Track Performance Statistics to Strengthen Your Business

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Many shop owners who excel at creativity are less confident when handling mathematical duties. That can make monitoring key business data contributing to your shop’s progress challenging. Tracking your team’s performance may seem daunting and time-consuming, but examining guest and staffer statistics is vital to setting and reaching achievable goals. Basing your targets on the following growth indicators instead of revenue figures ensures that you’ve structured your operation properly for long-range success.

Focus on Key Growth Indicators

New customers per month: Assessing referrals by different categories will help you determine which marketing and advertising efforts are the most lucrative. Emails and social media may outshine newspaper and Yellow Page ads, for example. Capitalize on the most effective vehicles strategically to lure and engage prospects.

Returning new guests: Although the industry average is 35 percent, aim for a 50-percent or higher retention rate of new clients. When they enter your shop initially, making introductory experiences fabulous and monitoring their satisfaction will increase their recurring possibilities. Offering welcome specials for their next pre-booked appointments will help convert first-time customers into returning guests.

Loyal patron retention: The industry median for retaining repeat visitors is roughly 75 percent. Oversee records to discover which staffers are keeping clients, and which are losing clients. Check all employees’ statistics routinely. Investigate any variations within your team. Since the cost of landing a new customer is five times higher than hanging onto a current one, rewarding your regulars is key. 123Pet will streamline your guest loyalty program with prizes like free and discounted services and products. Successful retention efforts will heighten your growth and profit potentials.

Visit frequency: This metric represents how often each customer does on-site business in your shop. Track visit frequency by individual departments, since customers might return more often for retail shopping than for grooming services. Prebooking sessions with 123Pet’s online appointment booking simplifies the scheduling process for busy clientele. This easy add-on feature lets patrons book open slots on your website at their convenience, no matter the time of day.

Retail merchandise: Examining product purchases goes beyond noting which workers sell the most take-home items to revealing other valuable insights. Do certain bathers or groomers have much higher sales for some merchandise? While profitable, that pattern could mask a problem. Have personnel settled into stale routines of using and recommending the same preparations repeatedly? Will their limited choices suit all clients? Are employees uneasy about using other options? The answers to these questions will help you decide who needs training in which specific areas.

Average ticket: To increase the average dollar amount each guest spends per visit, maximize up-selling situations, cross-selling menu items, add-on ticket enhancers, and retail product sales.

Productivity: What portion of your business hours is your staff serving customers and contributing to your revenue? How hard is securing open slots for clients? Ideally, your productivity should be 75 to 80 percent to leave room for last-minute appointments.

Run Powerful Software Reports

123Pet expedites setting benchmarks and measuring progress. It tracks facility and employee accomplishments, creating reports full of insights to guide internal improvements. Check each team member’s performance by comparing ticket, sales, service, and retail product figures, percentages, and differences for various intervals like quarterly and short-term promotional periods.


Address Results for Greater Success

Valuable 123Pet data will enable you to identify individual employee behavior patterns quickly so you can base constructive feedback on documented facts. Formulate personalized goals and action plans to tackle any areas requiring immediate upgrades so everyone can help optimize your team’s performance.

Personnel will work harder at getting better if you provide occupational advice in positive ways. Avoid negative reprimands like, “Your last quarter was awful, and your performance was terrible.” Instead, take an encouraging approach as a motivational coach. Word statements carefully, empowering staffers to move toward progress. Your inspirational attitude will nurture necessary adjustments without causing overwhelmed feelings among those needing improvement.

Organize fun competitions as enthusiastic stimulators. Acknowledging and honoring winners will strengthen your entire crew. Implement initiatives with top performers mentoring and training other team players. A happy, motivated staff serves guests best, boosting everyone’s satisfaction. Together, those two groups can expand your business size, profits, and success.

How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Client Retention & Sales

Email Marketing

How can you cultivate lasting connections with guests between appointments? Social media may be a go-to pick for speedy communications, but some will miss your efforts. Email newsletters and marketing messages are direct, reliable, and affordable ways to stay in touch. Retaining customers is the fastest revenue-raising strategy. A mere 5% client retention increase can boost profits by up to 75%! Learn to use all the tools available in 123Pet to maximize client retention and growth by optimizing your email marketing efforts.

