Your Grooming Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

dog grooming business

The New Year presents every business with the opportunity to set new goals and kick-start fresh initiatives. The key to realizing these aspirations—and truly adding value to your dog grooming business—is making sure they are both mission-critical and attainable. Enhancements that would be “nice to have” won’t sustain your motivation all year round. As you determine your dog grooming business New Year’s resolutions for 2020, make sure these four items make the list.

1. Commit To Eco-Friendliness At Your Dog Grooming Business

Going green is easier than ever, and what was once an eco-differentiator for your shop is now becoming an expectation from consumers. Eco-friendly products are increasingly available, affordable and as effective as traditional brands. Not only will your dog grooming business help the environment, but a commitment to doing so will impress your customers.

In Nielson’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66 percent of consumers said they are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. Additionally, 81 percent of millennials expect their favorite brands to make public commitments to corporate responsibility. While this may seem like a big ask for a dog grooming business, showing an investment in community and citizenship will go a long way with customer loyalty.

dog grooming business

2. Track Social Media Success.

Starting to share campaigns on social media is important, but do you understand how those campaigns directly or indirectly impact your dog grooming business? Right now, you may be pushing out social media content with little insight into what types of posts are working or why. In 2020, you should analyze your social campaign effectiveness with these focuses:

  • Record your digital footprint—use a spreadsheet to keep track of 1) post engagement to see the success of the social campaign and 2) followers and likes to see how campaigns affect your overall social presence
  • Analyze web traffic—understand how your campaigns lead to web visitors by tracking 1) total traffic, 2) traffic by channel and 3) visitor location (where are your visitors coming from?)
  • Establish campaign objectives—are your efforts focused on finding new prospects? Promoting a new offering? Creating brand awareness?

3. Step Up Customer Satisfaction.

Focusing on customer service seems like a no-brainer, but 2020 is the year to start going beyond just asking, “are you happy with today’s service?” Take the time to learn what you can do to make customer service your business’s differentiator.

Consider adding services your customers want, and make sure the services you already deliver are catered to the people paying for them. Whether it’s soliciting customer suggestions, making the online booking experience more convenient or simplifying checkout, there is always more you can do to enhance customer retention.

dog grooming business

4. Boost Productivity At Your Dog Grooming Business

With your busy schedule, work/life balance can seem like a luxury not afforded to a small grooming business owner. Yet by enhancing productivity, you can make it possible for you and your employees.

Set expectations with your staff from the onset, delegate where possible and, most importantly, use technology to lighten your load. There are so many mundane, daily tasks that grooming software can streamline or absorb (think: scheduling, sending appointment confirmations, tracking inventory). 2020 could look a lot different if you start the year by implementing the right technology.

New Year’s resolutions should not be limited to buying a gym membership or traveling more. Your grooming business will benefit from you mapping out your annual objectives now. Learn how 123Pet Software can help put these plans into action.

New Years Goal Setting for Grooming Salon Owners

grooming salon

As a pet grooming salon owner, how do you identify success? Is your success in your grooming techniques and using the best equipment? Or do you set regular goals for yourself to become the best groomer in the business?

2020 has officially come, and this is the best opportunity to start setting new goals for your grooming business. Some of these goals may have to do with improving your grooming techniques or renovating your business. Other goals include ways to boost sales and improve your marketing.

With every New Year, there is always room for improvement. Work into 2020 with these New Year’s resolutions for a grooming salon.

Boost Grooming Salon Sales

You chose to own a grooming salon because you love working with animals. But face it, making money and getting sales is also extremely important. A goal you should make each year is to find ways to boost sales. If you haven’t started this goal yet, 2020 is the perfect first year to get into that New Year habit of making more money.

What are some ways to boost sales? You can start by advertising and release special offers. These include a free product for a basic grooming service and monthly or weekly grooming discounts.

You can also improve your marketing strategies. Try a new marketing approach, such as running a blog or making some promotional videos. You can also revamp your website and monitor your Google local search results closely. All of these factors contribute to increasing brand awareness and boosting your sales performance.

Improve Customer Service

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. If a pet owner isn’t satisfied with the service they receive at your grooming salon, they will easily do business with another groomer.

Treat each customer with respect, show compassion, and don’t be afraid to be a little personable with them. Customer service doesn’t only include offering a great service. Pet owners often need help washing their dogs.

You also may get clients who are new dog owners and may have questions. Listen to their questions and give your customers honest advice. Humans aren’t the only important customers. As a groomer, you’re also working with some furry friends.

Improve the way you treat your animals. Maybe you notice some dog breeds are more aggressive or some dogs are skeptical about getting washed. Do what you can to research and improve the treatment of animals.

Your store’s upkeep and cleanliness is also an important customer service factor. If your salon is dirty, your customers won’t want to do business with you. Grooming is a selfless business. Get the dogs clean and make your human customers as happy as you can.

Grooming Salon

Improve Your Grooming Salon Location

The first thing a customer looks at is your shop. They want to see what equipment you use, what services you offer, and the cleanliness of the shop. They’re trusting you with their dog, and they want what’s best for doggo.

Do what you can to make the best grooming salon. These improvements can be simple. Research ways to sanitize and clean your equipment. Or,  buy new supplies and equipment for the new year.

