Your Small Business Saturday Checklist Is Here!

Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to place your business in the spotlight. Start preparing and promoting now to make the most of November 30th — the day dedicated to spreading awareness (and driving sales!) for small business.

With Small Business Saturday just weeks away, you’ll need our simple marketing checklist to make this your most successful Small Business Saturday yet!

Small Business Saturday

Customer Spotlight: National Women’s Small Business Month

women small business owners

October marks National Women’s Small Business month—a time to recognize the accomplishments of women small business owners and their contributions to the economy.

DaySmart Software, makers of 123Pet, has always been invested in the growth of women in business. In fact, 85% of our customers are female-owned businesses. With that, we wanted to highlight some of our most inspiring female customers.

Women Small Business Owners:

Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

Rachel Ann Stalcoskie is the owner of Rachel Ann’s Country Clips in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania. Rachel knew she was born to work with animals—getting certified as a vet technician, working at zoos and kennels, and finally training to become a groomer. Her biggest advice to women who want to pursue careers in the grooming profession is to take a business course. Groomers are artistic and it’s important to understand business management, too.

Due to her background as a vet tech, Rachel Ann always documents important information on the animals that come into her shop. She uses 123Pet to keep track of any ailments and what treatments were applied on what date for every single client.

Calling All Paws

Calling All Paws is a mobile pet grooming business run by Abbey Trobe in Lake County, Illinois. Abbey wanted to provide a lower-stress environment for animals, where they can get the one-on-one attention they deserve. In her early days as a business owner, Abbey said it was hard to get more experienced entrepreneurs, especially men, to take her seriously. Her best advice for women who want to be groomers is to ask other women in business for insight—they want you to succeed. 

As a mobile groomer, Abbey loves the mobile functionality of 123Pet software. Instead of using paper calendars, her staff can focus on grooming and getting to the next client.

women small business owners

Bubble Puppy

Colleen Medere is the owner of Bubble Puppy, a self-serve pet wash and full-service grooming salon in Trenton, Michigan, complete with a pool for dogs. Before becoming a business owner, Colleen was a bookkeeper for more than 20 years. She started grooming as a single mom to save money. Her advice to aspiring groomers is, “If you’re not passionate, don’t bother. It’s not about the money, it’s about the dogs.”

Colleen uses 123Pet to make all the different elements of her business—from the daycare to the pool—look cohesive, especially when it comes to one dashboard for booking appointments.

Scrubbers Dog Wash

Nikki Budaj is the owner of Scrubbers Dog Wash, which has three locations in Royal Oak, West Bloomfield and Rochester Hills, Michigan. When Nikki took over, she felt that much of the market hadn’t been tapped into yet, and there was no advertising, no marketing or SEO on the company website. Everything was pen and paper or word of mouth, and she saw that there was still a lot that could be done. Now she uses 123Pet on every computer and phone and says it’s been a lifesaver coming from the shop’s original pen and paper model.

Nikki’s advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs? If you want to open a business, take the following steps: do your research, know the demographics in your area and look at what your competition is charging. Know exactly what you’re getting into before opening up a shop. You’re going to have a lot of questions, so have a lawyer and an accountant on call.

women small business owners

Women Small Business Owners Infographic

Learn more about women small business owners in the pet industry by checking out our infographic below. This infographic was created from a survey for small business owners conducted by DaySmart Software (makers of 123Pet) in March 2019, we then filtered the results for women-owned businesses only.


These Funky, Modern Dog Beds Your Dog Is Sure To Love

modern dog beds

You finally caved and got the puppy you’ve been dreaming of – now comes the time to buy supplies for it. It needs food, toys, bowls, and something no dog can go without. A dog bed. Luckily there are plenty of cozy, modern dog beds to choose from.

There are plenty of modern dog beds that will be perfect for your new furry friend. Check out some of these funky bed options that will serve your dog from the time they are a puppy to when they become an elder.

Modern Dog Beds

1. Bowsers Donut Bed 

The Bowsers Donut Bed is the perfect bed for about any dog. They come in a variety of sizes colors, and patterns. If your crate training your pup there is a cushion inside this bed that can also work as a crate pad. 

When the time comes to wash it, you won’t have to throw the entire bed in the wash. All out have to do is take off the cover. The fun donut shape will help your dog feel secure so they can sleep soundly through anything. 

modern dog beds

2. BUDDYREST Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed 

Elder dogs are just as vulnerable to arthritis as their owners are. If yours shows signs of it, then the veterinary approved BUDDYREST Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed is a great option for them. 

