It’s Tax Time – Automate Financial Management With QuickBooks Connect!

QuickBooks Integration

Owning a small business offers many upsides – such as freedom from having a boss and the ability to set your own schedule. Yet there are also downsides, one of which is dealing with complex financials, which makes tax season a stressful time for anyone that’s unprepared. 

Ensuring that you have all the required documents organized before the submission deadline is a major challenge. With tax season fast approaching, now may be an ideal time to assess your business’ “tax readiness” and verify you have no potential tax reporting issues.  

The two best ways to prevent any tax reporting issues from occurring: using a powerful pet grooming software system to track all of your payment data, and integrating that data into robust accounting software, like QuickBooks.

123Pet Groom & QuickBooks Connect Integration

Based on popular demand, 123Pet Groom’s latest integration includes QuickBooks Online! To use this integration, you must have a 123Pet cloud subscription and a QuickBooks Connect plan. Don’t already have a QuickBooks Connect plan? Click this exclusive link to claim 50% off your first 2 months!

QuickBooks Connect

The 123Pet to QuickBooks Connect integration seamlessly and automatically syncs:

  • Service Transactions
  • Gift Cards
  • Packages & Memberships
  • Sales Taxes
  • Employee Tips
  • Product Transactions
  • Returns & Discounts
  • Loyalty Rewards

You can export up to 90 days worth of data into QuickBooks and the system will automatically keep QuickBooks up to date in the background throughout the day.

Simply Start Syncing

To connect your 123Pet Software with QuickBooks Connect, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to and login with your existing username and password
  2. Then go to ‘More’ – ‘Options’ – ‘More Features’ – ‘QuickBooks Online’.

QuickBooks Integration

3. From here, you can connect your existing QuickBooks account to 123Pet by clicking the ‘Sync’ button and logging in with your existing QuickBooks Connect username and password.

4. After a quick connection process, your accounts will be linked and closed tickets will be pushed to your QuickBooks account. From this screen, you can also import previous transactions to QuickBooks, select your QuickBooks payment account and view the QuickBooks sync log (sync history).

Save Time and Eliminate Errors 

Save countless hours, and eliminate any headaches this tax season, by integrating 123Pet software with QuickBooks Connect. Reconciling your books becomes a snap when all of your transactions are being synced in real-time, making tax day just another day and making your accountant really happy!  Call us today at (800) 376-0123 to learn more!

What to Pack When Boarding Your Dog? Find Out Here!


Whether you are going on a weekend getaway or a 10-day cruise, you need to pack not just for you, but for your furry friend. Failing to pack the right items can negatively impact your dog’s health and enjoyment of his time with a dog boarder. Read on to learn what to pack in a dog bag when boarding your dog.

Focus on Familiar Objects and Scents

You might think that boarding your dog is a good time to buy your dog a nice, new blanket or toys.

But that’s the last thing you should do. When dogs are away from their owners and their home, they might feel scared, angry or anxious.

You can help your dog feel more comfortable and settled by packing beloved and familiar items in your doggy bag.

Keep in mind that dogs experience the world through their nose while humans do this through their eyes. So when your dog has items with your scent, it activates a part of the brain that is also triggered when they do things they enjoy.

In other words, just smelling home makes your dog happy. And when you are boarding dogs overnight, they could use all the extra happiness hormones they can get to help them cope. So, as you pack your doggy choose familiar objects and scents instead of new and exciting objects.


What to Pack in your Dog Bag when Boarding your Dog

When it comes to putting together an overnight dog boarding bag, think practical and familiar. Here are the items you’ll need to leave with your dog boarder.

Dog Bag Essential = Identification

Your pup’s identification is one of the most important things you can have. A collar with a tag that states your name, phone number and address as well as your dog’s name is a must.

A microchip is also wise. But if you are going on a 10-day cruise, you won’t be able to come to claim your dog if he ends up at a pound or vet clinic. So make sure you include emergency contact information. A friend or family member is probably your best choice because they likely know your dog well.

You should make sure your dog boarder has your vet’s name, telephone number, and address also. That way, the boarder can get your dog’s health records just in case. Remember, the more information you leave, the better the dog kennel staff can react in case of an emergency.

A Scented Blanket or Sweater

No, we don’t mean a perfume or beef-flavored item of clothing. Pack something that has your individual scent on it for your four-legged friend to sleep with. If you can, pack a sweater you’ve worn and haven’t laundered yet so that there is lots of scent on it.

This can make a huge difference for your pup if he or she feels homesick.

dog bag

Favorite Snacks and Toys

If your dog will be staying somewhere other than home, he or she will need toys to keep busy during the day.

Hopefully, your kennel will offer fun activities for your dog. But it’s always nice to have your favorite things with you on an overnight trip.

Pack a few long-lasting chewing and teething bones to keep a puppy busy. His or her favorite ball or squeak toy will help your pup make friends with the humans or other dogs that might be there. Plus, these things will help your doggy stay on a somewhat normal schedule.

