in life. They develop a better resistance to viruses, germs, and bacteria.

7. Aids in Depression Treatment

Pet therapy has proven to be a powerful aid in the fight against depression and other mental illnesses.

Studies show that patients who undergo chemotherapy or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders are able to overcome depression with the aid of pet therapy. It also helps students who may suffer from homesickness or depression.

It’s also likely you may never develop depression if you have a dog and spend time with it daily.

owning a dog

8. Relieves Joint Pain

Having an energetic and healthy dog is going to get you up and moving. Whether you’re playing with your furry friend, taking them for a walk, or up taking care of them, you are moving on a daily basis.

And that is so important in keeping your joints healthy. Walking and moving around has a positive effect on your joints. And when your joints get regular exercise, you will have less pain and disorders.

In fact, dog owners are 33% less likely to have joint disorders versus non-dog owners.

9. Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking causes many health issues in humans, but did you know it has just as many negative effects in your dog?

Not only does your smoking affect their lung health through second-hand smoking, but the smoke itself can cause skin problems to your dog.

And when the bond between owner and pet is strong, you know you will do whatever you can to keep them safe. That’s why owning a dog gives people more motivation to quit smoking once and for all.

The Benefits of Having a Dog Are Plenty

As if we needed more convincing that dogs are great. But when the benefits of having a dog continue to run long, it just makes them that more precious to us and our families.

And now that you know the health benefits of having a dog, are you ready to find out the benefits of having the right software for your grooming business? Click here to contact us for more info and learn how we can help!

Why Work Friends Are the Best Friends


Studies have shown that most people spend about 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lives. That represents about 30 percent of their total time and indicates just how invested people are when it comes to their jobs.

As a dog groomer working full time you can probably relate! How do people survive all that time at the groomers?

Some stay motivated by thinking about all the money they’re making. Others feel fulfilled as they love grooming dogs. But the majority of people are able to go into work day in and day out and enjoy it because of their work friends.

Many people find that their friends at work turn into their best friends over time. They spend so much time with them that they become closer and closer until they’re eventually inseparable.

Here are some of the reasons why people say their work friends are also their best friends.

Work Friends Share Many of the Same Struggles

No matter how much you love grooming dogs, there are probably certain things about it that you wish you could change.

For example, you might wish one of your managers was a little bit nicer. Or you might wish that all dogs would stay still when you’re grooming them. Or you might wish you didn’t have to work weekends.

Grooming friends share the same struggles as you and help make them a little bit more tolerable. When you know that you aren’t the only one dealing with a bad manager or a misbehaving puppy, it can take the edge off your job.

Your colleagues at the groomers will commiserate with you and let you know that they, too, share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions as you.


They See Each Other At Their Highest and Lowest Points

When you spend eight or more hours every day working alongside your dog grooming friends, they’re going to see you at both your highest and lowest points.

They’re going to be there when your boss calls you one day to gives you a well-deserved promotion. They’re also going to be there the day you come back from lunch with tears in your eyes because your boyfriend broke up with you.

Similarly, you’re going to be there to see them at their high and low points. It’s going to bring you a lot closer and make you more than just dog grooming colleagues.

Over time, as more and more of these situations pop up, you’re going to find your colleagues at the groomers transforming into your actual friends and then later becoming your best friends. It’s a fun journey to take.


They Talk About Everything Under the Sun

When you’re spending as much time together as you and your colleagues at the groomers are, you’re inevitably going to discuss, well, just about everything. You’re going to talk about:

  • Your ambitious career plans
  • Your wild love life
  • Your crazy family
  • Your amazing dog
  • Your friends outside of work
  • That time in high school when you had that really awful haircut
  • And so much more!

You’re literally going to learn everything there is to know about your friends at the groomers, and they’re going to learn everything about you. That will bring you closer and turn your friends at work into your best friends.

They Learn How to Depend on One Another on a Daily Basis

You’re going to do more than just gossip and chit-chat with the people at the grooming salon. You’re also going to be spending a lot of time actually grooming dogs.

