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Works really well for me. Easy to use.
Sam, Groomer
Easy, user friendly and very convenient.
Bonnie, Groomer
I am a mobile groomer this is my fifth year and while some groomers have hard time building their business when they start, I booked pretty quick, I use 123Pet Software since I started, use the reminders by email to avoid no shows, and use the mail option to print the address of the clients with more than a month, so I can send a reminder card so they rebook again, within a month I was book for two weeks ahead, then I started to use the recurring appointments feature and start booking the whole year, that helped me making my routes more effectively. Using the reports about what breed I do more, helped me to market more for that kind of clients. After the first year the monthly totals, helped me to realize when I was most busy so I market more before the slow comes. Using the notes as my history helped me to know what was the last haircut, to make me look more professional cause I can just tell the client, “same as last time?” and people loves it. The product and service history makes me more effective on selling them other products or add on services. I have like 6 friends I recommended 123Pet Software and they are very happy they heard me because it is easy to use and very effective. Automatic back up has saved me from troubles when I forget to back up. Honestly is the best tool on my business. 123Pet Software makes my business run smoothly, and looks bigger and very professional, My clients love the email and text reminder, I love all the reports I can get almost about anything, so I can dedicate my time to groom and not to the other side of the business, cause 123Pet Software takes care of that, we are a great team.
Juan S, Da Groomer Mobile Pet Spa Kissimmee, FL
I was like a lot of groomers and had all my clients on cards in a box. All my information was in one place and that one place was easily ruined when I had a flood. All 1000 and some cards were wet and unreadable. I was not going to make that mistake twice; I looked into options and really liked what 123Pet Software had to offer. I have now been using it for 4 years and love it! So do my clients with e-mail reminders the day before their appointments, and I look like a wonderful groomer because I “remember” everything about their little fluffy. 🙂 It saves me time everyday and saves me worrying about those paper client cards. I have added more groomers to my shop in the last few months and the notes are great, I don’t have to explain every dog to them or their hair cut. I don’t have to worry about them knowing if the dog they have is a biter or needs special shampoo. Thanks 123Pet Software for making running a grooming shop just a little easier.
Cheryl P, The Purple Poodle Brandon, MB
123Pet Software has totally organized my business. No longer do we have little notepads everywhere with appointments, what we sold, club card members, shopping lists or lost customer emails. I can now keep track of return merchandise costs, coupons redeemed and daily specials. With one touch of a button I can see my total receipts for the day, customer histories, and whether or not a client has cancelled past appointments. 123Pet Software is my cheat sheet for pet’s names, customer’s names and previous purchases. It’s simple to see how many services compared to retail items we sell daily and to determine which products are worth restocking. Purchasing products has become simplified and payroll hours are already tallied. 123Pet Software started saving me money and time as soon as I downloaded it. I really don’t know how I ran my business without it. Thank you!
Ann C, Woody’s Dog Wash & Boutique Pittsburgh, PA
123Pet Software is amazing! There are many features that have helped our company. The first and number one feature that we use daily is the appointment book. The best thing about this feature is it is not just any appointment book it allows us to use the client info that is already entered and saved. We no longer have to use and keep track of those dreadful 5×7 grooming cards. We can print the appointment ticket which insures communication is correct and efficient when passing through the customer front desk and the grooming area. Another amazing feature is the marketing ability. We now have set the system up for automatic appointment reminders as well as the capability of sending out a monthly newsletter, something we have always wanted to do but before 123Pet Software it would have taken up too much time. Thank you 123Pet Software for making our business faster, more efficient, and profitable.
