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March 02, 2016

Still feeling the freshness of a new year? Consider now as a new start for your business. As a busy leader of your team, you’ll be juggling everything from customers wanting emerging trends to business milestones. If you are managing said team, it’s also your responsibility to empower them and measure progress. 123Pet makes this easy with quickly generated Employee Goals Reports.

123Pet Software Employee Reporting 1

As seen above, several benchmarks can be used to determine key performance indicators and help you coach your team accordingly. The results of the report are run based on a given date range, so it’s easy to see how your staff has performed during advertised specials or between quarters.

Sitting down with your employee and carving out attainable, time-sensitive goals can help them feel that you are investing in them and rooting for them. Logging their progress with 123Pet holds you both accountable and promotes productivity.

To get to this report, click the Reports drop-down menu, and select Employee Goals Report.

You can also get to the report by using the Report ID. You can hit CTRL + R and enter your Report ID Number.

Employee Reporting 123Pet

You’ll see that you have a set of options to fill in before the report is generated. If you don’t have goals defined just yet, select and employee in the Select Employee Section, and then hit Edit Goals. You’ll have the option next to Modify Employee Goals.

Employee Goals Reporting 123Pet

For a more comprehensive, detailed description of every item in the Employee Goals Report, check out this article.

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