Mobile Pet Groomer

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Mobile Pet Groomer

The Tools You Need

Glenn followed his passion for pets and drive for financial freedom into the grooming industry. After selling his last salon, he realized a longtime dream of converted a van into a mobile unit dedicated only to nail trims and Peticured was born! His customers value convenience and prize his expertise.

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Mobile Apps

The power to book from anywhere at any time, right at your fingertips!  24/7 access means just that.  With our business scheduling app you can view, add, or edit appointments at any time, from anywhere!

Driving Directions

Find your next appointment easily with 123Pets embedded map feature.  123Pet will guide you with turn by turn directions to your next groom, along with an estimated length of journey and expected arrival time. Just another step toward keeping you on schedule and keeping your clients satisfied.!

Detailed Notes & Vaccinations

Track all your important information with grooming, personality, and medical notes accessable right at your fingertips. Plus a fully customizable vaccination system with automatic alerts.

Time Management

Upcoming appointment reminders are delivered automatically to clients by text or e-mail when they have an appointment coming up. Track pickup and drop off times so everyone stays on schedule.

Automated Marketing

Recurring campaigns will ensure you never miss a pets birthday or anniversary and just pick a date for an e-mail blast and we will remember to send it for you! Automated marketing is just another example of the powerful pet grooming software features found in 123Pet.

Online Appointment Booking

Keep your business open 24/7 with powerful, customizable online booking! Your website contains online scheduling features, is entirely your own, and can say everything about your grooming business.

Why Mobile Dog Groomers Love 123Pet Software:

I am a mobile groomer this is my fifth year and while some groomers have hard time building their business when they start, I booked pretty quick, I use 123Pet Software since I started, use the reminders by email to avoid no shows, and use the mail option to print the address of the clients with more than a month, so I can send a reminder card so they rebook again, within a month I was book for two weeks ahead, then I started to use the recurring appointments feature and start booking the whole year, that helped me making my routes more effectively. Using the reports about what breed I do more, helped me to market more for that kind of clients. After the first year the monthly totals, helped me to realize when I was most busy so I market more before the slow comes. Using the notes as my history helped me to know what was the last haircut, to make me look more professional cause I can just tell the client, “same as last time?” and people loves it. The product and service history makes me more effective on selling them other products or add on services. I have like 6 friends I recommended 123Pet Software and they are very happy they heard me because it is easy to use and very effective. Automatic back up has saved me from troubles when I forget to back up. Honestly is the best tool on my business. 123Pet Software makes my business run smoothly, and looks bigger and very professional, My clients love the email and text reminder, I love all the reports I can get almost about anything, so I can dedicate my time to groom and not to the other side of the business, cause 123Pet Software takes care of that, we are a great team.

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