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modern dog beds

These Funky, Modern Dog Beds Your Dog Is Sure To Love

You finally caved and got the puppy you've been dreaming of - now comes the time to buy supplies for ...
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dog first aid kit

How To Make a Dog First Aid Kit

Forty percent of people would save their pet's life over that of a stranger. But, are you actually prepared to ...
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how much exercise does a dog need everyday

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday? Find Out The Facts Here!

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend for a reason, they are cute, loyal and lovable additions to any ...
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best dog calming aid

A Calm Dog Is a Happy Dog – Most Effective Dog Calming Aid

Did you know that 3.2 million shelter animals get adopted each year? Out of these, half of them are dogs ...
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dog instagram

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous!

Did you know that dog Instagram accounts with over one million followers can generate up to $16,000 per post? That kind ...
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dog competitions

Notable Dog Competitions in the United States

Sporting dogs. Hound dogs. Working dogs. Terriers. Toy dogs. Non-sporting dogs. Herding dogs. As a dog owner, dog breeder, dog ...
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