All About Animals, La Jolla, CA
I am Laura T, the owner/manager of Two Hearts Pet Salon. I opened my doors in 2004 and purchased the Standard version. I really liked all the options that come with this program. It is a very nice rounded program for our field. It wasn’t long that I needed to upgrade to the Professional version due to hiring my first employee. 123Pet Software was great for me, I was able to learn as I go and change how I set up my tickets, my histories, products as I seen fit to work with my growing business. My employee seemed a bit overwhelmed at first, but it wasn’t long before she was flying thru the program right along with me. When we moved to our current location (within the first year) we began to encourage our customers to schedule out their appointments, we were getting that busy. I also began our loyalty program. It is great being able to offer our customers a reward program that is built right into the program. Updating clients, keeping track of their histories, running reports all within one program really has saved us a lot of time. I have less clutter on my desk, I can use the new app to make appointment while I am not in the shop and so much more. Every time I have a question, I use the email link to contact 123Pet Software and I have an answer that very day in most cases or the next at the latest. That is a HUGE help when you’re stuck on trying to figure out an issue. I became a one woman show again in 2008 and have been running my business solo since. Without 123Pet Software, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my clients like I am. In 2009, I handed all my clients a letter, asking them if they would like to set up a recurring appointment for the coming year. I ask them what days were good for them, what times, if they would like reminder calls and so forth. I want to say 80% took advantage of doing just that. The next year, I was booked 1.5 months out all summer long and into fall (when school starts and the grooming business usually slows down a bit) I never slowed down. I was able to set up each client with a year’s worth of dates. They were rebooked and my phone calls slowed, not because I wasn’t getting appointments, but because those who like to be on a set 2, 4, 6, 8 week schedule already knew when their dates were and there was no need to call. Which, when you’re working by yourself, is a HUGE help. This year, I upgraded to the Local Network Version, so now, I can have my program open at my station and up at the front desk that update with one another. So I can add histories, add services or products as needed thru out the day and each computer knows everything I have done on the other. It’s really helped me go Green! This past year, I rebooked over 100 clients for the year, which filled my appointment book up very nicely. I groom 10+ dogs a day and had 1 or 2 days ALL YEAR that only had 2/3 appointments on them. In Jan/Feb/March, another slow season for grooming, I was stead. The only thing that slowed me down was the Snow! I always have a full day. I know what is coming and because most are on a rebooked schedule, I have less ‘once a year’ cases come through my doors. When people have to wait a month or more to get an appointment, they tend to book ahead. When they ask me if that is possible, I ask them, would you like me to set this up for the remainder of the year so you wouldn’t have to worry about it each time, they JUMP on the chance and it’s a few clicks and it’s done. For reports, I can customize the information I need to see on the screen very quickly and easily. I can build my own reports and print things I need. The options are endless with this program. From rebooking, merging clients, online booking, gift certificates, credit card processing, loyalty points, notifications, bookkeeping and so much more, you really can’t go wrong. I also have a sister in San Antonio that owns her own grooming salon. She had been running a DOS built program until a few years ago. I convinced her to try 123Pet Software and now she is using it in a different way than I, but loves it as much as I do. The program is very versatile in making it YOUR style. Including colors of blocks, employee schedules, receipt printing, services, products. This is an essential part of my business. I have tools, pieces of equipment I would be lost without, that I could not do my job well. This program is one of them. I have been grooming 20+ years. I love this program so much, I love getting more groomers using it, I love building reports that bring the information needed together and saving time and making it all easier to use. If they had representatives for each state, I would have to apply for the job! I could start a second career getting other groomers set up and using this program in their shops.
Laura T, Two Hearts Pet Salon Silver Lake, KS
Demandforce is a great investment for my business – no amount of work I could do would equal a fraction of what the system is doing for me. It’s helped me bring back lost clients, make enthusiastic ones even happier, seriously reduce no-shows, and saved me and my staff so much time – it’s crazy. We all love it and I would absolutely recommend Demandforce.
Leonie H, Pawsitively Spoiled with 123Pet Software
It is rare to find a technology tool that streamlines your work, helps you reach more prospects efficiently and is perceived as an improvement by your clients. We love Demandforce’s online appointment requests, the increased online presence and how we can do more in less time. We’re just really, really pleased.
Brook B, Ultimutt Dog Care with 123Pet Software
123Pet has simplified and streamlined a lot of processes at my store. The main reason we switched to 123Pet was for the digital grooming appointment book. We can now track cancellations and rebooking as well as target customers who don’t return on a regular basis for marketing. Purchasing for our retail side is easier because I can now quickly see what items need to be reordered and filter it by supplier, category, make, etc. The remote access is completely worth it! I can run day-end reports from my phone to see how the store did while I’m away and my groomers can view their schedules and make appointments from the dog park. 123Pet has improved our day-to-day operations tremendously!
Sonya R, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Austin, TX
Our company has implemented 123 Pet in over 30 of our stores nationwide. The software has helped us tremendously with ordering, scheduling appointments, keeping track of customer information, organization and saving so much time in our business as a whole; the capabilities are really endless. 123 Pet tech support is always knowledgeable and available when we have questions and they explain everything very clearly. We are so happy to partner with 123 Pet in our stores and we hope to transition to all of our stores using this software over the next few years!
Kristen Q, Woof Gang Bakery

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