You could even go a step further and completely renovate your salon. Get new wallpaper, flooring, and do a deep cleaning to make sure your salon is fully hygienic.

Hire Better Staff

It’s easy to hire those who are new to grooming and aren’t asking for a high wage. You must also understand experienced groomers will deliver the best service, but they may cost more. This extra money for an experienced worker will help improve your salon in many ways.

This doesn’t mean you should let go of the staff you already have unless it will truly benefit your business. Just have more standards set when you hire. You can even create a new position in management and hire a more experienced groomer or even promote one of your groomers.

Generate More Revenue

There’s a lot of flexibility in the dog grooming business, but most groomers stick with what they know best: cleaning dogs.

Make your grooming salon a step above the rest. Start a retail shop. Partner with shampoo and soap brands and sell them. Add additional styling options and other services, and sell them as ‘add-ons’ to a normal grooming service.

You can even expand further, such as offering a school or a program where dog owners wash their dogs in the shop. If you can’t get enough of these furry friends and want to spend more time with them, consider offering a boarding service.

credit card transactions

Renew and Understand Your Menu

Re-do your services menu. Decrease the prices of one service and increase the price of others. Or, combine two services and help your customers save some money.

Start offering extras and perks such as teeth brushing and consider opening up your services to cats as well. Do more to understand your own prices, too. What if your prices are different than a competitor? Explain why. What if a longtime customer is inquiring about a price change? Explain why you altered the price of that service.

Put Emphasis on Your Image

Your online presence can make or break the success of your grooming salon. Make sure you have a great logo with a legible font, you’re active on all social media pages, and you regularly update your website and Google listing.

Your physical image also matters. Make sure your business has great curb appeal. You can go all out with fun decorations of dogs and other animals, or you can make your shop clean and welcoming.

Make sure your shop smells great. You don’t want your customers smelling any foul dog odor when they first walk in. Your salon shouldn’t be any different than a human one. Nice decor, sanitation, and a welcoming aura will benefit your human and dog customers alike.

Be the Best Grooming Salon in 2020

Are your goals financial or are you finding general ways to improve your salon? Whether you notice any specific problems or want to make small improvements, 2020 is as good a year as any to start finally achieving these goals!

Don’t forget to always improve customer service, your treatment of pets, and add new services. All of these goals will contribute to a better salon in 2020.

Are you looking for new software in 2020?  Our grooming software helps with essential functions such as scheduling and keeping track of client records. Start 2020 the right way with 123Pet Software!

National Mutt Day is Coming – Everything You Need to Know!

national mutt day

National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day is here again, bringing attention to all of the mixed-breed dogs who are stuck in shelters instead of enjoying a happy life in a loving home. Purebred dogs tend to get adopted faster causing shelters to become overrun with these abandoned mutts.

Unfortunately, if they’re unable to find homes, some of these poor dogs might wind up spending their entire lives in a shelter or getting euthanized to make room for more animals.

What Is National Mutt Day and Why Does It Exist?

Animal Welfare Advocate and pet expert, Colleen Page, started National Mutt Day back in 2005 as a way to draw awareness to the plight of the mixed-breed dog and to help facilitate adoptions.

The event was so successful and the mixed-breed shelter population was so high, that we now celebrate it twice a year, on December 2nd, and July 31st as a way to both save these animals from being euthanized and to help them find their forever homes.

national mutt day

Why Is Mutt Day Important?

National Mutt Day is important to celebrate the special qualities that all mutts share, as well as to bring awareness to their situation. By having a holiday dedicated especially to them, we can help these pups find the happy home and loving companionship they’ve been waiting so desperately for.

People tend to steer towards purebreds thinking they’re special and easier to train. However, mutts are just as loving and they learn just as quickly. In many ways, owning a mixed-breed dog is much better than owning a purebred.

Mixed-breeds tend to live longer and healthier lives and they are also much less expensive than their purebred counterparts. Additionally, they all have a unique appearance, so when you choose a mutt, you also get an adorable one of a kind companion.

When you’re looking to adopt, although it might be tempting to opt for the purebred, remember that a dog’s personality is far more important than it’s pedigree. If you’re looking for a faithful and loving pet that will have a long and healthy life span, it might be better to steer toward the mixed-breed dogs.

How Can I Observe This Day?

There are several ways that you can show your appreciation of mixed-breed dogs on National Mutt Day, including:

  1. Adopting – You’ll feel rewarded when you save the life of a mixed-breed dog by adopting it and taking it home.
  2. Volunteering – By volunteering at your local pet shelter, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you spent your time making a mutt’s day better
  3. Donating – Donating money to your local shelters helps them financially and helps ensure that they won’t have to euthanize as many mixed-breed dogs
  4. Posting – Making posts about the holiday and/or posting pictures of your mixed-breed dog on your social media using the hashtag #NationalMuttDay and asking for shares or retweets will help raise awareness and might help some mutts find their forever homes
  5. Loving – Giving your mutt lots of extra love and attention along with a few extra treats to let them know how much you love and appreciate them

national mutt day

Why Is It Important To Celebrate?