It’s pressure calibrated to ease arthritic pain and promote joint health. It’s waterproof so if your elder pup has an accident in it you won’t have any problems cleaning it up. 

3. SUPERJARE Elevated Pet Cot With Canopy 

A family gathering isn’t a family gathering if not everyone can join you. The SuperJare Elevated Pet Cot will allow your dog to sit out in the yard with you and remain cool even in the hottest summer months. 

It raises off the ground which keeps them off your hot patio pavement and the canopy gives them shade. It’s easy to install and portable so it would be simple to take your dog with you on camping trips as well. 

modern dog beds

4. FurHaven Jumbo Ultra Plush Sofa Style Couch  

It’s tough to find a bed that can hold all of your dog depending on how large it is. The FurHaven Jumbo Ultra Plush is spacious enough to do the job. Jumbo is in the name after all. 

It contains an orthopedic egg crate that promotes joint health for older dogs. The cover of the bed is machine washable which makes for super easy cleaning. 

5. Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Faux Fur Donut Cuddler 

The Best Friends bed is the perfect bed to pick up if you have a small puppy. The fluffy fur will remind them of their mother which will make them feel safe and secure. 

The ring provides neck support which will add to their comfort. You won’t have to worry about your pup having a reaction to the materials because they are pet safe. 

It will be easy for you to keep the bed clean because the fur is machine washable, and the bottom is water and dirt-resistant.  

6. Kuranda Chew Proof Modern Dog Beds

If your puppy is a chewer, nothing in their path will be safe. This includes their bed. It’s hard to find toys they won’t destroy in one sitting and beds that they won’t ruin. 

A lot of beds boast being chew proof but the Kuranda is. The frame is made of PVC and the canvas part is durable enough to where your puppy will have problems chewing through it. If they chew a hole in it, the bed comes with a 1-year warranty so you can replace it. 

It elevates off the floor so it will keep your dog nice and cool. If you’re worried about it not being plush enough for them, you can put their favorite blanket on it. 

modern dog beds

7. California Dreaming Memory Foam Modern Dog Beds

This bed has it all. It’s modern, stylish, comfortable, and supportive. If you’re trying to be more cautious with your carbon footprint, you’ll take solace in knowing it’s made of 100% recyclable materials. 

When it comes time to wash it, you can take the cover off and put it in the washing machine and dryer. The best part about this bed is that your purchase will help provide beds to shelter dogs in need. 

8. Urban Denim Lounge Bed 

The problem with dog beds is that dogs will chew the paint off the zippers. Even if it’s just a little, the toxins that get in their body from it can be harmful. You’ll be happy to know that the zipper on the Urban Denim bed is toxin-free. 

This bed is safe for chewers because it’s made of durable materials. It will be hard for your dog to get through it.

The elevated sides will give your dog a comfortable place to lay their head and the material will go with all your decor too.  

modern dog beds

9. Diamante Stripped Rectangular Bed

If you’re looking for something a little different then you should consider the Diamante bed. They are made by hand in Mexico and trust us when we say you’ll never find a bed that’s more unique. 

It’s woven out of colorful upcycled clothing that’s been turned into yarn. The result is a colorful patterned bed. 

Modern Dog Beds that Your Fur Baby Will Go Crazy For 

Are you looking for a dog bed for your new furry friend? Every dog is different but you shouldn’t run into any problems with these gorgeous modern dog beds. Do more than give your dog a place to lay. Put them in the height of comfort and luxury.

Are you a kennel owner or pet groomer looking for software to help you run your business? Try out our software for free today. 

How To Make a Dog First Aid Kit

Forty percent of people would save their pet’s life over that of a stranger. But, are you actually prepared to treat your pet if an emergency should occur? Just as you should have a first aid kit for you and your family, it’s vital to have a dog first aid kit ready to go for those times your canine friends need medical assistance. 

While it’s always best to seek professional veterinary treatment, if you’re away on vacation or facing a natural disaster, that might not be possible. Which is why you need to be ready to care for your dog with all the essential dog medical supplies you could possibly need. 

Read on to find out everything that first aid kits for dogs should include.

Dog First Aid Kit Essentials 

While you may need extra items depending on your dog’s breed and medical history, here are the essential supplies that should be in every dog emergency kit:

Paperwork and Phone Numbers

In an emergency, you’ll want all of your dog’s information to hand. Keep a printed copy of all their medical records, prescriptions, and vaccination records. If your dog needs urgent medical attention while you’re away from home, this will help an emergency vet provide better care. 

