Inventive Technologies That Enhance the Client Experience

September 28, 2016

Inventive Technologies Shape Client Experiences

Modern ways to enhance guest experiences involve customized industry-specific technologies. Progress that allows shops to tweak traditional molds enhances clients’ visits. Reviewing industry leaders’ favorite existing and future tech-based innovations will help you single out the right ones for your business.

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Current Advancements

To see how 123Pet remains a trendsetter, check out our grooming software features and add-ons. They demonstrate today’s prized picks including:

Mobile platforms: With the growing demand for instant accessibility driving consumer life, mobile technologies are vital. Shop owners recognize that clients use their smartphones for 24/7 connections and interactions. Expectations for apps and tools foresee increased mobility, convenience, and control improving service quality. Guest enhancements include scheduling services, receiving specials, and referring friends online after business hours. Always available Internet access via the 123Pet mobile app makes patrons feel stronger links to your shop.

Slipping portable devices into consultations involves choosing chic looks and then recording cut and style details. Use the 123Pet picture management tool to capture before-and-after contrasts. Collect all regulars’ visual transitions over time to provide references, reminders, and inspirations for upcoming appointments.

Handheld solutions that free your front desk crew from its traditional post make members more approachable, increasing interactions while strengthening relationships and loyalty. 123Pet enables checkouts on mobile devices from any station.

Other popular 123Pet features include conveniences like Facebook scheduling, automated email and text message reminders with text confirmations, point-of-sale (POS) systems, credit card processing, email receipts, customer loyalty programs, and gift cards.

Business software: Technologies packing practical administrative power improve various entities’ organizational skills and growth. Industry-specific business tools help shops, mobile groomers, and independent operators accomplish back-office duties quickly so they can devote more time to guests.

123Pet Version 12 boasts new products like text appointment confirmations to speed verification and reduce no-shows. Your well-structured dashboard prepares you to tackle each day. Management highlights include inventory, payroll, QuickBooks accounting integration, and numerous business reports. Performance summaries will streamline your administrative efforts. New cloud version additions encompass essentials such as timeclock, payroll, email marketing, and gift cards.

Trend tracking: Context-aware processing is revolutionizing software usage. Handy programs gauge behaviors intuitively by users including clients, shop owners, managers, stylists, and receptionists. They compile patron profiles from habits like appointment schedules, services, and retail sales.

Automated systems guide product recommendations by previous menu and merchandise purchases, customizing guest experiences while increasing revenue. 123Pet tracks all POS transactions and ties them to visitors’ buying histories, revealing trends for resale purposes.

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Future Innovations

User feedback is a leading source of success at 123Pet. We add new features and improvements by client request, so tell us what you want. Tech innovations on the horizon include:

Wearable devices: Fashionable technologies like smart watches offer upcoming opportunities to boost business efficiency while minimizing late arrivals and no-shows.

Emerging tools could allow customers to book visits on their watches and sync them to their wrist calendars. Appointment reminders would help guests show up on time, and notifications would alert staff about client arrivals.

Mobile check in: Making your shop’s environment more convenient will enhance your customer experiences. Tomorrow’s cloud tools may enable welcoming visitors via their mobile devices. Those with smartphone apps would appreciate automatic check-in upon arrival — even before opening the door. Such immediate greetings are real time savers.

Business Rewards

Adopting the latest technologies is crucial to making your customer experiences positive. By modernizing your methods, you’ll encourage client retention, maximize guest spending, and strengthen your business.

Did we miss anything? The best innovations in 123Pet come directly from you. We’d love to hear about the direction you think 123Pet should go! Catch up with us on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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