Do you normally give your dog a treat at a specific time? Let the boarder know so that they can do the same thing. Normalcy helps ease the anxiety of a new place for your dog.

Two Leashes

Most dog daycares ask you to send in a leash for walking your dog. But it’s smart to pack two just in case one gets lost while your dog is staying.

If your pup wears a harness, make sure to bring that. Don’t forget an extra roll of poop bags.

Enough Food (and a Little Extra)

Some kennels supply their own food. But a sudden change in food can cause tummy upset for your dog. Your best bet is to pack your dog’s usual food.

Make sure you pack more food than you will need. Remember, flights can be delayed or stays might need to be extended. Make sure your dog has enough food in case the stay is longer than expected. Bring your pet’s food and water bowl, too! Your pup is used to his or her own stuff and is more likely to eat and drink if the vessels are familiar.

dog bag

Medicines and Supplements

If your dog takes daily medication or supplements, make sure to pack those in the doggy bag. Write out exactly how much your dog boarding staff should give your pup and how often.

Remember, that being in a new place and around other dogs might aggravate an existing condition in your furry friend. It’s a good idea to pack emergency meds that your dog might need, just in case.

Final Word on Packing a Dog Bag

There you have it! The essential items to pack in a doggy bag when you are leaving Fido with an overnight dog boarder.

Your pup will miss you no matter what, but if you pack well, he or she will have a more enjoyable time and return to you happy and healthy.

Do you have a dog-related business such as a pet groomer, trainer or boarder? Try our software for free and see how it can help you grow your business.

Jumpstart January with the Latest Pet Technology

pet technology

Are you ready to jumpstart the first month of the new year with new pet technology innovations? The use of technology is expanding very fast. It is being more and more integrated into the daily lives of average Americans. Almost 90% of all Americans use the Internet and 77% own a smartphone.

As you can see, technology use has become standard in our world today. It makes sense that innovators are developing new technologies for our furry friends. For many pet owners, their pets are family members. The market for innovative pet technology products is strong. With so many pet owners using technology at home, they expect a well-run pet business to be up-to-date also.

Let’s take a quick look at some new pet tech products. Then we’ll look at new grooming technology that may be helpful for your business.

Pet Technology Expansion

Pet technology has exploded over the past few years. Take a look around, there are innovative products everywhere. If you have several pets, you may wish to ensure they can’t eat each other’s food. You can buy a special bowl for this. Fill the bowl with food and shut the lid. Then, through use of an infrared tag on your pet’s collar, it will open only when that pet is near.

For a chubby pet, you may wish to keep track of his food intake. You can buy a pet bowl that will sync to your smartphone. Enter the brand of pet food. Now the bowl keeps track of the ingredients and how many calories your pet ate.

For that same chubby pet, you can get a pet door with a built-in conveyor belt. If he can’t get through the door on his own, you don’t have to go running to help him. You can get cameras and other technology set up so you can see and talk to your pet when you’re at work. You can even get a robotic pet sitter. You can interact and play with your dog from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Pet Technology

With the average pet owner getting so tech-savvy, you can’t get left behind. Owners will expect their groomers to be using sophisticated grooming technology.

After all, they can play with Fido while they’re at work. That means they’ll expect their groomer to be well into the 21st Century.

There is one caveat here, not everything has to be super high-tech. Advanced grooming technology can take over some things. But there will always be room in the grooming business for a pair of scissors and a good comb.

new elo with iccp

Pet Software

One of the most important pieces of grooming technology you should have is software. The right grooming software will make running your business a breeze.

If you’re in the grooming business, chances are you like animals and working with your hands. You’re not too interested in spending hours poring over appointment books. It’s complicated to keep track of client databases, payments, and appointments by hand. Plus, it takes a lot of time. We’re sure you could be putting that time to better use.

Here are a few things you should look for in a good grooming software:


Scheduling is one of the basic options a good grooming software should offer. Being able to manage appointments in the cloud is so convenient. You can see all schedules for each of your staff members at the touch of a button. Plus, it’s easy to keep everyone in the know even from different locations.

Online Booking

Online booking is so handy. Once you get it set up, clients can book anytime, day or night! This convenience is important for many tech-savvy pet owners. Not restricting them to daytime hours for booking is a lifesaver for many.


Client Records

Even if you own a small grooming business, keeping client records by hand is difficult. An easy-to-use database where you can keep client information is invaluable. You can use this information to wow your customers with excellent customer service. Individual pets have different preferences for how the groomer handles them. Clients always feel well taken care of when the groomer remembers how to handle their pet.

Mobile Apps

The ability to use mobile apps is indispensable these days. At the end of 2016 mobile internet use overtook desktop use. Your clients want the convenience of accessing information from their phones. Be sure that your software includes mobile apps to keep up with your competition.

Appointment Reminders

Sending out appointment reminders is also an invaluable tool. It helps cut down on missed appointments, saving you time in the long run. But the act of sending out appointment reminders by hand takes time and you have to remember to do it. Good grooming software will let you send either email or text message reminders.

appointment reminders

Security and Room Cameras

There is another fantastic innovation in grooming technology that you should consider. Security and grooming room cameras. Security cameras are always a good idea for any small business. You never know when one will come in handy.