Develop Your Customer Contact List

Collect all your clients’ email addresses, but make sure you offer them an opt-in to receive marketing material from you. The first thing to avoid is spamming your clients. Assure customers that you don’t sell their personal details. Balance resistance with monthly or weekly drawings for those signing up for your marketing emails. Reward winners with incentives like free services.

123Pet automatically links client email addresses not only with online booking and reminders but with marketing features as well. Some news may be appropriate for all active clients, but email marketing shines as a retention tool to bring back certain guests. So create targeted lists by selecting customized filter criteria. In just a few clicks, 123Pet will create a campaign that matches exactly the clients you want to reach.

Common options include unique subsets like those who haven’t been in recently to remind them that they’re due for cuts, colors, and other routine services. Also, sort by guests who’ve been absent longer than normal intervals. Money-saving promotions will lure infrequent visitors into returning, and another popular approach involves presenting birthday bargains 30 days before (or after) annual celebrations.


Choose Templates

All email messages need attention-grabbing looks to stand out from inbox clutter. 123Pet supplies more than 50 fully customizable templates to inspire and enhance the artistic appeal of your pet marketing ideas. Pick from seasonal, holiday, birthday, and general designs with vivid, pastel, or black-and-white graphics. Each impressive theme offers additional versatility through multiple layouts.


Cover Popular Topics

Be a credible resource so customers will wait and read your messages eagerly. Engaging clients beyond your shop extend your valuable services. So have fun exploring subjects that interest you and your guests. Inform while encouraging patrons to return.

Your topic scope is as broad as your business. Share the scoop on trends, care, before-and-after makeovers, top stylist tricks, product benefits, and promotions. Feature timely news including appointment openings, vacation schedules, and salon milestones like anniversaries and celebrations. Upgrade any slacking service’s sales with bargains such as nail and eyebrow deals.

Make sure to include a link to your Online Booking site as well. Extend your engagement further by providing active social media links and invite your audience to interact with your shop on Facebook and Instagram.

Select Photos

Today’s busy clientele can’t spare time to peruse text-heavy presentations. So minimize descriptions and increase eye-catching visuals. Offering content that’s beautiful yet informative will snag greater readership. Showcase stylists’ talents via stunning Instagram images to motivate instantaneous appointment bookings for new looks.

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Create Catchy Subject Lines

Intriguing content is an epic fail if recipients overlook it in their inboxes. To boost click-throughs, work enticing hooks into catchy subject lines. Persuading customers to open your emails promptly is key. Envision your ideal reader glancing at your brief summary. A “So what?” response demands a do-over.

Distribute Messages

Consistent delivery helps digital content like e-newsletters build strong followings. Start with a short message on a monthly basis to avoid an unsustainable obligation. Pick a date like the 1st or the first Monday of each month. Supplement that regular schedule with special notices about seasonal and holiday promotions. Highlight retail products and gift cards as welcome presents.

Up your length and frequency gradually over time as your speed and confidence grow. Programming your run dates and recipients is simple with 123Pet. If announcements are ready early, great! Select the date to send and 123Pet will queue it up and send automatically on time! Set it up to resend recurring saved messages on later dates with automated ease.

Measure Success

Tracking and reporting tools make 123Pet a game-changing dynamo. Enlightening analysis reports reveal how well customers respond to each campaign. So just tweak your next message according to what succeeded and flopped last time.

Questions about mastering marketing features in 123Pet? See the email marketing category of the 123Pet support center or give us a call at (800) 604-2040 to learn more.

123Pet Version 12: Built with your work style in mind

123Pet v12

Spend more time with clients and your craft. Version 12 takes care of the rest.

Booking an appointment has never been faster, and running your own e-mail marketing strategy has never been easier. Get the details on your clients to take the guesswork out of scheduling. Everything from your basic management to the bells and whistles of running your business with your own unique flair is included in the newest version of 123Pet.

Every day, we make your feedback and ideas a priority. In Version 12, we are proud to offer up more tools and enhancements that will help you accomplish your daily tasks and manage your business’s time efficiently. We’re working harder so you don’t have to.