It’s also wise to keep a list of emergency phone numbers in your pet first aid kit. This way, if your phone is lost or out of battery, you’ll still have easy access to these numbers, as will anyone who dog sits for you. 

Dog First Aid Kit Manual

A book or manual on dog first aid, like the one by the Red Cross, is another essential resource for your pet emergency kit. No matter how much you think you know, it’s always a good idea to have professional advice to hand if you can’t get in touch with an emergency vet or helpline. 

dog first aid kit

Dog First Aid Kit Tools

First aid kits for dogs should include these must-have tools:

  • Disposable Gloves: Gloves keep your hands clean and also prevent the possibility of you infecting your dog’s wound with bacteria from your hands. 
  • Scissors: These are essential for cutting tape, gauze and other first-aid materials. Scissors are also useful for cutting an old shirt into strips to make a secure bandage for larger wounds. 
  • Tweezers: Use tweezers to remove small items such as thorns and splinters from your dog’s paws.
  • Tick Remover: While you can remove dog ticks with tweezers, a specialized tick remover is better for removing embedded ticks.  
  • Digital Thermometer: Use this to check your dog’s temperature in cases of suspected fever, low body temperature, or heat stroke. 
  • Eyedropper or Syringe: This is ideal for giving oral medications or to flush wounds.
  • Instant Cold Pack: Wrap this in a towel and use it to decrease swelling and inflammation after a sprain or strain, bruising, or a bee or wasp sting.

Make sure to keep these tools clean to avoid the possibility of spreading infection while trying to treat your dog. 

Bandages and Tape

Bandages, gauze, tape, and pads in various sizes are vital for controlling bleeding, cleaning wounds, and wrapping up cuts, burns, and other injuries. The specific items your pet first aid kit should include are:

  • Gauze
  • Non-stick bandage pads
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cotton balls or swabs

Remember to always use dog medical supplies and not bandages and pads made for humans. 

Medications for Dog First Aid Kit

If your dog takes any prescription medications, include a backup supply in your pet emergency kit. This will come in handy if you’re traveling or can’t access your regular supply. 

The same goes for any vet-approved OTC medicines your dog sometimes takes. These might include flea and tick medications, sedatives for traveling, allergy tablets, and antacids for stomach issues.  

dog first aid kit

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use fresh 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting if your dog eats something toxic. Check with your vet to ensure you know how to administer this and that you’re familiar with the correct dosage. 

Saline Solution

Use this for cleaning or flushing a wound. Saline solution is also ideal for flushing your dog’s eyes in the event of grass seed, pollen, or another foreign object getting stuck in there. 

Artificial Tears 

Lubricating eye drops will restore moisture to your dog’s eyes and prevent irritation or discomfort after flushing their eyes with saline solution. 

Antibiotic Ointment

Even minor cuts, scrapes and scratches can lead to health problems if they become infected. An antibiotic spray or ointment will help relieve pain and prevent infection. Apply it to these kinds of wounds before placing bandages over them to create a barrier from bacteria and germs.  

Blood-Clotting Powder 

Styptic powder will stop bleeding from injuries such as wounds, bites, and torn toenails, and help you avoid the possibility of a blood-soaked car when you go to seek medical attention. And more importantly, this ensures that your dog doesn’t suffer dangerous blood loss in the event of more serious cut.  

Silicone Collapsible Water Bowl

Collapsible bowls are useful to have with you at all times but could prove vital for keeping your dog hydrated in an emergency situation. 

It’s also a good idea to keep a stash of food and dog treats in your dog emergency kit. Treats will make it easier for you to distract your dog while you see to an injury, or can serve as a reward for good behavior. 


Wrapping up an injured or panicking dog in a soft blanket can help to calm them down. You should then be able to treat them without getting scratched or bitten. 

A blanket also serves as a soft surface to rest your dog on while you take a closer look if the ground is too hard, hot, or covered in rocks. 

dog first aid kit

How to Make a Dog First Aid Kit

With these essential items in your dog first aid kit, you’ll be prepared for almost any emergency.  But remember, it’s also vital to check your supplies every couple of months to make sure nothing has expired or needs replacing. 

For more information on caring for your dog, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries. 

How To Start a Dog Grooming Business

Are you pet-obsessed? Looking for a more fulfilling career? It’s time to finally open your own business! Here’s how to start a dog grooming business.

A dog grooming business is one of the most satisfying and long-lasting types of businesses anyone could choose to build. An animal-lover (like you) providing a service to other animal-lovers is a win-win.

And anyone who owns a dog knows that it’s a challenge to keep one clean! A dog grooming business is great because it’s impossible to run out of customers.