Grooming room cameras are an excellent way to provide your customers peace of mind. Pet owners can view what’s going on with their pet. This is a great way to calm an anxious owner. The cameras also protect you against lawsuits. If an owner accuses you of mishandling their precious pet, the camera offers proof. And vice versa is also true. If a pet injures you during grooming, you can show what happened.

Some business owners may feel that this is over the top. But it boils down to what you feel is right for your business. If you don’t want to allow owners access to the footage you don’t have to. In some instances, like in case of injuries, it is so much better to be safe than sorry.

Choose the Right Pet Technology

Decide what grooming technology is right for your business and incorporate it! If you are in the market for good pet software be sure to check us out. Our software incorporates all the features we’ve mentioned here and then some. It is the perfect tool for managing your grooming business.

Still not sure? How about trying out our no-obligation free trial? Try it out today and learn how easy it is to use. You’ll never go back to pen and paper methods again!

7 Reasons Your Pet Business Needs Text Marketing

123Pet Text Marketing

54% of consumers want to receive marketing messages through texts. However, only 11% of businesses are using text messaging as a part of their marketing strategy!

This is your chance to get ahead of other pet businesses in your area. By sending an SMS blast to your clients, you can remain top of mind year-round. Text message marketing can help you generate word of mouth, improve engagement with your clients, and show your clients you appreciate your business.

Don’t wait around! Instead, untangle your marketing strategy by adding SMS text messaging to the mix. Here are seven reasons your pet business needs SMS blast marketing.

7 Reasons Your Pet Business Needs Text Marketing:

1. Text Marketing is Direct

Consumers are becoming more aware of when businesses are trying to sell at them, rather than communicate with them. Throughout any given day, we’re spammed with emails, flyers, and billboards. Many of us have adopted mental filters to clear away the junk.

If the recipient doesn’t know and trust you, they’re not likely to open a physical or email messages.

Meanwhile, social media is becoming increasingly competitive. If people don’t already know and love your brand, you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd. As social media algorithms change, it’s also challenging to appear in tags and feeds.

As a result, businesses need to find smarter ways to reach their customers. Unlike these other marketing channels, texts arrive directly in front of your target audience. That means you don’t have to break out of the competition. Instead, you can reach your subscribers and appear among texts from friends and family.


2. Customers are More Likely to Respond

Before you can communicate with your subscribers through email, you need them to open the message first. Otherwise, you’re headed straight for the spam box.

According to Adobe:

  • Email open rates range between 20 and 30%
  • Meanwhile, SMS text message marketing has a 98% open rate
  • 90% of texts are read within three seconds

Previously, sending an SMS blast was considered invasive. People used to pay for every message they received. Now, most smartphone owners also have unlimited texting.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about becoming an annoyance. Instead, consumers prefer texts among other communication methods. When you’re less invasive, people are more likely to read your messages and respond. That means using text message marketing can improve your clickthrough and conversion rates. As more people read and respond to your texts, you’re also boosting engagement with your target audience!

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Text messages are short, sweet, and easy to consume. Unlike an email, phone call, or long blog post, texts aren’t time-consuming. Plus, consumers constantly have their phones in hand. That means your clients can read and respond to an SMS blast anytime, anywhere!

This flexibility makes it easier for clients to respond to your texts. As a result, you’re also more likely to notice an increase in engagement, too. Emails, on the other hand, require time and energy. Instead of sending a quick response, recipients have to click a link and perform a second action on your website. That’s not always easy if your clients are balancing other tasks. Instead, text message marketing provides your clients with the flexibility and easy other marketing channels lack.

text marketing

4. It’s Convenient for Your Customers

Do you remember the last time you had to call a company’s customer support team for help? What about the last time you needed to schedule a doctor’s appointment? For consumers, interacting with employees can feel tedious.

Unhappy experiences can scare away clients forever. You’re busy helping clients who are already at your business. While someone is likely answering the phone, they can’t respond to three calls at once. An SMS blast, on the other hand, is convenient for you and your customers. Since text messages aren’t invasive, your clients can respond at any time. Texts allow customers to live their lives while communicating with your business. After all, we text while balancing other tasks every day of the week! By sending an SMS blast, you’re making it easier for clients to interact with your groomers.

They can receive appointment confirmations or hear about your newest hair care products, all while taming their locks at home. Text message marketing also makes it easy for your clients to opt-in and out of texts. If receiving texts no longer feels convenient to them, they can opt-out with a single text. Easy!

5. We Already Text (A Lot)

Text messaging is already a part of our everyday lives. In fact, texting has replaced phone calls for many consumers. Your clients are already accustomed to the speed, flexibility, and ease of texts.

By adding text messaging to your marketing plan, you can create a strategy that your target audience already loves.

6. Younger Customers Prefer Texts

68% of millennials admit to texting “a lot” every day. If you’re trying to attract a younger crowd to your pet business, marketing through an SMS blast is the way to go!