It’s important to observe mutt day because every year millions of mixed-breed dogs get overlooked while people opt to adopt purebred dogs.

Mutts deserve just as much love and respect as their purebred counterparts, and by embracing the holiday and bringing awareness to the situation you might not only save a life, you might also find your new best friend.

Every Pet Groomer’s Christmas Wish List

With the festive season fast approaching, and your work schedule getting busier by the day, have you stopped to think about your dog Christmas gift list?  Look to reward yourself, and ring in the new year, with our top picks:

All I Want For Christmas Is….

A Soft, Shiny, Great Smelling Pup!

Nobody likes a smelly dog, right!? With so many brands of luxury dog shampoos on the market, it was tough to find one that ticked all the boxes. Fear not, we’ve found it!

Our top pick this year is the ‘Precious Pets Luxury Shampoo’. This shampoo naturally cleanses, conditions and moisturizes your dog’s skin and coat. With its range of scents including lavender, vanilla, and even citrus, it will have even the grubbiest dog smelling wonderful in no time!

Not only that, it’s made from all-natural ingredients containing no sulfates or parabens, making it suitable for all different types of coats and even the most sensitive puppies! After your clients get a whiff of their dogs once they’ve been bathed in this luxury shampoo, they will be sure to return!

dog christmas gift

Dog Christmas Gift – No Fur All Over The Couch?

Anyone that has a dog that sheds (which is most), feels the pain! Constantly having to get the vacuum out, lint rolling anything and everything you wear then sitting on the couch only to realize the dog sneakily jumped up again, leaving a trail of fur behind them!

Why not relax this holiday season and leave the vacuum in the closet for more than a day! With the ‘Furminator Deshedding Tool’, this dream could come true! This product is a must-have this holiday season (and all year round). It’s specifically designed to reach deep beneath your dog’s topcoat to easily and gently remove undercoat and loose hair without damaging the dog’s delicate skin.

Not only does it clean hair from the dog, it even cleans itself! The FURejector button cleans and removes any hair left behind in the brush.

This product is recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers. It’s a must-have for every groomer out there and comes in a variety of different sizes suitable for all your client’s pets, from tiny Chihuahuas to the great big Bernards!

dog christmas gift

More Time And More Money!

Grooming a dog means keeping it relatively still, with shampoo in one hand and your brush in the other, it’s certainly a job for the multi-tasker! What you need is the Oster Hydrosurge Deluxe Power Bather. 

The only bathing system on the market that is UL listed for use in animal bathing! You can save up to 75% in shampoo usage, 75% in water usage & 50% in time & labor over hand bathing. Produces a vigorous, penetrating, combing spray of shampoo & water that enhances the effectiveness of shampoos, dips, & conditioners while using less product, time, water, & labor. Includes: wall or cart mountable power unit, custom re-circulating pump with stainless steel screen filter, high-density, custom bather hose, custom spray nozzle & pressure control valve, dual, built-in ground fault circuit interrupters, remote, non-electrical air switch control button (wall mount or foot pedal), all necessary mounting hardware & shampoo samples.

dog christmas gift

A One-Of-A-Kind Dog Christmas Gift To Honor A Pet’s Life!

‘Tis the season of joy, family gatherings and giving gifts! But what about those poor households that lose a pet this time of year? Losing a pet is hard anytime of year, but can be especially hard during the holidays.

For groomers, it can be hard to show your condolences when one of your clients lose a pet. That’s why ‘Pet Perennials Bereavement Package’ is one of our top picks.

The Pet Perennials Bereavement Package is delivered gift wrapped, with either a make-it-yourself Pet Perennials kit or Healing Hearts lavender/ chamomile soy candle, and comes with a customized, handwritten sympathy card.

These bereavement packages speak volumes when words fail to express your sympathy. Whether you have pampered that pet for a lifetime or have been their occasional home away from home, this is a great way for groomers to show they care. After all, when’s a better time to show you recognize and care than at Christmas?

dog christmas gift

Mind Your Business in 2020 With 123Pet’s Dog Christmas Gift

If you’re not using 123Pet Software, the busy end-of-year season takes an extra toll. There is no better way to get organized, grow your capacity and pump up profits. Thousands of grooming salons trust 123Pet to check clients in, book online, market to new clients, and allow staff to monitor and manage their own calendars from a mobile device.

When evaluating grooming software for your business, get beyond the color-coded appointment book and look for: robust payroll, extensive reporting, and automated marketing tools at affordable monthly rates with no contracts. Expand your brand with a custom website, text reminders (and confirmations!) for appointments and keep ‘em coming back with monthly memberships, custom gift cards, and loyalty points!

You’re in the grooming business – run it like one. Run it #likeaboss with 123Pet by starting a free trial!

Happy Holidays and here’s hoping ALL of these goodies find their way under your tree!

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Decorating Your Grooming Salon For The Holiday Season

Christmas is coming around quickly and your stations will be fully booked, but is your grooming salon in the holiday spirit?


Decorating for Christmas is the perfect way to attract new customers, create a better client experience and keep stressed-out employees in the holiday spirit.

