Growth Strategies To Increase Revenue

Growth Strategies To Increase Revenue

Chapter 1

Increase Dog Grooming Revenue

Chapter 1

10 Ways to Increase Revenue with Your Dog Grooming Services

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If you’re like a lot of dog groomers, you went into business because you love dogs. You thought you’d run a small salon offering dog grooming services. 

Maybe it did start out that way for you. But fast forward a few years and your business is growing faster than you’d have thought possible. The pet market keeps growing across the U.S. which means demand for dog grooming services continues to go up.  For example, in 2019, the American Pet Products Association estimated that pet owners spent around $6.31 billion on pet services like dog grooming. 

Now you face all the complexities of running a small business. You have employees, 

You might be considering opening another location and you probably spend a lot of time thinking about cash flow, scheduling, and customer service. 

As you know, processes improve efficiency. From inventory management to dog baths, your day-to-day management impacts the cost of dog grooming and your revenue. Every process you implement saves time, money, and energy. 

For example, software that delivers automatic reminders to your customers is a set-it and forget it process. One reminds customers about the appointment time and another lets them know that Fluffy is ready for pick up. “One right click and I can send a personalized message,” says dog groomer and salon owner Johnelle Ciano at Emma Marie’s Grooming and Daycare in Mattapoisett, Ma. 

It may seem a small thing, manually responding to customers, but those minutes (and the mental energy) add up. When you start automating such tasks, your day runs smoother. You won’t risk forgetting or have to take the time to reach out to your client. It frees up energy for focusing on your customers when they come in. 

Profitable dog grooming services are about working smart.

dog grooming services

As a service provider, you sell your experience and unique approach to your business. Whether you’ve been grooming for years or you’re new to the industry, you’ll attract loyal customers who tell all their friends about you. 

You don’t compete on price but on smart business practices that give your customers the very best dog grooming experience you can. 

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1. “Package” Dog Grooming Services 

When potential new clients ask about the cost of dog grooming, you can offer them choices. Do they want a basic wash and go or a full-service groom that includes a facial and mushers paw treatment? 

What size is their dog? Do they have long fur or are they short-haired? When were they last groomed? Do they need to be de-shedded? You know that all of these factors (and more) go into the time and attention needed for a pet but your human clients may not realize what goes into a full-groom vs. a wash and brush out. 

When you clearly spell out their options, you make it easy to say “yes” to your dog grooming services. As a bonus, you both know exactly what to expect. If you need ideas on how to package your dog grooming services, then take a look at other dog groomers. 

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2. Add a Personal Touch

Now you might think you already add a ton of value to your clients. After all, you spend hours detangling matted pet fur and soothing sometimes irritated animals while helping them look and feel their best. Yet, there might be simple ways you can add even more value. 

For example, imagine how much you’ll impress your clients when you remember their favorite sports teams and add a representing bandanna on their dog. Or, remember their spouse had recent surgery and you ask after them.

These details go along way toward cementing your relationship. Yet, it’s tough to remember personal details on everyone if you see 80 or 140 dogs a day. Client notes in your software can ensure everyone on your team has access to the same information. It’s also a place where you can make notes regarding a dog’s personality and potential irritations. That way, your groomers know if they need to approach paw-handling with caution. 

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3. Develop Additional Dog Grooming Services and the Confidence to Offer Them 

In every business, there’s a certain percentage of devoted customers who are happy to spend more money giving their pet the best care possible. All you have to do is offer it the opportunity. In marketing terms, you may be familiar with this as the “upsell.” It’s like fast-food franchises if you want fries with your meal.One example is in areas with heavy snow and ice, you can offer a paw massage treatment with coconut oil for dried out winter paws. 

Johnelle Ciano at Emma Marie’s Grooming and Daycare in Mattapoisett, MA says, “25% of our clients are doing a winter paw massage with coconut oil or a dental. All from one email.”

When you groom a dog, you notice skin conditions. Or ear or paw concerns. For example, not everyone knows how to clean their pet’s ears. They also don’t know how often to clean them. You can help. 

As a pet expert, you notice things and know how to care for them. When you point out concerns and offer suggestions, you make it easier for your customers to take the best care of their pets they can. If you have educational materials from vendors, like wall posters or brochures, use those too. 

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4. Expand Your Range of Dog Grooming Services  

Beyond dog grooming, people also need dog boarding/walking and training services. If you’re not able to offer these, could you partner with someone who can? 

If you have space, a self-serve dog wash can add to your bottom line. Pet retail can take up a small footprint in your salon but yield strong value for your bottom line. Premium pet treats, clothes and toys make fun impulse buys. 

You can also turn to your existing customer base. Use your database to see who hasn’t booked an appointment in 60 or 90 days and send them a $5 coupon as an incentive to return.  