Text-based marketing allows you to respond to this preference. Many consumers prefer typing over talking. They also prefer short messages over lengthy emails and blog posts.

Text message marketing encourages you to keep your messages short and sweet. It can sometimes take a while for email images to load, too. The longer it takes for an image to properly display, the more likely your clients will move on something else. Text message marketing can help you avoid this issue.

text marketing

7. It’s Cost-Effective & Easy

Some marketing methods can become costly and time-consuming. Sending an SMS blast, on the other hand, is as easy as sending a text. Instead of wasting time creating a long email, you can type out a text in a matter of seconds! Then, you can get back to running your pet business.

By choosing text message marketing, you’re giving yourself a break. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about finding time for an extensive marketing plan.

Get Started With Text Marketing

Untangle your marketing plan! By adding an SMS blast to your overall marketing strategy, you can reach your clients without becoming an annoyance. Without this strategy, however, you might miss out!

123Pet Software allows you to send SMS blasts to your clients with ease. Learn more by visiting this page.

Customer Spotlight – Bubble Puppy

women small business owners

123Pet customers are passionate small business owners who excel at what they do. As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we aim to showcase our customers’ expertise in growing successful businesses. Colleen Medere, owner of Bubble Puppy Pool House, Bubble Puppy Playhouse and Bubble Puppy Grooming and Self-Service Pet Wash, exemplifies this expertise and has one of the more unique entrepreneurial journeys we’ve seen.

While working as a bookkeeper, Colleen started grooming to save money as a single mother, and eventually left her job to open her small grooming salon, Bubble Puppy Grooming, in early 2013. Wanting to make her business unique, Colleen reflected on her experience as a pet owner to identify existing needs. Around the same time, she had taken the pool down at her home and her dog no longer had a place to swim. Thinking many pet owners may have the same experience, Colleen built a swimming pool for dogs at her grooming salon, and Bubble Puppy Pool House was born. The business has since become a staple in Trenton, MI.

Continue reading to learn more about how Colleen got her start in the industry and created this one-of-a-kind business that combines a grooming salon, pool house and doggy daycare.

Q: How did you transition from working in bookkeeping to pet grooming?

A: It’s quite a difference! I worked in bookkeeping for 27 years. I was a single mom and started working as a groomer to save some money. It was pretty fun. Eventually, I was ready to move on from bookkeeping and wanted to open my own pet grooming salon. The rest is history!

Bubble Puppy Grooming and Self-Service Pet Wash opened in February 2013. Our initial differentiator was that, unlike other pet salons, we offered our clients a salon experience that allowed pet owners to see the whole process of their pets being groomed. The salon also has self-wash stations for convenience and cost savings.

Bubble Puppy

Q: How did your business expand from a pet grooming salon to also a pet-friendly pool and daycare?

A: Around the same time that we opened the salon, my husband took down our pool at home. Our dog no longer had a place to swim. Luckily, we owned a decent-sized piece of land at Bubble Puppy, so we dug a hole for a pool, built around it and opened a pet pool in conjunction with the grooming salon.

While we were getting the pool up and running, the building next door was being foreclosed. We decided to purchase that as well and reopened it as a doggy daycare. Bubble Puppy Playhouse was created mostly to provide enrichment-based daycare for dogs. With a low staff-to-dog ratio, we take the dogs out on walks to explore downtown Trenton, go on runs, use agility equipment and even go swimming next door at Bubble Puppy Pool House.

Q: How do the two sides of your business, grooming and the pool, complement each other?

A: We offer a “dip and clip” special, where dogs can get groomed and swim for a discounted rate. The dual business model mutually benefits both customers and staff. A dog that’s tuckered out from swimming is easier for groomers to handle and for owners to take home at the end of the day. Plus, it’s fun for dogs to play fetch with pool toys and jump in and out of the water. Clients will even rent the pool for doggy birthday parties. There are “pupcakes” and all!

There is also a therapeutic element. For older, physically handicapped or injured pets, we have 15-minute therapy swims. This is often for dogs with arthritis or who have had ACL surgery. They still need physical activity, but they can’t walk as well. The buoyancy of the water helps them stay active without putting too much pressure on their joints.

Q: How did you choose a software to help you manage the Bubble Puppy business?

A: When I started the business, I didn’t have any software because I was the sole groomer. Toward the end of 2013, as I started to hire more groomers and expand the business, I purchased 123Pet and have used it ever since. We looked into alternatives when we expanded to the daycare, but no other programs were as comprehensive or accommodated grooming so well.

123Pet helps our business look cohesive and consistent across all its branches, as we use the software in both facilities. Customers can look at one screen to book swimming and/or grooming services all at the same time. Additionally, the reporting and marketing features have allowed us to start a loyalty program, which has helped to support the business’s good reputation.

It’s also great for employees. They can log into their phone remotely to see the calendar or confirm appointments, which has been a tremendous help for us.

Q: Do you have any advice for professionals interested in starting a pet business?