As you do, you’re going to need to learn to depend on one another. From covering shifts for one another to helping each other when very energetic dogs come into be groomed, you and your friends at the groomers will have each other’s backs.

You’ll all come to appreciate how you’re always there for one another.


They Witness the Growth in One Another

You and your grooming acquaintances will watch each other grow, both inside and outside of the groomers.

You’ll see one of your close friends at work go from being an intern to being a low-level employee to being an associate and, finally, to owning their own groomers. You’ll also see them go from being a single person to being a married person to being a mother or father.

Conversely, they’ll see you grow and go through all of those same stages as well. And in the midst of it all, your friendship will grow. It’ll be great for you and your friends at the groomers to experience the different stages.

They Start Spending Time Together Outside of The Groomers

In order for your work friends to truly turn into your best friends, you’ll eventually need to start hanging out after work. It’ll happen organically if you let it.

In the beginning, you might only hang out with them outside the groomers during company picnics and events. But before long, you’ll be having dinner parties together and catching up for concerts. This will allow you to experience your friendship outside the confines of your groomers.

You’ll be able to solidify a real friendship based on things other than just grooming dogs. And even if you and your friends at work end up going your separate ways in a professional sense, you’ll never lose that bond that you form.

After you and your friends at work turn into best friends, you’ll be friends for a long time. You’ll have your grooming job to thank for it.


Work Friends Can Make Every Day a Blast for You

Do you want to make lots of work acquaintances and love what you do every day? Consider opening up a groomers of your own!

You’ll form relationships with those working around you, and you and your friends at work will really enjoy spending time at the grooming shop. Before long, you’ll be like a little family and will wonder what you ever did before you started working together. Check out our blog to find out the top tips for running a pet grooming business.

7 Top Tips To Keep Your Canine Cool This Summer

canine cool

It’s ‘officially’ summer on June 21st and with the temperatures rising this can cause a lot of discomfort for all of us, including our canine friends.

Don’t get fooled by their running and excitement! Here are 7 top tips on keeping your dog cool and contented this summer season.

1. Thirsty Canine

When we go for a walk on a hot day, you can agree with me that most of us will remember to pack bottled water before we even tie our shoes.

How many of us remember to carry some for our dogs? Not many, right? Well it is important to carry water for our canine friends as it is to carry ours.

On a hot day walk, you dog frequently gets thirsty. Consequently, stumbling across a pothole of stagnant water, serves as a recipe for invitation to take a lick.

What we do not know, however, is how long the stagnant water has been laying around. In addition, the longer the water has been on the pothole, the higher chances are that it is infested with microbial organisms that can cause infection upon consumption.

We, therefore, should always remember to carry water for our canine friends next time we take them out for a walk.

2. Screen Me Up

Sunburn is not just a condition experienced by humans. The intense sun rays also penetrate on the surface of the skin of our pets, and can cause sun burns.

Consequently, it is advisable to apply some sunscreen on the surface of your canine to prevent them from experiencing effects of sunburn.

If you’re having trouble finding a canine-specific sunscreen, look for one that’s safe for human babies or sensitive skin.


3. I’m Coming With You!

Do not leave you dog in the car on a hot day please. When packed under the sun, temperatures inside your car increase drastically.

Should it happen that you have left your dog inside the car, the escalating temperature takes a toll on them, and they begin to develop signs and symptoms attributed to heat stroke.

In case one is not around to remedy the condition, this high temperature is serious and could lead to death of your canine friend.


4. Exercise Time

As much as we would like to keep our dogs in shape, it is important to limit the amount of exercise we expose them to, especially during hot seasons.

Exercises have a tendency to increase our body temperature, a situation which is worsen by high environmental temperature conditions.

If not checked, the rapid increase in temperature can endanger dogs.


5. Shade For me

To prevent your dog from being exposed to high environmental temperature conditions, it is important to constantly be on the lookout as to whether your dog is under shade or not.

In addition, ensure you always have your dog walking in the shade whenever you are walking on the streets.


6. Yum, Frozen Treats

Chilled treats such as ice provide for a micro cool environment that temporarily lowers the body temperature of your dog.

