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123Pet Software Reviews

“As I’ve grown my company, the software has grown alongside it.”

“The team behind 123Pet always tries to navigate the challenges of the industry and figure out what functions would be most helpful to users. The 123Pet team pays attention to what customers have to say and are able to stay ahead of our needs by developing new solutions to our problems. Every so often, I call with feedback, and they really listen. I’ve also met the staff at trade shows and they’re amazing. Their help and support are better than any of their competitors who tried to sell me software.

123Pet is the only software that tracks inventory at the scale my company needs. It also allows me to easily export the data into an Excel document to analyze and share with other companies I’m looking to do business with. With this data, I can look back at the numbers from previous years to track my growth and compare how the business is currently doing.”

– Deana Deitchler, Owner of Dogs Paw in Park Rapids, MI

“123Pet’s features stood out among all the other business software that I was comparing it to. It’s very simple, user-friendly and allows us to store useful information on both clients and their pets. Being able to text or email to confirm appointments has been a life saver for us, especially with the mobile unit. To top it all off, their customer service is fantastic. We’ve had some pretty silly questions along the way, and they’re the nicest, most patient people. They help me run my business successfully.

– Mike Conners, Owner of Haute Dogge in Nolensville, TN

successful pet groomer team

“Toward the end of 2013, as I started to hire more groomers and expand the business, I purchased 123Pet and have used it ever since. We looked into alternatives when we expanded to the daycare, but no other programs were as comprehensive or accommodated grooming so well. 123Pet helps our business look cohesive and consistent across all its branches, as we use the software in both facilities. Customers can look at one screen to book swimming and/or grooming services all at the same time. Additionally, the reporting and marketing features have allowed us to start a loyalty program, which has helped to support the business’s good reputation.”

– Colleen Medere, Bubble Puppy in Trenton, MI

“Our company has implemented 123Pet in over 30 of our stores nationwide. The software has helped us tremendously with ordering, scheduling appointments, keeping track of customer information, organization, and saving so much time in our business as a whole; the capabilities are really endless. 123Pet tech support is always knowledgeable and available when we have questions and they explain everything very clearly. We are so happy to partner with 123Pet in our stores and we hope to transition to all of our stores using this software over the next few years”

– Kristen Q, Woof Gang Bakery

“Upon doing some research, 123Pet was the best-integrated system. We tested it in one of our locations to start, and the groomers really appreciated it, so we incorporated it into all three.

We love the mobile app because we can upload pictures of client preferences right into their profiles and better understand their expectations. 123Pet helps our receptionist too because she doesn’t have to waste time printing papers; she can look at all the customer information through a screen. We also use the texting capabilities to communicate with clients, which saves us time from having to call to confirm appointments and pickups.

Reputation management has also been the greatest resource. With it, we can send requests for reviews straight to clients’ phones and immediately learn if they’re happy with their experience with us. If it’s the case that they’re not, we then have the information available to understand the situation and better respond.”

– Gabriela Rudnick, Director of Operations at All Fur Pet Grooming in Virginia.


“The 123Pet program grows with you! You can pick different levels of investment, and you can change your plan monthly as your business changes, which, naturally, it does. The software technicians are great at helping you manipulate the program to fit your vision. 123Pet also saves me personal time because it takes care of all the tasks I used to have to do by hand. I can focus on balancing my life now that I don’t have to have my eyes glued to the business all the time.

– Alicen, Founder of Pet-Agree Professional Pet Services in Jasper, IN

Branding building trust

“The software has absolutely helped grow the business. For example, all of our reviews from clients—I couldn’t do that without the program. With 123Pet, we can send clients prompts to write reviews about their experience with us. The positive reviews help us gain and retain more customers, which improves business overall. The appointment reminders are a big help, too. I don’t have to pay someone to sit there and call clients, which is a waste of time. Instead, clients get reminders automatically to ensure they will attend or reschedule their appointment accordingly. It saves me tons of money!”

– Rachel Stalcoskie, Owner of Rachel Ann’s Country Clips in PA

“We recently added grooming services to our retail stores and it’s been an exciting process! 123Pet walked us through the entire process of how to set up the software to best fit our needs. We scheduled several training sessions. The technician David was so knowledgeable of the software every single question we had was answered, he made recommendations to help our grooming services thrive! The level of professionalism within 123Pet is not common these days, they exceeded my expectations because let’s be real, no one wants to spend hours on the phone with tech support that rush you through the learning and troubleshooting process! Not once did he cut me short. I enjoyed learning about this software, and because I was taught so well how to use it, I can confidently teach my staff as well. I’m extremely grateful for David and all the time he put in to help us get up and running!”

– Caylen Hanry Arflin, Bentley’s Pet Stuff

“I knew 123Pet was the software for me, and it has paid for itself.”

“Our employee’s favorite 123Pet features are email marketing and text notifications. The marketing function allows us to take care of our current customers by reminding them of appointments. The text notifications and text for pickup reminders also give us a lot of extra time. Our employees can go into the computer, hit “ready to pick up,” and 123Pet sends a text to the customer, so we don’t have to spend time leaving a message or waiting for them to pick up their pet. This is such an easy software to use. It’s been great!