A: My biggest piece of advice would be that if you’re not passionate about grooming, then don’t bother. It’s not about the money, it’s about the dogs. For example, we offer 15-minute water therapy for the dogs and I charge $10 for that. Pet owners spend thousands on surgeries for their animals—they need a break. We also groom rescue dogs at no charge to the shelters and open our facilities multiple times during the year for shelter fundraising.

To learn how 123Pet can help grow your business and fuel company success—like it does for Colleen at Bubble Puppy—visit our product page or read another Customer Spotlight.

Customer Spotlight – Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

123Pet customers are passionate small business owners who excel at what they do. As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we aim to showcase our customers’ expertise in growing successful businesses. Rachel Stalcoskie, co-owner of Rachel Ann’s Country Clips with Bruce Kolar, has a story that shows how a passion for pets can change careers.

Rachel has always loved animals—so much so that she started her career as a zoo animal caretaker. She began grooming pets in her basement before deciding to open her own grooming salon servicing all breeds and even hard-to-handle pets. Today, she runs Rachel Ann’s Country Clips with her family and staff, one of whom is her 10-year-old daughter, Gwendolyn, the youngest competitive groomer in the United States.

Continue reading to see how Rachel has expanded her business to offer services to the community and translated her passion for animals into her daughter’s aspirations to become a grooming icon.

Q: How did you know that you wanted to open a pet grooming salon?

A: Helping animals, interacting with people—they’re both my passions. Prior to opening my own grooming salon, I was a certified vet technician and worked in veterinary hospitals. Then, I started working in kennels and training myself to groom. Still learning, I began grooming in my basement, teaching myself and improving my skills.

Now, I’ve been grooming for about 16 or 17 years. I opened my first shop in Pocano Lake, PA, and was there for five years. Country Clips—the shop that I own and run now—has been in its current location for about 30 years. I bought the business and took it over.

Q: How did you make the transition from grooming in your basement to operating Country Clips?

A: I wanted to continue to grow and expand so I could offer more to the community. I wouldn’t be able to make the same impact grooming out of my basement on my private property. I needed a storefront to be more reachable and available, so more people could find my business. But I also wanted to work for myself—I’m very particular about the quality of services I provide, and that particularity has paid off. When you treat your clients well, they’ll spread the word about your business, and I think a lot of word-of-mouth got me to where I am today.

Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a small business owner, especially as a woman?

A: I run a very particular business and the hardest thing can be finding employees and keeping them. I have a specific process for everything done in the shop and it’s important that my employees stick to that. That said, we’ve always been like family here. I’ve treated employees as such and gotten great feedback from them.

And, of course, my number one priority is the safety of the pets. Animals can’t talk, so when they come in, we need to make sure they’re safe and comfortable. I need employees that are dedicated to ensuring that experience.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue a career in the pet business?

A: Whatever your dream is, you can absolutely make it happen. Educate yourself. Work your tail off.

Everyone should take a business course, especially women. In grooming, many of us are very artistic—which is important—but you really need to know business and management as well. This will help you handle confrontation with your employees, money, budgeting—all of it.  It’s important to stay competitive, but set prices based on your work, not other businesses. If you’re putting out great quality work, it will be worth it. Be fair to your clients, but also yourself.

My other piece of advice is that you need to be 100% honest with your clients. If you nick a dog’s pad but get it to stop bleeding, do you tell the dog’s owner? Absolutely. What if you don’t and it gets infected? You have to tell the client everything, no matter how big or small. Honesty is key for running any business, but especially in this field.

It’s important that I’m a strong, positive role model for my daughter, Gwendolyn. She’s the youngest competitive groomer in the country!  She started grooming by the age of five, and just placed “Best First Timer” in one of her competitions. She’s only 10 and will be 11 in February.

Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

Q: What made you decide to invest in business management software?

A: Working at multiple kennels and veterinary hospitals, I’ve used other software before. When I started renting my first storefront, I purchased 123Pet. I was a one-person shop at the time, but I knew I would expand and have employees in the future, so paper bookkeeping wouldn’t be sustainable. Going digital would make it easier for everyone.

The program benefited me so much as a one-woman business and has continued to help as my salon has grown to five employees. The time-saving component is amazing.

Q: Has 123Pet helped you grow your business?

A: The software has absolutely helped grow the business. For example, all of our reviews from clients—I couldn’t do that without that program. With 123Pet, we can send clients prompts to write reviews about their experience with us. The positive reviews help us gain and retain more customers, which improves business overall.

The appointment reminders are a big help, too. I don’t have to pay someone to sit there and call clients, which is a waste of time. Instead, clients get reminders automatically to ensure they will attend or reschedule their appointment accordingly. It saves me tons of money

Q: Which 123Pet features are most helpful to you and your employees?

A: I am obsessed—probably because I was a vet tech—with the ability to document everything about the animal. Lump on the dog’s back? Prefers a specific shampoo? Save it in the digital notes! The notes section is so helpful and makes it easier to ensure the safety of the animal. Through monitoring animals and building their profiles on 123Pet, I’ve been able to identify so many health issues early on that would have been deadly if I had let it go.