Temperature gradient is established between the body parts in contact with the cold treat, contributing to a drop in body temperature.


7. That Breeze Feels Good

Just like in humans, fans have a cooling effect on the surface of the body of your dog.

When cold air is blown across the body surface, it carries along with it heat energy, consequently lowering body temperature.

This can be the perfect go to if your furry friend is getting to hot.


What To Look Out For

Here are some keys signs to look out for if your dog looks like he’s getting too hot:

  • When your dog starts breathing and panting rapidly, especially on occasion you do not normally consider strenuous to your dog
  • When your dog salivates excessively, and in some cases the saliva is relative thicker, it is a sign that the dog is struggling to reduce its body temperature
  • Fatigue and depression – your dog may start to show signs of withdrawing from activities that in most occasions excite them
  • Muscle tremors which may at times also lead to staggering

Heat stroke, just like in humans, can be catastrophic and even lead to death of your favorite canine.

Upon noticing signs and symptoms of a possible heat stroke, one should try to provide external means to cool your dog. For instance, a wet cloth can be rubbed on the belly or under arm, or even under the groin.

At times fanning can work too. However, if the condition is not lessening or appears to get worse, kindly contact a licensed veterinary officer.

It is, therefore prudent to put in motion practices that will not only keep your dog cool during summer, but also maintaining your preferred health standards.

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Dog Shedding: The Optimal Brush For Your Breed

dog shedding

With the warmer weather upon us, all dog owners knows what this means- shedding! Unless your lucky enough to own a dog that doesn’t shed you’re more than likely going to need a great brush to get rid of the unwanted hair, before it ends up all over the couch!

With so many dog shedding brushes and dog grooming tools available, it’s challenging to try to figure out which one is best for your shedding dog.

34,239. That’s the number of results you got when you do a quick Amazon.com search for dog brushes.

That’s a lot of brushes to have to click through before finding the right one for your shedding dog.

A dog brush is the most basic grooming tool for any groomer to have. But, with so many dog brush options available, it’s challenging to try to figure out which one is best. Read our helpful guide on how to select the right brush.

Read our helpful guide on how to select the right brush and make shedding season a breeze.

Dog Grooming Tools:

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes have rows of thin wire pins close together which help remove loose fur and detangle. It’s typically in a rectangular shape and the wires are angled slightly to not scratch the skin.

When using a slicker brush, you need to be careful not to use too much pressure. Because of the wires, it can irritate the dog’s skin.

shedding, dog grooming tools


A rake brush is the best brush to use to get into long and heavy coats. (And no, I am not talking about a garden rake.)

Rakes are brushes designed to remove tangles and dead undercoat near the dog’s skin. They are often shaped like a shaving razor and feature one or two rows of tightly-spaced pins.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Pin brush

A pin brush is a shaped like paddle brush with long, flexible pins. They are often plastic or rubber. This brush is used to get debris and hair out from your dog’s coat.

These are usually used on long fur coats. The bristles are farther apart to allow the coat to be brushed easily.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Bristle brush

The bristle dog brush is best for short-haired dogs. This brush has soft bristles close together that will bring out the shine in your dog’s coat.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Stripping comb

A stripping comb has extra fine stainless steel wires that are close together. This comb trims out the undercoat to remove loose fur without pulling. It’s great for wiry coats.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Soft Slicker Dog Brush

This dog brush has reinforced coated tips to not irritate your dog’s skin. It’s perfect for delicate areas such as underarms or paws. The soft slicker brush is one of the few brushes recommended for curly haired dogs to fluff their fur.

Now that we have had a quick rundown on the basic brushes, here are the coat types used for each brush.

There are 4 different basic dog coat types. It’s important to know what brush is used for what coat. You wouldn’t want to use the same brush for a collie as you would a poodle.

Each breed has a unique coat. Use these specific brushes to meet their needs.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Dog Brush for Long Coats

Long coats can either be silky or course.

Bearded collies, St. Bernards, and Huskies are all examples of dogs that have long, coarse coats. These coats need to be brushed every day or every other day to prevent matting of the undercoat.