Set yourself up for a great customer experience by creating an inviting storefront during these peak holiday months with these top grooming salon decorating tips:

Deck the Windows

Attract the attention of passers-by; transform your windows with eye-catching Christmas displays such as a small tree with colored ornaments that align with your brand’s colors. Don’t underestimate the power of what people see from the street. You’ll be surprised at how many clients you can engage with a festive display that creates a fun and welcoming environment.

Sparkling Stations

With clients pets spending the majority of their time at the grooming station, this is a great place to add some decoration! Drape garland around the legs at each station or add some sparkling lights for an extra touch of magic. Remember, don’t go ‘over festive’ with your station decorations – their needs to be room for pet grooming around your decor!

Spruce Up Your Merch

Don’t forget about your retail products – spruce up your displayed merchandise with colored or burlap bows to create a gift-inspiring holiday feel for your product displays. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your products and upsell with special holiday gift wrapping for the perfect Christmas surprise.

Light It Up

Lights are a classic Christmas decoration, and that’s no surprise seeing as it is scientifically proven to make you happier! Spread the Christmas joy by adding twinkling lights throughout your grooming salon.

Try wrapping them around the front desk, windows, stations or even outside to add a holiday glow and make certain areas brighter. Extra lighting is especially great in your grooming salon, especially for that freshly scrubbed dog photo!

Creative Christmas Tree

The classic Christmas tree is a must-have to complete the festive look! You don’t have to be boring, though – get creative by decorating your tree with handmade pet ornaments or decorate it with accessories from around your grooming salon.

Decorating Grooming Salon

You could also make this into a fun bonding activity or competition for employees to decorate and make ornaments for the tree, boosting employee morale and team collaboration. Remember- you may want to consider making your tree as pet-friendly as possible, just in case a roaming dog gets free!

decorating christmas tree

Consistency is Key

When decorating, wild isn’t always wonderful. Too many decorations will make your grooming salon look cluttered and disorganized. Try to keep your decorations consistent to your branding by choosing a theme that suits your brand. Stick to one-holiday decor style for a classy look and feel. For trendy groomers, try a rustic Christmas style. Looking to show off your fun, lively brand? Try a colorful theme!

Remember, decorating your grooming salon doesn’t have to be a boring yearly task. Make it fun and get creative! Get all employees involved with the decorating to help them bond and accomplish something as a team.

If you don’t have a lot of space or a large budget for decorating, even some lights and tinsel or a small tree in the window sill will add that little extra Christmas magic to your grooming salon. Before you know it, pets will be flooding through your doors!

Spend less time on paperwork and spend MORE time on decorating! Download 123Pet absolutely free!

Customer Spotlight: Haute Dogge

Haute Dog

123Pet customers are passionate small business owners who excel at what they do. As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we aim to showcase our customers’ expertise in growing a successful business. Mike Conners and his Daughter Jennifer Bartman, the owners of Haute Dogge, a pet grooming salon with locations in Franklin, Spring Hill and Nolensville, TN, are not only dedicated to grooming pets, but also to help the community. We are especially proud to recognize Mike for Veteran’s Day given he served in the United States Air Force for almost 20 years, and his wife Eileen for 24 years.  

Read on to learn about Mike and Haute Dogge’s journey—and how he’s made it his mission to give back to veteran’s not only on November 11, but all year long.

Huate Dogge

Q: How did you come to own a dog grooming salon?

A: I purchased the business in January 2015, almost six years ago. I’m not a pet groomer, but my daughter Jennifer is. So, she told me about this great opportunity. We started out with one location and three employees. I mostly run the behind-the-scenes of the business, like accounting, while she runs the operations side.

I never expected to own a grooming salon. I was in the Air Force for almost 20 years and then worked for a Wall Street Bank, before moving back to Nashville. After working in technical roles, I eventually bought the business because it gave me the flexibility to take care of my wife, who had fallen ill.

Now we’ve expanded to three brick-and-mortar locations, one mobile unit, and 24 employees! We expect to keep growing, and our goal is to eventually have 10 shops and at least four mobile units.

mobile grooming

Q: What is your favorite part about running a pet services business?

A: My favorite part is to watch the groomers take their creativity to the next level. A dog will come in that hasn’t been taken care of—perhaps he has matted fur. The groomer will take the dog to be washed and cut, and they come back looking adorable! It’s artistic. I think it’s very creative the way that the groomers can work with any dog in any condition.

My other favorite part is the love that’s given to the pets during their grooming. Seeing the animals enjoy being pet, washed and catered to is really sweet.

haute employees

Q: What was one of the biggest challenges when taking over the business?

A: One of the biggest challenges was that the previous owners documented everything—calendars, contacts and transactions—on paper. About two months before I took over the business, I knew it all had to be digitalized. In my search for business software, I found 123Pet.

123Pet’s features stood out among all the other business software that I was comparing it to. It’s very simple, user-friendly and allows us to store useful information on both clients and their pets. Being able to text or email to confirm appointments has been a life saver for us, especially with the mobile unit. 

To top it all off, their customer service is fantastic. We’ve had some pretty silly questions along the way, and they’re the nicest, most patient people. They help me run my business successfully.

haute location

Q: How do you and your business give back to the community?

