The 9 Best Reasons to Use Cloud Based Applications for Your Pet Grooming Business

cloud solutions for business

Running a business is more than a full-time job. There’s hardly time to breath, you’re finding yourself having full on conversations with your canine clients and it is likely you have considered just living at the grooming shop. It is so easy to consume your time in the labor of grooming as many dogs as you can fit into your daily schedule. Alas, you can’t escape the daily dose of papers, scheduling, and just keeping everyone on the same page. It’s time you consider cloud solutions for your business and modernize your business model.

While the perks of business ownership are great for sure, it’s not without stressful moments. And a lot of them. Luckily, we live in the age of technology. And traditional applications can help organize your business, there’s something even better out there.

Why Using a Cloud Software is Essential for Pet Grooming Growth

Cloud based applications, also known as software as a service apps (SaaS), take difficult business tasks and transforms them into organized, easy to use workflows. Need always available storage? Client booking? Company-wide communication? SaaS apps cover all of it and more.

The cloud based app is flexible enough to handle any aspects of your pet grooming business.To help get you started on the road to an improved workflow, we’re bringing our list of the 9 best reasons you need to use cloud based applications.

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Agile in Rapidly Changing Times

Once the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country businesses everywhere switched their open signs to “closed” not knowing when or how they would reopen. As states slowly reopened small business owners had to play by totally new rules of operation to stay open. Groomers needed new cleaning protocols, staggered appointments for curbside drop off/pick up and communicate with their clients how to book their next appointment

The agility of business management software on the cloud meant quickly releasing new product features that could adapt to COVID’s “back to business” shift. Developers on the ready quickly launched new features like email and text marketing templates to automate communications and re-opening protocols. To prepare for a schedule in constant flux updates were made to the appointment book waitlist feature allowing for a more functional working list of customers awaiting time slots. Finally, to gain better control of your websites online booking feature, our cloud offering added an update where users could require a password to access the online booking page granting early access to priority clients. Check out our ‘Back to Business‘ landing page where we highlight features optimized to assist in the reopening your business.

cloud solutions for business

Accessible Anywhere

Cloud based applications allow employees and clients alike to track your business’ various tasks from anywhere. Clients can access files, while employees have access to much more.

Billing information, important documents, leads, SEO information, internal communications, and more; your info is always available in the cloud. Even the basic  SaaS storage applications  can make all the difference for your pet grooming business.

Every employee could access a shared calendar that lives in the cloud. Likewise any pet and billing info saved is available to every employee. Never worry about who’s taking care of which client again.

Flexible Subscriptions

SaaS apps run on subscription models that make one-time fees a thing of the past. Simply pick your subscription tier and get to work. It makes the cloud based applications extremely flexible compared to traditional one-time purchases software. If your pet business grows it’s easy to scale your cloud subscriptions right along with it. Just login from anywhere and upgrade your subscription package. More clients are no problem when you’re working with the cloud.


Along with the subscription model comes app accountability. Cloud based applications don’t take your money and run. It makes them responsible for app updates, customer service, and other improvements and luxuries that keep customers coming back.

One-time fees let businesses make a product and drop support whenever they deem fit. What’s more, upgrades can cost money. The subscription model keeps the free updates coming, without any work on your end. When you’re running a high-end pet grooming business, you need the latest and greatest in cloud based applications.

Cheaper Resources

As a pet groomer, you’re probably not putting much, if any, money into an IT department. And why would you? It’s not crucial to the job. But this choice means that you’re not able to maintain any of your own software systems. If you buy an application, you’re on your own.

Cloud based apps are maintenance free, making computer problems a thing of the past. The app creators solve any issue within the applications themselves. They also take care of upgrades and routine maintenance. Don’t focus on managing your apps, focus on grooming your furry clients!

Constant Updates

Cloud based apps can seem like a dime a dozen. That means that to succeed the successful apps need to stand out. Standing out means new features, and new features mean upgrades. SaaS apps never cease to push out constant updates. Each update means bug fixes, stability, and new features. And as we mentioned before, they’re all free.


Increased Productivity

Worrying about your business tasks takes away from doing what you love; grooming pets. Every minute spent signing documents, making spreadsheets, doing payroll, and other business tasks mean less time for pets. Unfortunately, those things are part of running a business.

You can’t get away from the day-to-day business tasks, no matter how hard you try. But what you can do, is streamline them. Cloud based applications make it possible to streamline almost every part of your business.

Appointments, client management, marketing, online booking, it doesn’t matter with cloud based apps. Everything is accessible and streamlined.


Last but not least, integration is a major selling point of cloud based applications for your pet business. Cloud based apps play nice on almost every platform. Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more. What’s more, the information stored on your cloud integrates across every platform. Log in to your phone at home and you’ll see changes you made earlier on the computer at work.

Some cloud apps also integrate with other platforms. Using something called APIs, the apps communicate and share information with one another. Let’s say you want to start using a new cloud based communication software with your  pet specific cloud based app . APIs let the software communicate. You could theoretically share the pet app’s information with your new communication app.

cloud solutions for business

Minimize Risk

Data stored in the cloud stays protected on the server side. Essentially this means the cloud based app company takes care of security. Your information never touches your computer (unless you download something), which means your security doesn’t matter.

There’s no risk of losing a laptop and compromising client information. Likewise, no-one can hack your information if there’s nothing to hack. Stiff competition means cloud companies stake their reputation of cyber security. Their security is top-notch, simply because they can’t afford to have any lapses.

Finding the Best Cloud Based Applications

The best cloud based applications for your pet grooming business depend on your needs. No business is the same, and so neither is any recommendation. However, some applications do cover most aspects of the pet grooming workflow. Our 123Pet software brings everything to the table the average groomer needs, and then some.

We offer appointment management, payroll, online booking, credit card processing, marketing, client management, security system services, and more. Our goal is becoming the one-stop cloud based application for your pet grooming business.

If you’re interested in getting your business start with cloud based app, get in touch with us. We streamline workflows to give you more time for grooming.

Download our 14 day free trial and try 123Pet out for yourself!

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