You can also save photos to client profiles. For example, if someone tells us that they like the haircut we gave their dog, we can save a picture of it to the client’s profile. Now, groomers know the dog owner’s favorite haircut.

To learn how 123Pet can help grow your business and fuel company success – as it does for Rachel at Rachel Ann’s Country Clips—visit our product page or read another Customer Spotlight

Boarding Cats and Dogs That Are Part of the Same Family

dog and cat boarding

Owning pets that are well and truly part of the family can be a wonderful thing. But when it comes time to take a vacation or out-of-town excursion, your pets will need to be looked after. And while you may want to bundle them up and take them along with you, this is not always an option. This is where dog and cat boarding comes in as a safe, reliable, and stress-free option for pet care while you’re out-of-town. But if you’re nervous or hesitant about sending your beloved fur babies away, here’s what you should know about pet boarding to put your mind at ease…

Dog and Cat Boarding: What You Should Know

Don’t let your excitement around a long-awaited or much-needed vacation be dampened by the separation of your pets.

The idea of separating cats and dogs in the same household may be distressing. But there are plenty of boarding facilities that offer accommodation for both.

Keeping your cat and dog together while you’re away is a great way to ensure they are safe and comfortable. It will also ease your conscience, save you money, and travel time.

Dog Boarding Facilities

Traditionally, most people might think of dog boarding facilities as dog kennels kitted with small, intimidating cages. But this could not be further from the truth.

Dog kennels involve individual, designated areas for each canine, which is usually an 8-by-8-foot run. This allows enough room for your dog to move around, and sleep quite comfortably.

To add to this, your dog will be let out and walked by trained staff anywhere from 4-6 times a day. Most dog breeds are usually kept separated in case one pup is a little more meek, aggressive, smaller, or larger than another.

There are also options to sign your dog up for group play, which allows your dog to interact with other canines throughout their stay. However, this is completely optional.

When your pup is checked in for boarding, you’ll need to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire regarding their diet, allergies, mobility, and personality. You will also need to make mention of special medications or past medical history, if any.

Bear in mind that your pooch must be up-to-date on rabies, Bordatella, and DHPP vaccinations. They may need to undergo a quick temperament test if you sign them up for group play, too.   dog and cat boarding

Cat Boarding Facilities

Cat boarding amenities are very similar to that of dog boarding. Cats are either placed in their own individual area in spacious cages or allowed to roam freely in cat-friendly condos/suites.

Cage-free facilities offer individual cat bungalows for sleeping as well as a large open area for group interaction with other felines. These open areas often include a sunroom, scratching pads, toys, windows, and bird feeders for plenty of entertainment.

Cats will need to be fixed and up-to-date on rabies vaccinations before you sign them up for boarding. They will also undergo a quick snap test which tests for FIV, FeLV, and heartworm.

Cats are usually kept fairly separate from dogs in a dual-boarding facility due to the fact that dog barking can startle/upset some felines.

dog and cat boarding

What to Look For in a Boarding Facility

If you have your doubts about a boarding facility, the best thing you can do for both you and your pet is to ask the right questions. The more information you can gather beforehand, the better you’ll feel about your decision.

A good place to start is by visiting a boarding facility’s website. Look for reviews on the site, go over their FAQ section, and check Yelp for any other information.

Give the facility a call and be sure to ask them the following questions:

  • What type of background does the owner of the facility have?
  • Is the facility part of any professional/ recognized organization?
  • What type of background and certification does the staff have?
  • How large are the dog and cat playgroups?
  • How often are the dog and cat facilities cleaned?
  • What is the ratio of dog or cat to caretaker?
  • What are the noise levels like and how is this controlled?
  • How often are dogs walked and what type of interaction do they receive?

If your mind is still uneasy, it’s always wise to visit the boarding facility for a quick tour.

running a successful kennel


Understand Pet Boarding Requirements

A pet boarding facility takes on a lot of responsibility when they take in a cat or dog for an extended period of time. For this reason, they have to ensure all the pets that they take in are in adequate condition.

Basically, this means that the onus is on you to ensure your pet is up-to-date with all the boarding facility’s requirements. Some of these include:

  • Ensuring your cat or dog is up-to-date with all current vaccinations
  • Ensuring your pet is taking the correct heartworm, flea, and tick preventative medications
  • As a standard, your pet should have basic obedience training
  • They should have a suitable temperament when they are around unfamiliar people and environments
  • Make sure your pet is adequately potty-trained
  • Your pet must be spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped, if necessary

Before you board your pet, it’s important to be open and honest with the facility staff about the type of environment your pet thrives in. Let them know about any possible behavioral issues and situations that may trigger these episodes.

Finally, do your homework on the specific times that are best when dropping off and picking up your pets.

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Your Grooming Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

dog grooming business

The New Year presents every business with the opportunity to set new goals and kick-start fresh initiatives. The key to realizing these aspirations—and truly adding value to your dog grooming business—is making sure they are both mission-critical and attainable. Enhancements that would be “nice to have” won’t sustain your motivation all year round. As you determine your dog grooming business New Year’s resolutions for 2020, make sure these four items make the list.