A slicker brush would be a good option for long-haired dogs because the wires are close together on a flat surface.

It’s important to remember to use caution when using a slicker brush. Because of the stiff wires placed close together, they can cause discomfort if you use too much pressure.

Another suggestion for a dog brush for long coats is a rake. Choose a rake that has bristles about the same length as your dog’s coat. Too short of bristles and it won’t do its job, and bristles too long will irritate your dog’s skin.

Silky coat breeds include Afghan Hound, Pekingese, and Setters. These dogs will require the same brushes as long, coarse coat dogs.

The difference will be the spacing between the bristles and the length of the bristles. The longer the coat, the more spacing there should be between the bristles. Also for silky coats, the bristles can be more flexible, compared to stiffer bristles for coarse coats.

You can also try a pin brush. Pin brushes work great on long, silky coats. You’ll find a lot of pin brushes at dog shows.

 dog grooming tools, shedding

Smooth Coats

These are short-haired dogs that do not need to be brushed every day. They have short, smooth coats such as Boxers, Labradors, and German short-haired pointers.

While long coats require the most maintenance, smooth coats require the least. Use a bristle brush every once in a while to keep the coat looking shiny and the shedding to a minimum.

Use this dog brush once going against the lay of the coat, then again going with the coat. This will keep the smooth coat looking shiny and healthy.

Slicker brushes can also be used on short, smooth coats. Just be sure to get one with short bristles and be aware of the pressure applied when brushing.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Wiry Coats

A wiry coat is what you will find on Schnauzers, Irish Wolfhounds, and most Terriers. The wire coat can also be known as the broken coat. These require plucking to prevent mats and tangles.

Use a slicker brush and a stripping comb. Stripping combs are particularly useful for wire coats because of their widely spaced stainless steel wires that will strip and detangle in one step.

Start with a stripping comb and run it along the back of the dog. This will thin out the overgrown coat and prevent mats and tangles.

After thinning out the coat with the stripper comb, use a slicker brush to brush the coat in layers.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Curly Coats

Curly coats are a type of coat that grows constantly and should be trimmed or cut regularly. These coats are found in breeds such as Poodles, Spanish Water Dogs, and the Bedlington Terrier.

Because they are non-shedding dogs, curly coat dogs do not need to be brushed very often. The best dog brush to use is a soft slicker brush. Use the soft slicker brush to go against the fur to make it fluff up.

shedding, dog grooming tools

Brush Shedding Dogs With Confidence

After reading our quick dog brush guide, you will be able to brush any dog coat with confidence. Brushing and maintaining your dog should be a pleasant bonding experience between you and your furry friend.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts. We’re here to help with any grooming needs you have.

Happy brushing!

5 Trends in the Pet Food Market to Watch in 2018

pet food

The pet food market is rapidly changing and as a pet groomer it’s important to understand the latest trends. Here’s what you need to know to be able to advise your customers on feeding their furry friends.

Want to make sure your furry friend stays healthy and happy? If so, pay attention to his diet. Good nutrition is just as important for pets as it is for their human parents.

The pet food market is constantly changing. Manufacturers are striving to provide better quality products that support pet health and well-being. Dry food and canned meat are no longer your only options.

Pet owners nowadays expect quality above everything else. Some prepare pet food at home to make sure their beloved friends receive adequate nutrition. Others seek out foods with proven health benefits.

With the advances in food manufacturing, new trends are coming out every year. 2018 is no exception. We’re going to see an increase in product offerings, such as functional pet food, micro-targeted food, and GMO-free formulas.

pet food

What Does the Pet Food Market Look Like This Year?

In 2017, the global pet food market reached  $78.7 billion. Experts predict that this number will go up over the next few months.

More and more people are adopting pets, helping to boost the industry. This is largely due to the increase in the number of one-person households and seniors living alone.

The increasing number of online pet stores is a driving force for industry growth. Today, anyone can order dog and cat supplies with the click of a button. Plus, new brands and products are being launched every year.

Pet owners can choose from hundreds of goodies, from treats and snacks to organic food. Manufacturers are now required to have their products tested by third-parties, which helps increase transparency.

