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You’re a mobile groomer or small shop owner looking to grow your clientele, reduce no shows, improve service, and find affordable software to realize your full PET-ential…then look no further!

123Pet Basic is the smart choice – perfect for a single user

Basic Includes 1 User And The Below Features:

Appointment POS, dog grooming services

Appointment Scheduling

Our color-coded digital grooming appointment book makes scheduling simple, empowers you to go paperless, and helps you book appointments more efficiently than ever before.

Appointment Reminders

Upcoming appointment reminders are delivered automatically to clients by text or e-mail when they have an appointment coming up. Pet ready for pick up? Check a box to quickly send a text to your client to let them know!

Appointment Reminders
Online Booking

Online Booking

Keep your business open 24/7 and increase appointments with your very own, absolutely free, and totally customizable online booking website! Easily integrate your new website with your business’s Facebook/Instagram page and receive notifications when clients book.

Driving Directions

Find your next appointment easily with 123Pet’s embedded map feature. 123Pet will guide you with turn by turn directions to your next groom, along with an estimated length of journey and expected arrival time!

CC Processing

Credit Card Processing

Integrated payments mean faster checkouts, fewer errors, and simple reporting. “Meet or beat rates” means you save on every swipe! With the integration of credit card processing, you can also access more features such as memberships billing & customer-facing portal.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are formatted to make managing your groomers on the run quick and easy. Check your appointment book. Check clients in and out. Review formula notes. It’s like having a mini version of 123Pet, right your pocket!

Mobile Apps
Client Management

Client Management

With client management, you can track purchases, store photos, and keep detailed client notes to provide an unforgettable business experience for your customers! Wow, your customers by staying on top of pet vaccinations with an easy one-time notification setup.

Glenn followed his passion for pets and drive for financial freedom into the grooming industry. After selling his last salon, he realized a longtime dream of converted a van into a mobile unit dedicated only to nail trims, and Peticured was born! His customers value convenience and prize his expertise.

See Glenn’s story here:

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Pro Tip!

Take the time to work with and educate your clients on how to brush their pet. Working on a tangle-free pet is much easier and your clients will appreciate you sharing your advice!