1. Commit To Eco-Friendliness At Your Dog Grooming Business

Going green is easier than ever, and what was once an eco-differentiator for your shop is now becoming an expectation from consumers. Eco-friendly products are increasingly available, affordable and as effective as traditional brands. Not only will your dog grooming business help the environment, but a commitment to doing so will impress your customers.

In Nielson’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66 percent of consumers said they are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. Additionally, 81 percent of millennials expect their favorite brands to make public commitments to corporate responsibility. While this may seem like a big ask for a dog grooming business, showing an investment in community and citizenship will go a long way with customer loyalty.

dog grooming business

2. Track Social Media Success.

Starting to share campaigns on social media is important, but do you understand how those campaigns directly or indirectly impact your dog grooming business? Right now, you may be pushing out social media content with little insight into what types of posts are working or why. In 2020, you should analyze your social campaign effectiveness with these focuses:

  • Record your digital footprint—use a spreadsheet to keep track of 1) post engagement to see the success of the social campaign and 2) followers and likes to see how campaigns affect your overall social presence
  • Analyze web traffic—understand how your campaigns lead to web visitors by tracking 1) total traffic, 2) traffic by channel and 3) visitor location (where are your visitors coming from?)
  • Establish campaign objectives—are your efforts focused on finding new prospects? Promoting a new offering? Creating brand awareness?

3. Step Up Customer Satisfaction.

Focusing on customer service seems like a no-brainer, but 2020 is the year to start going beyond just asking, “are you happy with today’s service?” Take the time to learn what you can do to make customer service your business’s differentiator.

Consider adding services your customers want, and make sure the services you already deliver are catered to the people paying for them. Whether it’s soliciting customer suggestions, making the online booking experience more convenient or simplifying checkout, there is always more you can do to enhance customer retention.

dog grooming business

4. Boost Productivity At Your Dog Grooming Business

With your busy schedule, work/life balance can seem like a luxury not afforded to a small grooming business owner. Yet by enhancing productivity, you can make it possible for you and your employees.

Set expectations with your staff from the onset, delegate where possible and, most importantly, use technology to lighten your load. There are so many mundane, daily tasks that grooming software can streamline or absorb (think: scheduling, sending appointment confirmations, tracking inventory). 2020 could look a lot different if you start the year by implementing the right technology.

New Year’s resolutions should not be limited to buying a gym membership or traveling more. Your grooming business will benefit from you mapping out your annual objectives now. Learn how 123Pet Software can help put these plans into action.

New Years Goal Setting for Grooming Salon Owners

grooming salon

As a pet grooming salon owner, how do you identify success? Is your success in your grooming techniques and using the best equipment? Or do you set regular goals for yourself to become the best groomer in the business?

2020 has officially come, and this is the best opportunity to start setting new goals for your grooming business. Some of these goals may have to do with improving your grooming techniques or renovating your business. Other goals include ways to boost sales and improve your marketing.

With every New Year, there is always room for improvement. Work into 2020 with these New Year’s resolutions for a grooming salon.

Boost Grooming Salon Sales

You chose to own a grooming salon because you love working with animals. But face it, making money and getting sales is also extremely important. A goal you should make each year is to find ways to boost sales. If you haven’t started this goal yet, 2020 is the perfect first year to get into that New Year habit of making more money.

What are some ways to boost sales? You can start by advertising and release special offers. These include a free product for a basic grooming service and monthly or weekly grooming discounts.

You can also improve your marketing strategies. Try a new marketing approach, such as running a blog or making some promotional videos. You can also revamp your website and monitor your Google local search results closely. All of these factors contribute to increasing brand awareness and boosting your sales performance.

Improve Customer Service

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. If a pet owner isn’t satisfied with the service they receive at your grooming salon, they will easily do business with another groomer.

Treat each customer with respect, show compassion, and don’t be afraid to be a little personable with them. Customer service doesn’t only include offering a great service. Pet owners often need help washing their dogs.

You also may get clients who are new dog owners and may have questions. Listen to their questions and give your customers honest advice. Humans aren’t the only important customers. As a groomer, you’re also working with some furry friends.

Improve the way you treat your animals. Maybe you notice some dog breeds are more aggressive or some dogs are skeptical about getting washed. Do what you can to research and improve the treatment of animals.

Your store’s upkeep and cleanliness is also an important customer service factor. If your salon is dirty, your customers won’t want to do business with you. Grooming is a selfless business. Get the dogs clean and make your human customers as happy as you can.

Grooming Salon

Improve Your Grooming Salon Location

The first thing a customer looks at is your shop. They want to see what equipment you use, what services you offer, and the cleanliness of the shop. They’re trusting you with their dog, and they want what’s best for doggo.

Do what you can to make the best grooming salon. These improvements can be simple. Research ways to sanitize and clean your equipment. Or,  buy new supplies and equipment for the new year.

You could even go a step further and completely renovate your salon. Get new wallpaper, flooring, and do a deep cleaning to make sure your salon is fully hygienic.

