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Expand Your Services & Grow!

If you’re a groomer that also offers doggy daycare and/or training services and you’re looking to streamline your business operations, manage your clientele, reduce no-shows, improve service, and market your business…then look no further!

123Pet has everything you need.

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Manage Your Different Services With Ease

Every day is different at your pet grooming, daycare, and training business, and we know how important it’s for you and your employees to understand what’s coming up next. Add your grooming staff, daycare spaces, and training classes as users in the software, and then filter your day by category to see your upcoming day with a few simple clicks.

Allow Clients To Book 24/7

Keep your business open 24/7 and increase appointments with your very own, absolutely free, and totally customizable online booking website! Add each of the services you offer for grooming, daycare, and training so your clients (or potential clients!) can pick the services their pet needs. Easily integrate your new website with your business’s Facebook/Instagram page and receive notifications when clients book.

Create An Unforgettable Experience For Your Clients

Use client management to track purchases, store photos, and keep detailed client notes to provide an unforgettable client experience! Wow your customers by staying on top of pet vaccinations with an easy one-time notification setup and add medical information to ensure you have vet contact information on file.  Discover customer preferences and keep track of client history by viewing past/upcoming appointments, visit summaries, and canceled appointments.

Make Smarter Data-Driven Decisions

Never miss a thing with 123Pet’s robust dashboard that gives an overview of your business productivity, sales benchmarks. appointments booked, clients added, online requests, referrals, and even leaderboard stats. Set up pet grooming, daycare, and training goals and run real-time reports to help you indicate your business’s best path for long-term growth, see key performance stats, and gather vital information!


Communicate With Clients Easily

With 95% of texts read within 3 minutes of being received, pet business owners simply can’t ignore the importance of communicating with clients via SMS. Easily send, receive, and reply to text conversations right from within 123Pet and turn on in-app notifications so you never leave client queries lingering. Save time and money by sending appointment reminders to your clients and employees and watch your no-shows drop by up to 40%!

Run Your Pet Business From Anywhere

Run your dog grooming, daycare, and training business from anywhere. Our mobile apps are formatted to make managing your business on the run quick and easy. Check your appointment book, check clients in and out, view detailed client/pet information, and run reports all from the comfort of your own home – it’s like having a mini version of 123Pet, right in your pocket!

Mobile Apps
CC Processing

Integrate Card Processing To Save On Every Swipe

Integrated credit card processing simplifies checkout – no more switching between systems as your client waits. Consolidated reporting means no more reconciling bank statements with closed tickets to determine if you’ve been paid for all your work. “Meet or beat rates” means you save on every swipe! With the integration of credit card processing, you can also start building client memberships, saving credit card cards on file, charging deposits, and selling online gift cards.

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Doggie Daycare: Everything You Need To Know

Eighty-five million people in America are proud pet owners. 60 million of those people are dog owners. Dogs are like family to families, and they want to ensure the best care of them possible. But when you need to leave for an extended period or are unsure about keeping your dog home alone for a few hours, dog daycare could save the day.

What stops most people from placing man’s best friend in dog daycare is the price. How affordable is it, and is it worth it? If you’re wondering how much does it cost to board a dog, in this article, we’ll take a look at dog daycare prices so you can decide whether or not your furry friend (and you!) could benefit from this service.

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Pro Tip!

Unfortunately, many dog daycare business owners face challenges due to some of the dogs they bring in. If a dog is sick or not able to socialize well with other dogs, it could cause problems for your other clients and derail your business. To avoid this, you should have a thorough application and interview process where you actually spend time with the dog. You might even consider a trial run where the dog receives some extra supervision.