A: I’m proud to say that we give back in a lot of ways. Being a veteran, it’s very important to me to give back to those who have served. We offer a 10% discount to all current and former members of the United States Armed Forces and all first responders year-round. To celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, we’re offering a 50% discount off all services and products to veterans on the holiday.

Our team also does charity work for nearby shelters. We’ll take dogs who have been there for a while and groom them for free so they look nice, which hopefully speeds up their adoption process. Additionally, we do our best to sponsor the local schools’ sports teams as well as academic and theoretical events. Whenever a school is having a charity auction, we always donate items for their fundraisers. We also allow schools and other local organizations to place flyers in our shop or in our store windows. We try to help any way we can.  

We are also invested in the pet business community. We try to share information because there are not any “big secrets” in pet grooming. It’s mostly all about the talent and attitude of your staff. That said, we’re big on sharing advice on Facebook.

Lastly, we open our shop up to other groomers. The National Grooming Association used our space to do a certification training last year, and they’re coming to do it again in 2020. We’ve also hosted a class for creative grooming and poodle cuts.

Haute Dogge

Q: What is your advice to those who want to start or own their own business?

A: Figure out how much money you think you will need, and then triple it. You’re always going to run out.

Specific to a grooming business, you need to find people who don’t just want a job, but who want to take care of pets. We go through a lot of bathers, for example, because it’s not an easy position. Hiring people who are truly dedicated to the role is key. We give new employees a “trial day” to give them a chance to see if they will enjoy it or not.

To learn how 123Pet can help grow your business and fuel company success—like it does for Mike at Haute Dogge—visit our product page or read another Customer Spotlight

Dog Boarding Requirements: 7 Key Things You Should Know

dog boarding requirements

If you’re traveling for the holidays, chances are you’re going to have to leave your precious pup behind. Although you can take them along, this doesn’t provide the convenience of boarding kennels. Making the decision to board your pet for the first time can be overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about dog boarding requirements.

Dog Boarding Types

Before getting into the dog boarding requirements, let’s talk about the types of boarding facilities.

Modern Boarding Homes. Think of modern boarding homes as a doggy day camp. Unlike more traditional boarding kennels, these come with an array of amenities. Some of them include an area designation for playtime and socialization, grooming, and 24/7 live stream updates for owners.

The primary bonus to modern boarding homes is that they offer a more homey vibe than traditional kennels. However, these types of facilities are usually more expensive depending on the amenities. Also, the staff at these boarding homes often aren’t able to give special medical assistance like animal clinic kennels. 

Animal Clinic Boarding Shelters. These types of kennels are offered by veterinarian facilities and are most ideal for dogs with special medical needs. Unlike more modern kennels, these are old-fashioned and sterile — no live streams, text updates, or doggy spas. Also, animal clinic boarding facilities are more cost-effective than other kennels. 

dog boarding requirements

Dog Boarding Requirements

Before you drop your furry pal off at the kennel, there are a few things to take care of. Here’s what you need to do to be prepared for your dog’s boarding stay:

1. Do a Temperament Assessment

Not all dogs thrive in a new environment, some can even become irritable and turn violent. To ensure the safety of yourself and the dog handlers, ask the boarding facility for a temperament assessment.

A temperament assessment is a trial run to see if your dog meshes well with the staff and other dogs. Most importantly, it lets you know if the kennel is the right fit.

2. Consider Your Dog’s Needs and Safety

In addition to a temperament assessment, there are other factors to take into consideration:

Sanitation. Proper sanitation prevents disease outbreaks and keeps pets healthy. Find out how often the facility is sanitized. Find out if the air is purified for kennel cough or other airborne illnesses.

Staffing. Consider if there will be staff around 24/7. You want to ensure that your dog gets around the clock care. If your dog has medical needs, is the staff able to administer assistance?

Reviews. When researching boarding facilities, look at their reviews. Is the general consensus positive? 

Check-ins. If it’s your first time boarding your dog, chances are you will want up to the minute updates. So, consider if the boarding option can supply you with constant updates.

dog boarding requirements

3. Schedule in Advance

If leaving your furry friend at a boarding facility, it’s best to schedule their stay ahead of time — usually two to three weeks in advance.

Traveling for the holidays? Make the reservation 2 months ahead of time.

4. Update Medical Records and Vaccinations

After you’ve scheduled your dog’s boarding stay, your next step should be updating their medical records. State laws and kennel requirements will vary, but it’s best to make sure your pooch is on schedule for the necessary vaccinations.

It’s recommended that vaccinations are administered 10 to 14 days before dropping them off at a kennel — this is, so the vaccine has ample time to take effect. However, if you’re a little pressed for time, it’s acceptable to have them given at least 48 hours before their stay.

Vaccinations required for dogs:

  • DPP (Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza 
  • Rabies
  • Leptospirosis
  • Fleas & Ticks

5. Bring Identification

Identification is probably the most critical dog boarding requirement. Ensure that the information on your dog’s collar and microchip are updated and accurate. You also want to leave your name, your dog’s name, phone number, and address. It doesn’t hurt to add emergency contacts, too — which brings us to the next crucial dog boarding requirement.


6. Provide More Than Enough Information

In this case, there’s no such thing as giving too much information — the more you provide, the better.

