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rent a dog for a day

Want to Rent a Dog for Canine Cuddles? There’s an App for That!

Each year, nearly 6.5 million animals enter the US animal shelters system. Of those, 3.3 million are dogs who are ...
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Can Dogs See Ghosts and Other Supernatural Beings? Find Out The Spooky Facts

Maybe you've noticed that your pooch tends to stare off into the distance at times. You're probably wondering what they're ...
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brain games for dogs

Brain Games for Dogs: Promoting a Happy Healthy Disposition

An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. This is true for humans and dogs. A lack of mental stimulation for ...
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Adorable Dog Wedding Ideas: How to Include Mr. Snuggles in Your Ceremony!

In the United States, 85 million families have a dog. If you are one of those millions of people that ...
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credit card transactions

The Benefits of Integrating Credit Card Processing With Your Software

Integrating Your Software With Your Credit Card Transactions Your pet business consists of a series of many daily processes, but ...
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dog daycare job

How To Find & What To Expect When Working At A Dog DayCare

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the pet industry are expected to grow 11% by the year 2024 ...
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