Now we use 123Pet on every computer and phone, we add as many groomers as we want and it’s been a lifesaver coming from the shop’s original pen and paper model. In fact, the previous owner of Scrubbers took great notes on all the customers, which the 123Pet team imported into the new system. The transition was seamless, so it didn’t take any time for me at all. Now, with 123Pet implemented on our phones, all our groomers can see what their schedule is for the next day. And, since we added online booking to our website, we’ve been able to gain new customers.”

– Nikki Budaj, Owners of Scrubbers Dog Wash in Michigan

“We have been using the 123Pet system since 2012 and as of recently, last year, we upgraded to the professional package. We have loved what this package has done for us. Having everything on the computer with easy access has saved us the trouble of flipping through multiple appointment books and accidentally overbooking boarding spots. This past week we have just set up our reminder texts and it has been wonderful. Clients have loved this and have given us great feedback about this new accommodation. Also, we just recently added a new groomer and we can easily see each of our days and how booked we are. This system also lets me see my daily and yearly sales in the totals section. Lastly, the support of asking about certain things within the 123Pet system has been outstanding! Each person we have talked to is very helpful in explaining and understanding the system. We recommend 123Pet to other businesses!

– Lilliana Stevenson, Owner of Top Dog Pet Boarding and Grooming

“Phenomenal Customer Service! I was helped with booking online appointments for two locations and I’m so glad Andrew, John, and Johnathan were my representatives as they walked me through the steps, “provided knowledge” crucial for my goals within the program, and helped me achieve them efficiently. Thanks a bunch, 123Pet!”

– Devon Woolard, Doggie Duds & Suds & Paw Ranch, Las Vegas, NV

“When I started out I was using paper calendars to do all my scheduling and paper receipt books to keep track of all my inventory since I started using 123Pet software my time on the phone scheduling and keeping track of inventory has been cut in half. I absolutely love this program, it has saved me time and money. The support team has always been helpful and patient. What a WONDERFUL TEAM they have. Great Job!

– Mike Shannon Heisler, Owner of Mike’s K-9 Cuts

“123Pet Software has totally organized my business. No longer do we have little notepads everywhere with appointments, what we sold, club cardmembers, shopping lists, or lost customer emails. I can now keep track of return merchandise costs, coupons redeemed, and daily specials. With one touch of a button, I can see my total receipts for the day, customer histories, and whether or not a client has canceled past appointments. 123Pet Software is my cheat sheet for pet’s names, customer’s names, and previous purchases. It’s simple to see how many services compared to retail items we sell daily and to determine which products are worth restocking. Purchasing products have become simplified and payroll hours are already tallied. 123Pet Software started saving me money and time as soon as I downloaded it. I really don’t know how I ran my business without it. Thank you!”

– Ann C, Woody’s Dog Wash & Boutique in Pittsburgh, PA

“123Pet Software is amazing! There are many features that have helped our company. The first and number one feature that we use daily is the appointment book. The best thing about this feature is it is not just any appointment book–it allows us to use the client info that is already entered and saved. We no longer have to use and keep track of those dreadful 5×7 grooming cards. We can print the appointment ticket which ensures communication is correct and efficient when passing through the customer front desk and the grooming area. Another amazing feature is the marketing ability. We now have set the system up for automatic appointment reminders as well as the capability of sending out a monthly newsletter, something we have always wanted to do but before 123Pet Software, it would have taken up too much time. Thank you 123Pet  for making our business faster, more efficient, and profitable.”

– All About Animals in San Diego, CA

“I was like a lot of groomers and had all my clients on cards in a box. All my information was in one place and that one place was easily ruined when I had a flood. All 1000 and some cards were wet and unreadable. I was not going to make that mistake twice; I looked into options and really liked what 123Pet Software had to offer. I have now been using it for 4 years and love it! So do my clients with e-mail reminders the day before their appointments, and I look like a wonderful groomer because I “remember” everything about their little fluffy. It saves me time every day and saves me worrying about those paper client cards. I have added more groomers to my shop in the last few months and the notes are great, I don’t have to explain every dog to them or their hair cut. I don’t have to worry about them knowing if the dog they have is a biter or needs special shampoo. Thanks, 123Pet Software for making running a grooming shop just a little easier!”

– Cheryl P, The Purple Poodle in Brandon, MB

“This is my fifth year as a mobile groomer and while some groomers have a hard time building their business when they start, I get booked up pretty quick. I have used 123Pet Software since I started, using the reminders to avoid no shows, and the mail option to print the address of the clients with more than a month, so I can send a reminder card for rebooking. Within a month I was booked up for two weeks ahead, then I started to use the recurring appointments feature and started getting booked up for the whole year, which helped me make my routes more effective. Using the reports about what breed I do more, helped me to market more for that kind of client. After the first year the monthly totals, helped me to realize when I was most busy so I could market more before the slow times. Using the notes as my history helped me to know what was the last haircut, to make me look more professional cause I can just tell the client, “same as last time?”. The product and service history makes me more effective in selling them other products or add on services. 123Pet Software makes my business run smoothly and helps me to look bigger and more professional!

– Juan S, Groomer Mobile Pet Spa in Kissimmee, FL 

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