One of the things you should leave with the boarding place is your dog’s updated medical records. Like previously mentioned, the kennel must have proof that your dog is vaccinated.

For an added level of assurance, you may want to provide emergency contact information just in case you can’t be reached.

An emergency contact could be a trusted family member, friend, or your dog’s veterinarian. You can even list a few emergency animal clinics as well — in the event your vet is unable to help.

7. Pack the Essentials

You want your dog to make a smooth transition from their home environment to completely new surroundings. To do this, you may want to pack things that help ease their stress. Check out this list of things to send with your dog to make them feel at home:

Something From Home. Pack something that reminds them of you— hint: something with your scent on it. This is typically a blanket, t-shirt, and or toy. These items are not only emotionally soothing but physically comforting too!

Extra Food and Snacks. Another thing you may want to pack is food. Some kennels offer their own food, but the change in diet may intensify your dog’s stress or cause digestive issues. So, it’s a wise idea to pack their usual food. Be sure to pack extra just in case their boarding stay needs to be extended. 

Medication. Don’t forget to pack your dog’s medicines along with dosage sizes and instructions. 

Dog Boarding Requirements Overview

No one wants to leave their furry little companion behind, by following these dog boarding requirements, you can rest assured that your dog is safe, healthy, and cared for. 

Want to know more about how you can better take care of your dog? Follow our blog.

Maintain Morale During the Holidaze!

grooming morale

The holidays seem to be everyone’s “busy season”, but in the grooming business, we know this is a fact. Grooming tables are filled with Pets as everyone seeks for their dogs to look their best for their family gatherings and pictures, pictures, pictures!  Grooming staff face longer days at work, and the same holiday pressures as everyone else: decorating, shopping, seeing friends and family… a healthy work-life balance is always desirable, it’s nearly impossible during the hectic holiday season.

Boosting staff morale should be on every grooming owner’s list of year-end priorities. The demands can leave many employees feeling overwhelmed, but fear not – here are several tips to boost your employees holiday cheer this year:

Take Time to Recline

While spending more time with work colleagues might seem a counterintuitive way to relax, blowing off steam together is a great way to bond as a team. Hosting a holiday party to boost employee morale provides a chance to socialize and take a break from the business.

When planning your holiday event, always set a clear budget and consider all expenses.  Choose a venue that fits the style of your team and serves to achieve the goals you have for the event. For some teams, a fancy dinner might be best, while others would be much more at home in a bowling alley.

Book your venue early – or host the event at your shop or someone’s home. Don’t ignore non-traditional venues, especially during the holidays when bookings are high. Make sure to pick a date and time that works with employee schedules to ensure your best attendance.

Recognize & Reward

Employee recognition is directly linked to employee motivation. Everyone likes to be recognized (and rewarded!) for their efforts. The frantic holiday season is the perfect time to show your staff appreciation.

Recognizing staff could be from anything from a thank you card, a holiday bonus, Christmas gift, or even an extra day off when the busy season dies down. Feel free to have fun with this – consider humorous awards that memorialize shared experiences, like giving a helmet to a staffer who endured the most problem clients that year.

Showing your appreciation, not just for their extra hours during the holidays, but for the year as a whole, instills a sense of commitment that drives employees to work harder, striving to attain team goals and to grow professionally.

Minimize Stress

The holiday season is supposed to be a relaxing time, and although most people report being happier this time of year, recent studies have shown that 35% of people are more stressed at work during this time of year. The biggest sources of stress include balancing work responsibilities with their own busy holiday schedule, heavier workloads and fewer employees on hand.

There’s a reason innovative workplaces are now offering fun office games and activities at work. It gives employees time to let off some steam and step away from work. Although most grooming salons won’t have the room for large games and activities, setting up board games for employees to play during breaks or just giving them enough time throughout the day to unwind can help reduce their stress levels and keep them motivated. You could even bring some cheer into the usual workday with ugly sweater contests or gift exchanges.

Keeping work schedules flexible and not overworking employees is hard to achieve during the holiday season. The best way to achieve this on a budget is to hire seasonal employees. You can usually find college students during the Christmas holidays that are just looking to earn a little extra money. They can assist your employees with smaller tasks to make their heavy workloads easier, such as washing pets hair, sweeping up or greeting clients.

Grooming Morale

Make it Festive

Boost employee morale and dampen stress by making your grooming salon a fun place to be during the holidays! Decorating for Christmas can be a great way to brighten employee moods and motivate them so they enjoy coming into work.

Decorating your grooming salon will not only boost employee morale and brighten the mood of clients but may encourage more walk-ins as they see fun colors and smiling staff as they walk past.

Stay Organized

Staying organized this time of year is crucial for not just your grooming salon, but for yourself and your staff. If a grooming salon is disorganized, productivity (and profit!) are compromised and only adds to the stress.

One way to stay ahead of the workload is with a good grooming software – an ideal way keep on top of employee schedules and client bookings. This enables you to easily track employee time off, ensure you have adequate staffing and allow employees to check their work schedule (and change appointments) from a mobile device. Setting up automated campaigns can help to bring in more clients and add to your profit.  An online appointment booking tool will help you track clients. Set up automatic appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and eliminate reminder phone calls, enabling your staff to spend their time more efficiently.

