Pet and Client Management

Deliver A Client Experience Like No Other

Capture the moment with photos! Photo management is more than just taking pictures – it’s about cataloging the visual evolution of your clients, providing each client with a library of possibilities, and tracking the artistic development of your employees as they grow.

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Pet and Client Management

loyalty points

Repeat Rewards

Keep your clients coming back and show them they are valued by offering them a loyalty program!

Setup your loyalty program based on your preferred points, rewards system, and marketing plan. 123Pet software displays rewards at checkout, so your clients can redeem them toward either immediate or future purchases.

Detailed Notes

Take away the guess work and give your clients the personal touch every visit by adding client and pet notes!

Add personality preferences, past grooming information, medical information, vaccination dates, past purchases, past services, and view uploaded photos – all from within the client or pet record.

Client History

Pet Vaccination Alerts

123Pet Software offers a fully customizable vaccination system with automatic alerts. Each vaccination record can hold detailed notes and experiation dates and our tracking system makes it easy for you to remind your clients that their pet is due for another vaccination.

Veterinary Office Info

With 123Pet Software you have the ability to link a specific veterinarian to each pet. You can create, update and see your full list of veterinarians from within each individual pet record so if their is ever an emergency you have all the information you need, readily accessible!

Mobile Client

Client & Pet History

With 123Pet client history, you don’t have to remember a thing! View their first visit date, last visit date, total # of visits, total amount spent, past cancellations, no shows, upcoming appointments, previous services, purchased products and more.

Use this client history to your favor – upsell products based on previous purchases, set up recurring appointments based on the timeframe of prior visits, and setup recurring marketing campaigns targeting specific client/pet criteria.

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