Hire Better Staff

It’s easy to hire those who are new to grooming and aren’t asking for a high wage. You must also understand experienced groomers will deliver the best service, but they may cost more. This extra money for an experienced worker will help improve your salon in many ways.

This doesn’t mean you should let go of the staff you already have unless it will truly benefit your business. Just have more standards set when you hire. You can even create a new position in management and hire a more experienced groomer or even promote one of your groomers.

Generate More Revenue

There’s a lot of flexibility in the dog grooming business, but most groomers stick with what they know best: cleaning dogs.

Make your grooming salon a step above the rest. Start a retail shop. Partner with shampoo and soap brands and sell them. Add additional styling options and other services, and sell them as ‘add-ons’ to a normal grooming service.

You can even expand further, such as offering a school or a program where dog owners wash their dogs in the shop. If you can’t get enough of these furry friends and want to spend more time with them, consider offering a boarding service.

credit card transactions

Renew and Understand Your Menu

Re-do your services menu. Decrease the prices of one service and increase the price of others. Or, combine two services and help your customers save some money.

Start offering extras and perks such as teeth brushing and consider opening up your services to cats as well. Do more to understand your own prices, too. What if your prices are different than a competitor? Explain why. What if a longtime customer is inquiring about a price change? Explain why you altered the price of that service.

Put Emphasis on Your Image

Your online presence can make or break the success of your grooming salon. Make sure you have a great logo with a legible font, you’re active on all social media pages, and you regularly update your website and Google listing.

Your physical image also matters. Make sure your business has great curb appeal. You can go all out with fun decorations of dogs and other animals, or you can make your shop clean and welcoming.

Make sure your shop smells great. You don’t want your customers smelling any foul dog odor when they first walk in. Your salon shouldn’t be any different than a human one. Nice decor, sanitation, and a welcoming aura will benefit your human and dog customers alike.

Be the Best Grooming Salon in 2020

Are your goals financial or are you finding general ways to improve your salon? Whether you notice any specific problems or want to make small improvements, 2020 is as good a year as any to start finally achieving these goals!

Don’t forget to always improve customer service, your treatment of pets, and add new services. All of these goals will contribute to a better salon in 2020.

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Decorating Your Grooming Salon For The Holiday Season

Christmas is coming around quickly and your stations will be fully booked, but is your grooming salon in the holiday spirit?


Decorating for Christmas is the perfect way to attract new customers, create a better client experience and keep stressed-out employees in the holiday spirit.

Set yourself up for a great customer experience by creating an inviting storefront during these peak holiday months with these top grooming salon decorating tips:

Deck the Windows

Attract the attention of passers-by; transform your windows with eye-catching Christmas displays such as a small tree with colored ornaments that align with your brand’s colors. Don’t underestimate the power of what people see from the street. You’ll be surprised at how many clients you can engage with a festive display that creates a fun and welcoming environment.

Sparkling Stations

With clients pets spending the majority of their time at the grooming station, this is a great place to add some decoration! Drape garland around the legs at each station or add some sparkling lights for an extra touch of magic. Remember, don’t go ‘over festive’ with your station decorations – their needs to be room for pet grooming around your decor!

Spruce Up Your Merch

Don’t forget about your retail products – spruce up your displayed merchandise with colored or burlap bows to create a gift-inspiring holiday feel for your product displays. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your products and upsell with special holiday gift wrapping for the perfect Christmas surprise.

Light It Up

Lights are a classic Christmas decoration, and that’s no surprise seeing as it is scientifically proven to make you happier! Spread the Christmas joy by adding twinkling lights throughout your grooming salon.

Try wrapping them around the front desk, windows, stations or even outside to add a holiday glow and make certain areas brighter. Extra lighting is especially great in your grooming salon, especially for that freshly scrubbed dog photo!

Creative Christmas Tree

The classic Christmas tree is a must-have to complete the festive look! You don’t have to be boring, though – get creative by decorating your tree with handmade pet ornaments or decorate it with accessories from around your grooming salon.

Decorating Grooming Salon

You could also make this into a fun bonding activity or competition for employees to decorate and make ornaments for the tree, boosting employee morale and team collaboration. Remember- you may want to consider making your tree as pet-friendly as possible, just in case a roaming dog gets free!

decorating christmas tree

Consistency is Key

When decorating, wild isn’t always wonderful. Too many decorations will make your grooming salon look cluttered and disorganized. Try to keep your decorations consistent to your branding by choosing a theme that suits your brand. Stick to one-holiday decor style for a classy look and feel. For trendy groomers, try a rustic Christmas style. Looking to show off your fun, lively brand? Try a colorful theme!

Remember, decorating your grooming salon doesn’t have to be a boring yearly task. Make it fun and get creative! Get all employees involved with the decorating to help them bond and accomplish something as a team.

If you don’t have a lot of space or a large budget for decorating, even some lights and tinsel or a small tree in the window sill will add that little extra Christmas magic to your grooming salon. Before you know it, pets will be flooding through your doors!

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