Maintaining morale can be tough. In the height of a busy holiday season, it creates a greater challenge and takes on a greater importance. Embrace this challenge as the perfect opportunity to reward staff for their hard work, celebrate your team as the key to continued success, and create a fun and festive environment where your team can thrive.

…and don’t forget to stay organized with a great grooming software – try 123Pet Software absolutely free!

Everything You Need to Know About Adopting Senior Dogs

adopting senior dogs

November is adopt a senior pet month and The Michigan Humane Society is waiving all adoption fees for animals 7 years of age or older! Americans adopt 1.6 million dogs from shelters every year, that’s about half of the annual shelter intake, meaning senior dogs are ignored because they aren’t seen as suitable adoption candidates. There’s a stigma attached to adopting senior dogs. But it’s not founded in reality. Older dogs can be more loving, better trained, and a closer fit for you and your family.

Are you interested in adopting a new furry companion? You should consider an older dog before heading to the shelter. Here’s why and how to adopt a senior dog.

Adopting Senior Dogs

The pet adoption process starts at either a shelter or a rescue. Nowadays, many of these organizations manage websites that provide pictures of their current pets.

Shelters and rescues perform the same service, but they sport some fundamental differences. Local governments often fund shelters, though some are owned by private groups. In general, it’s both cheaper and faster to adopt a senior dog, or any animal, from a shelter.

In contrast, rescues are often volunteer groups that run off donations. Rather than owning in-site kennels, the organization relies on a network of volunteers to house and care for the animals. Although rescues are more expensive, they tend to be more knowledgeable about their individual pets.

Start your search online by looking at pets from shelters and rescues in your area. You could also choose to visit a shelter on a whim, without any prior information.

If you go through a shelter, you’ll visit the physical location and spend some time with the dog yourself. You’ll need to either call or email a rescue. Although they don’t have a physical location, rescues run adoption events or can set up a home visit for you to meet the senior dog.

If it’s a good fit, you’ll fill out some paperwork and pay an adoption fee. In return, the shelter or rescue will give you vaccination paperwork and let you take your new family member home.

adopting senior dogs

What to Expect After Adopting Senior Dogs

Like younger dogs, the older ones still need time to adjust to new living conditions. Your quiet home is a big change compared to the din and clamor of the shelter.

It is not unusual for your senior dog to seem reclusive and exhausted for the first few days. This may be the first time they’ve been able to sleep well in a relaxed environment. They may be too uncomfortable to eat, drink, or even move.

Find a comfortable, confined space for your senior dog, such as a walk-in closet. It’s here you can provide a modern dog bed, food and water, and a place to feel secure as they gather the confidence to explore their new surroundings.

Of course, some pets, especially those from rescues, may adjust much more quickly. Give your older dog the personal time he or she needs.

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Puppies get all the love. But the reality is senior dogs are just as deserving, if not more, than their younger selves. Some families may even be surprised to discover that older dogs can be a better fit.

Here are a few reasons to adopt a senior dog over a puppy.

1. Senior Dogs Are Already Trained

It’s easy to forget that even well-behaved puppies can be a handful. Between tearing up furniture and making messes in the house, young dogs require heavy behavioral training.

But senior dogs are already great pets. They know to do their business outside and are familiar with household living. Any senior dog will seamlessly integrate itself into your family without correctional help.

dog trainer,training puppies, dog training

2. They Make the Best Nap Companions

Adult dogs are more mellow and have less energy. If you want a lap dog, look no further than an older canine companion. They’ll be perfectly content to sleep through many hours of the day and may only need the occasional walk.

However, senior dogs can still enjoy an active lifestyle. Just take care not to overwork your new best friend.

3. “Senior” Doesn’t Mean Anything

When people think about senior dogs, they imagine geriatrics on shaking legs. But that’s just not true.

On average, a “senior” dog is seven years old. Yet the classification varies depending on species. A large dog could be considered a senior at only four or five years old with plenty of years to spare.

In short, senior dogs are still filled with many years of life and love.

4. Behavioral Issues Are Overstated

Shelters dogs aren’t bad dogs; they’re good dogs in bad situations. People lose or give up their pets for a variety of reasons, and sometimes that leads to great housepets spending time at a shelter.

It’s true that a select few pets may have behavioral issues. However, rescues and shelters offer training services to make them viable adoption candidates.

adopting senior dogs

5. Older Pets Are at Risk of Euthanasia

When you adopt an older dog, you save a life. There’s limited space in shelters, which means sometimes they have no choice but to euthanize some of their pets. Older dogs are at the highest risk of euthanasia due to the potential cost of their health conditions.

And not only are you saving a life, but you’re ensuring they live out their golden years with the comfort and affection they deserve.

Adopt Your New Best Friend

Say goodbye to puppy power and hello to senior strength! Adopting senior dogs is a fulfilling and worthwhile decision for any family. Once you find yours, you’ll start to wonder why people even prefer younger dogs in the first place.

