Social Meets Customer Service with Online Booking for Facebook

February 10, 2016

You know Online Booking is a necessity, and 123Pet makes it beyond easy to keep the lights on long after you’ve swept up your station and headed home. Think that’s all 123Pet can do to get you new clients?

Picture this: one of your most loyal customers just posted a picture of her doggy’s fresh eyebrow trim, and tagged your business in her post. Sweet, right? You did do a pretty nice job and she’s one cute puppy who can see a lot better now! One of her best friends just commented and is looking to get something similar for her Yorkie.

Lucky for her (and you!), she can book straight from Facebook without leaving the app when you add Online Booking to Facebook.

With an authorized 123Pet Account, log in to your Online Booking Website. From there, select Website Options in the Navigate panel.

Select Facebook Integration and log into your Facebook account.  Once you’re in, choose Connect a Facebook Page and then Add Page Tab. You’ll notice that Facebook doesn’t have Tabs featured visually, but instead has the option to book online alongside your standard options, like Timeline, About, and Services.

Facebook Booking for 123Pet

We’d recommend also polishing up your Call to Action button to feature your Online Booking page, prompting the booking process straight from the timeline.

Book Now 123Pet Facebook

123Pet is built with you in mind, and with your customers. We make it easy for new and existing clients to take actions that are important to your business. Getting their foot in the door is all where it starts!

You can find a step-by-step breakdown here if you’re still needing some help. As always, we’re standing by to answer any questions and get you the best 123Pet experience.

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