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Number of Employees 
3-6 Employees

Annual Revenue 
$50k – $200k

You run a shop and are looking to boost your operational efficiency to attract more clients, increase retention and reduce costs to improve your profitability.

Looking to expand your brand, keep track of your employees schedules, allow your customers to book online and reward your top clients then…

123Pet is the solution for you!

The Wilsons started Smoochie Pooch as a mobile grooming business and never intended to grow beyond one mobile unit. Their focus on quality, connecting with industry influencers, and providing meaningful careers for their groomers has spurred their growth, and they now have multiple salons and mobile units.

$89/month includes:


Take a quick look at your upcoming day with our advanced Dashboard. Complete with productivity meter and upcoming appointments.


Reduce no-shows by 1/3 with completely automated confirmations. Appointments are automatically marked as confirmed on your books.


Our apps are formatted to make managing your business on the run quick and easy. It’s like a mini version of 123Pet Software, right in your pocket!


Customizable email templates with dozens of criteria will help you create profitable campaigns and turn your marketing ideas into reality.

Powerful Dashboard

Your upcoming day is clearly represented in our advanced Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Upcoming Appointments, and more. Get to know your First Time Clients and track who is Due for Checkout.

Text Reminders

Reduce no-shows and save time with completely automated appointment confirmations via text message. Client-confirmed appointments are automatically updated on your calendar, so you know where to focus your attention.

Mobile Apps

Our secure servers are waiting for you to connect from anywhere in the world on whatever device you happen to be holding. Our mobile app is free and allows you and your staff 24/7 access to the appointment book and client records.

Automated Marketing

Build your marketing strategy with targeted email marketing campaigns. Take your pick from our library of professional templates or create your own! Set it and forget with automated, recurring campaigns that keep your clients engaged.


Track the payroll for each employee based on unique rates and complex commissions. Export to a service or print payroll checks yourself!


Your new customizable website allows your clients to book appointments with you 24/7.  Increase bookings by an average of 4 more appointments every week!

Credit Card

Integrated payments means faster checkouts, fewer errors, and simple reporting.
“Meet or beat rates” mean you save on every swipe!


Includes over 200 built-in reports for clients and employees!
Run payroll, check your sales totals and service statistics plus much more.


Track the payroll for each employee based on unique rates, complex commissions or even exceptions with our robust payroll functionality. With easy to use reports, you can export to a service or print payroll checks yourself.

Online Booking

Stay open all day and night with a free, fully-featured, customizable online booking website that allows your clients to book appointments (or just request them) through a secure login with their upcoming appointments, purchases, memberships, loyalty points…

Credit Card Processing

Integrating credit card processing with your software means faster checkouts, simplified reporting and features like memberships and online deposits. Accept all major credit cards with secure devices and process them at the most competitive rates.

Advanced Reports

123Pet Software includes over 200 built-in business reports that will help you to get details about your sales, clients, products, and so much more! The built-in reports are easy-to-use and most of them can be viewed in a simple grid as well as a full-color graph! You will be able to visually see all the information about your business in a variety of ways, and export or print the information to keep on record.

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Pro Tip!

Set customers up on a six-week schedule.  Time goes by too fast, and if your clients don’t make their appointments upon their departure, they might forget. Booking in advance helps you avoid having an overgrown mess on your hands.