Pet Businesses: Ditch Pen & Paper for Maximum Efficiency and Success

pet businesses

Since the dawn of pet care businesses, there have been blotter calendars at the front desk (with plenty of pencils!) but as with most other areas of life, tech is taking over. Pet businesses managing their clients and appointments by using paper calendars & files makes it tedious, time-consuming, and more than occasionally, frustrating. Imagine spending more time searching for information than actually using that information – does this sound like an efficient use of your time?

There are things that technology will never replace. For example, even if a robot could be trained to look after dogs many clients would still prefer the personal touch and security that comes from leaving their dog with a real person.

This does not mean that technology doesn’t have a place within all pet businesses, in fact, modern clients are starting to demand apps, 24/7 schedule access, text reminders, and other tech perks. In an automated app-happy world, pet businesses need to keep up with the times or get taken out by their competition. Here are a few real reasons why it might be time to take tech seriously:

Old School Appointment Books Just Aren’t Cutting it Anymore

There’s one truth when it comes to providing pet services – time is money. This means that every minute spent on anything other than your pet services is actually costing you in the long run. But ignoring “administration” (from payroll to client tracking to appointment reminders) can spell disaster for your business. So….

Either allocate part of your day to managing the business (hopefully not at the expense of servicing your clients!) or hire someone to manage the business, track your appointments, and file your taxes.

Regardless of how well you execute either approach, you’re pretty much-losing money either way. If your new assistant makes a mistake (doesn’t everyone?) or late hours and constant multitasking lets someone fall through the cracks, now in addition to losing money, you’re losing clientele as well!

Look, there are only 24 hours in a day, and even you can’t work all of them. Years ago, there simply weren’t other options, but times have changed and technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life – including pet business operations. Simple, affordable software can grow your business, save you money, and attract new clientele.

pet businesses

The Benefits of Software For Pet Businesses

Freeing yourself from blotter calendars (which are really hard to read when you’re anywhere but at your business location) is not the only advantage of digital business management solutions. Incorporating pet software into your operation can reduce scheduling mistakes, save you money, automate your client communications, re-engage dormant clients, speed your payroll processing or tax reporting, simplify your inventory controls, even earn you more money!

The fact is people feel busier than ever (spoiler alert: we’re not), and taking the time to stop and schedule a dog grooming appointment or doggie daycare visit simply may not make it onto the daily to-do list, especially if that requires a phone call.

Now, you may have a handful of clients that have their standing appointments on the same day and time every month. Those clients are great to have, and we all wish we had more of them. But what about new clients that are just visiting for their first or second time?

Are they really going to remember that follow-up appointment they booked? And if you say that you’re going to remind them, isn’t this more time that you have to spend outside of providing your services? Are they then going to take the time to call and rebook?

Fortunately, the right pet software program will handle this for you. It will send out an email or text message directly to your client, reminding them of their upcoming appointment and even update your online appointment book when they confirm from that message. This simple reminder can dramatically reduce “no shows”, which in turn, means more revenue.

appointment reminders

Data Don’t Lie

Staying ahead of the competition means offering new services to your clientele. But how do you go about this? Well, to start, you’ll need to know what your clients already love. This means knowing what your high-value services are – the ones that sell every month without fail.

There also may be services on your menu that simply aren’t priced correctly, and are costing you more than they are earning you. 

The ability to analyze your margins and give you the visibility to pivot and create new and better offers is dependent upon you having all the data in front of you. Which traditionally is something small businesses just didn’t have.

Pet software means you can now tap into that business management capability. Now you can know in minutes which services are the best ones to run a sale on (and how much of a sale you can afford)  which are the best sellers, and even the time of year when they’re most likely to sell.

A database of client activity (like you get with pet software) also means you can target your marketing. You can send a promotional offer to everyone who bought a certain product and offer a limited-time discount on their purchase of it with their next visit. You can create new offers and send them to your best customers. You can even create these “campaigns” and they will run automatically!  Create a campaign that goes out to every client you haven’t seen in 9 weeks (we haven’t seen you in a while”), or send a campaign to everyone who received a dog grooming service with a polite reminder that, in order to keep your pet looking great, they should return every 8 weeks.  

It’s also worth mentioning that pet software is a great place to store your client contact data – every phone number and email address, accessible from any internet-enabled device, anytime you want. 

Moving client data into a database makes it searchable, accessible and actionable. Data becomes mobile-friendly, which means faster response times. Your business data is also more easily “backed up” when digital, easily safeguarding your business records. 

pet buisnesses

Pet Businesses Finding the Right Software

So are you ready to say goodbye to your old appointment books and index cards? Congrats! Now it’s time to find the right pet software to fit your business needs.

We know all of the ways the right software can help you build your business which is why we’ve incorporated them into one platform.

Set up appointment reminders, manage payroll (including tiered commissions), offer online booking, and manage your online reputation (get better reviews by asking for them) from within one seamless experience, whether you’re on your phone at home, on a tablet at your chair or at the front desk computer.

Connecting your business to your phone (through Apple or Android) means you can manage your business from the palm of your hand.  It also means your staff can check their schedules (without calling in) and get automatically notified of cancellations. 

Want to learn more about how 123Pet can help your business? Download a 14-day free trial today and see for yourself. Once you appreciate the impact of software on your small business, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.