The FDA assesses any claims they made, such as hairball control, GMO-free, and high-calcium. These initiatives help propel the pet market and ensure it meets customers’ needs.

These new regulations make this the best time to tweak your pet’s diet. Simple changes, such as switching to grain-free food and going organic, can boost their health and well-being. This leads to a longer, happier life, fewer medical visits, and balanced nutrition.

Ready to give it a try? Let’s take a look at the pet food industry trends that will dominate 2018:

pet food

Raw Pet Food Increases in Popularity

This year, we’re going to see an increase in the popularity of raw dog food. Until recently, controversy surrounded raw goodies. However, it’s one thing to feed your pet with raw meat or eggs, and another to use store-bought raw treats.

Raw food works in balance with your pet’s body and immune system. Over time, it can lead to a healthier skin, shinier coat, and greater energy.

Commercial raw pet food is usually made with organ meat, which has a large amount of protein and minerals.

Liver, kidneys, brain, and other organs contain vitamin A, vitamin D, and B-complex vitamins. These nutrients promote health and well-being in pets of all breeds and ages.

pet food

Clean Labels and Full Transparency

Today’s pet owners demand full transparency from food manufacturers. They are aware of the health risks associated with GMOs, preservatives, and growth hormones. Quality pet food brands contain none of these ingredients.

The  clean label trend  is taking the world by storm. It impacts the human and pet food industries alike, leading to greater transparency and improved nutrition.

Customers put pressure on pet food manufacturers to fully disclose the ingredients used. Additionally, the FDA is more vigilant than ever before.

Functional Pet Foods Are All the Rage

Functional and micro-targeted foods are all the rage in 2018. This trend is shaping the pet food industry, promoting good nutrition and healthy choices.

The foods that fall into this category help prevent and relieve digestive distress, pet allergies, and age-related disorders. Omega-3s, probiotics, whole foods, superfoods, and glucosamine enrich many of these brands.

According to  experts , functional nutrition can ward off diseases and improve brain function. It also strengthens your pet’s natural defenses and promotes digestive health.

Studies indicate that functional pet food  boosts cognitive function , reduces bad breath, and prevents obesity. It may even help in the treatment of certain infections, such as leishmaniasis.

If you’re not sure what to choose, consult a vet. He can guide you in the right direction and recommend the best functional food brand for your furry friend.

pet industry

Personalized Services Become Widely Available

In 2018, pet food manufacturers need more than a stunning website to drive sales and revenue. Customers expect personalized services, such as home delivery and DIY formulas.

Pet food home delivery, for instance, is popular among Millennials and moms. These groups appear to be particularly interested in factors like convenience and customizability.

Let’s say you’re planning to spend the day at home. Suddenly, you realize that your dog has run out of food. Sure, you can cook for him, but what if he experiences indigestion?

Additionally, not all human foods are safe for pets. Avocado, nuts, chocolate, and other goodies may cause toxicity and even death. Pet food is your best bet.

Now, you can order everything you need online or by phone. More and more pet stores offer this option. Some even provide discounts on larger orders.

The Demand for New Protein Sources Will Reveal New Ingredients

Not too long ago, pet foods listed grains as the primary ingredient. Most brands only contained trace amounts of meat.

In 2018, pet owners are seeking high-protein foods. This will reveal new ingredient sources, such as krill, reptiles, and even insects.

Your furry friend needs protein to stay strong and healthy. High-protein foods suppress appetite, prevent weight gain, and regulate blood sugar levels. Refined grains, on the other hand, trigger insulin spikes and promote obesity.

pet food

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Pet Food Industry Trends

Whether you’re a pet owner, groomer, or veterinarian, make sure you stay on top of the latest trends in the pet food market. Manufacturers are constantly launching new products with a higher nutritional value than ever before.

This year, pet health is in the spotlight. Good nutrition is gaining momentum, and clean labels are no longer just something nice to have.

For other pet industry food trends, check out  our blog. We cover a wide range of topics, from pet health care to starting a lucrative grooming business.

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