Text Appointment Confirmations. Cut down on no-shows with the new completely automated text message confirmations. Clients can now reply to their SMS reminder to confirm their appointment, which updates your schedule in real time.

appointment reminders

Your Day at a Glance. Your upcoming day is clearly represented in our new Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Upcoming Appointments, and more. Get to know your First Time Clients and track who is Due for Checkout.
Score your Business with Business Summary. Keep track of business health and stay informed of client retention, referrals, and sales benchmarks. Administrators can password protect this screen.

Your Email Marketing Strategy. Choose from 30 all new email template designs, designed with your business in mind. Effortlessly put your best foot forward for new clients and returning ones with sharp, instant campaigns and appointment notifications.

EMV Credit Card Processing Support. EMV Processing is all about keeping your business and clients safe from fraudulent charges. Integrated credit card processing now supports chip-based cards with new card readers.

Smarter Client Booking. Book your client’s next appointment with their most recent purchases and pre-paid balances at your fingertips. 123Pet takes the guess work out of scheduling, making every second count during your busy day.

To confirm your eligibility for 123Pet Version 12, please sign in to your account.

New: Email Marketing for Cloud Users

Email Marketing

Get the word out about your business with valuable Email Marketing features that are now available to 123Pet Cloud users.

Your marketing strategy comes to life with up to 5,000 emails, free of charge. Between marketing materials and appointment reminders, keeping in touch with clients is easier than ever.


Select by pet and define your audience with new filters that guarantee your message gets to the right client at the right time.

Take your pick of beautiful, flexible email templates that will look consistent regardless of browser or mobile device.

Feeling inspired to make a few changes? Modify your content with our easy to use editor, complete with custom features. Unlock your business’s growth potential and make all your marketing materials completely unique to you.

Monitor progress with our marketing dashboard. Get the status of your campaigns and optimize your communications. Search by campaign for easy access and organization, putting you in control of your messaging.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us. We’re always here to help answer your questions and help you find your software solution.

New: Importing Data for 123Pet Cloud!

Import Data

123Pet is proud to continue improving to better suit your needs – from our tried and true patrons who have grown with us, to our brand new users. We’re committed to improving the accessibility of your information.

The newest update to our 123Pet Cloud features now allow you the option to import clients, products, services, employee information and client notes to your cloud.

New users should take note that this feature is extremely helpful when you first get started with 123Pet, as importing any previous data is easier than ever. Whether it is from your previous software system or a simple spreadsheet, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off with your data. We’ve made it simple to upload your business’s information with our unique mapping feature, which automatically organizes your data but still allows you to customize fully before importing.

If you are an administrator, simply pull up the Options screen and expand the Support option. From there, you can be prompted to Import My Data.

Importing Data

Any duplicates of your information can be updated with your most current information, or you can ignore the new entry.

123Pet will automatically suggest columns for your files, but as mentioned, how you streamline your information is entirely up to you.
As always, if you have any questions about this new functionality (or anything at all!) please do not hesitate to reach out to our team: (800) 604-2040.

New: Features, Including Appointment Reminders!

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One of the awesome things about 123Pet Cloud, beyond its flexibility, is how fast we can release new features and functionality. In the most recent release we’ve made it easier to keep clients and employees informed about appointment booking changes.

New Appointment Notifications

Cut down on no-shows and scheduling errors with our new client & employee notification options that make sure everyone is informed when appointments are made, changed or canceled.  You can choose to turn on/off e-mail or text message notifications for each category, as well as customize message templates for e-mail and text message notifications.

Appointment Book Schedules

We’ve also made improvements to the appointment book which make it easier to distinguish between an employee with a schedule entered, an employee with no scheduled entered and an employee who does not have an active Remote Access account. We added a helpful shortcut link to quickly enter a work schedule for unscheduled employee.

We also made a few minor improvements:

  • Backend changes to 123Pet Cloud and Remote Access which will improve reliability.
  • Improved various user interactions, specifically related to booking resources, ticket creation, ‘right click’ menus and client notes.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.