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5. Streamline Your Marketing 

Marketing comes in many forms. Social media, referrals, SMS, email marketing, and local SEO are all part of marketing. While it takes some planning to create and implement your marketing plan, it will pay off in increased customers and revenue. 

Take texting. Small Biz Trends says that 54% of customers want them but only 11% of businesses use this technology. It’s easy for your customers because they always have their phones with them and they already have the habit of looking at it. You can find out more about text marketing for your pet business. 

Additionally, when you have one app to manage your online reputation, social media, and email marketing you’ll save time and headaches. At-a-glance analytics show you what’s working as well as your busiest and slowest times throughout the year. 

When you can predict your slow and busy times, you can adjust scheduling and promotions to maximize your cash flow. Also, with the right tools, you can see your best customers and as well as those who haven’t been in lately. 

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6. Maximize Local SEO and Reviews 

When prospective clients need a dog groomer, where do they turn? Statistics show as many as 75% of consumers turn to the web. Google, Facebook, and review sites have a big influence on your business. 

This means, to attract new customers, you want to optimize your website for terms like pet grooming + your town. You also want to make the most of Google My Business and your Facebook Page.
Reports show that 84% of people trust online reviews so invite your best customers to leave you reviews. 

When you have a lot of good reviews, they help prospective customers feel good about bringing their pup into you. When you get into the habit of asking your happy customers to leave reviews for you, then you do three things. 

  1. Boost your dog grooming services in Google via reviews. 
  2. Create a feeling of confidence in future customers.
  3. Outweigh any negative reviews. 

Every service provider does their best to make their clients happy. But sometimes, you may find your dog grooming salon with a negative review. With reputation management software, you’ll be notified of the review so you can address it professionally. This shows that you care and address customer complaints in a professional manner.

7. Make it Easy for Your Staff 

Every successful dog grooming salon has a well-trained staff. Yet, even the best-trained staff can forget things. It’s human nature, especially when you’re working at a fast pace. 

One way to make it easier for your staff is with checklists and operations manuals. Have a protocol for everything. From where the grooming tools live to the way you check the dogs in and out.

Jonelle Ciapano says, “I have 18 staff. The hardest part is for them to remember everything. We have a checklist when someone checks out the customer. There’s an automatic reminder that asks “Would this client like to rebook?” Before they even run the credit card, they’re reminded to ask if the customer wants to rebook for 4, 6, or 12 weeks. 90% of people will stick to their appointments,” says Jonelle.

Checklists make it easy. 

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8. Ask Your Customers 

Online surveys give you the option of hearing from your customers. What do they want? Do they have any frustrations they’re willing to share through the anonymity of an online survey? Some attrition is normal. The customer may have moved from the area. Or, maybe they want to share a glowing experience but you’ve never asked them before.

Surveys are simple to put together and use. You may be surprised and delighted by what you find out! Imagine if you got a few new testimonials from a survey! Then, you can use those in your marketing. 

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9. Schedule Your Dog Grooming Services Smartly

Imagine if you could groom one additional dog a day. How much revenue would that add to your dog grooming salon over the course of the year?

Whether you have one groomer or 10, part of your profitability is based on the simple math of how many dogs you can care for over the course of the day.

It requires careful planning. Johnelle Ciapano says, “We have 8 groomers and 1 tub. Do the math, we’re scheduled to a T. There’s no way we could do it without software.”

Another way to work efficiently is to keep interruptions to a minimum. As a groomer, you know how disruptive it can be to get calls or respond to messages while you’re grooming. But if you have a receptionist answering the calls and your clients know you won’t respond to texts when you’re with a dog, then you can give the dog your full attention and get into the grooming groove. 

10. Promotions 

Many dog groomers run monthly promotions. From 50% off baths during a slow season to extra care in the busy season, promotions are easy ways to re-engage past customers. 

With the right software, it’s also easy to run them. Choose a template, fill it in with your promotion information and hit “send.” Then, watch the response. Want to see the numbers? Run a report to see how many redeemed. Found a winner? Run it again! You can even set them up weeks or months in advance. 

As you can see, there are many ways to increase revenue with your dog grooming services with planning and processes. The right software simplifies the entire process. 

Jonelle Ciano sums it up, “Software runs my entire business. We have 4000 dogs in our database. We see 140 dogs a day. There’s no way I could have grown my business so big without software.” 

What about you? Which of these revenue enhancers do you want to add to your dog grooming business? See how 123pet software can help you run a more efficient business whether you’re a single groomer or run multiple locations.

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Author: Jennifer Phillips April

Jen is a confirmed marketing geek and animal lover. She started her online writing career with a dog treat website back in 2005 and grew it to 87,500 visitors a month by writing useful content. Now she writes for technology and pet clients around the globe. When not writing, she’s likely devouring a novel or dreaming of the beach.

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