If you’re wondering how to start a dog grooming business, here are a few ideas and tips to consider.

How To Start a Dog Grooming Business

The real genesis of a new business is the concept. When you’re lying in bed at night wondering how to start a dog grooming business, you’ve got to concentrate first on nailing the concept. Decide if you want the business to be full-service or self-service. Or a little of each? What do you think would work best in your community? If you have a storefront, will you sell other pet-related items like food, treats, and collars?

You know the neighborhoods in your town, so only you can determine what sort of service would be most welcome and successful. Think about the car washing businesses in your area as an indicator. Do you live where people generally pay someone else to detail their car? Or do you live in a place where every Saturday morning people grab a bucket and wash their cars right in their driveways? Or do you see a lot of automated drive-through car washes?

Consider each in terms of how those same people would want to wash their dogs. You might even think about a mobile dog wash that offers house calls. Or maybe you want to buy an existing franchise!

The Name

When you first asked yourself how to start a dog grooming business, you may have simultaneously asked yourself how to name a dog grooming business. Or maybe you’re one of those people who thought of the name first! It happens.

You’ll want the name to be unique, yet easy to remember, right? Of course, you’ll also want a name that no one else is using (at least in your area) and you’ll want it to be web-ready, that is, something that you can easily create a website for that’s also not taken.

When you know for sure that no one else has claimed your name, register it. It’s a smart move to patent or trademark the name as well. Once you’ve firmed up a name and a URL, claim it on all the social media you plan on employing to communicate with customers and market your brand.


I bet this is something you haven’t thought about at all. Yes, software for your dog grooming business. You know why? Because you have to keep track of money. You have to make and keep appointments both over the phone and online. You probably want to create a rewards program. You’ll have to pay your employees! So many things!

new elo with iccp

Training and Certification

Dog grooming businesses don’t have to follow the same rules that human hair salons and barbershops do. That is, you won’t need a license that shows you’re trained to groom a dog. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from taking courses, though. For example, Animal Behavior College has 6000 locations in the United States and teaches people all about handling pets. Official training will make you seem, well, more official. It legitimizes your work even if it’s not technically necessary.

Getting the Word Out

As we mentioned before, social media is the least expensive way to communicate directly with your customers or potential customers. For instance, Facebook ads are targeted at specific users; you can get really specific about whose attention you’re trying to grab.

You can also create videos that you tweet out or post on your website or Facebook page. By creating a video you can speak directly to the people you want to do business with.  You can show them exactly who you are and what you do without leaving your office or spending any money. And once you’ve built a good email list, you can use email as an inexpensive marketing tool.

If you’re lucky–or not so lucky–your customers will give you online reviews. Even if they’re not quite glowing you can still make them work for you. Another great way to get the word out is to visit local pet shops and veterinary clinics and introduce yourself. Hand our information about your services.

how to start a dog grooming business

The Nitty Gritty of How To Start a Dog Grooming Business

You have a lot of specific choices to consider when you’re trying to answer the question that’s been floating around your head for months: How to start a dog grooming business. Where will you set up shop? Just like every other type of business, when you ask yourself how to start a dog grooming business, you’ll also be asking where to start a dog grooming business.

Position your shop where dogs are. Near a dog park. Near a veterinary clinic. Near a pet store (though not a chain with a grooming service). Or, you could nestle it among shops near a cluster of neighborhoods. The type of equipment you purchase will depend, of course, on which kind of grooming service you’ve decided to start. That is, if you’re focusing on self-serve, you’ll need several large tubs with pull-down sprayers. You’ll need plastic aprons for your customers to use so their dogs won’t soak them. You’ll need soap for sensitive skin, and for regular skin, and so on.

You can also go with new or used equipment. Maybe start small and buy more as business picks up. All of this falls under the category of “nitty gritty” and you seem like a great list-maker.

How To Start a Dog Grooming Business

The bottom line is that asking how to start a dog grooming business is definitely the right question. We’ve done some brainstorming here, but you’re onto something fabulous and now it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.

Becoming a small business owner is not easy, regardless of how awesome your idea is. If you see a way to simplify matters, take it! Now it’s time for you to make some lists and some phone calls and clean up some dogs!

Already took the first steps to start your dog grooming business and want great software to keep everything on track? Try 123Pet Software absolutely free for 14 days!

Bring People into Your Groomers with a Halloween Dog Costume Contest

dog halloween event

What’s better than a cute pup? A cute pup who’s dressed up in an adorable Halloween costume! If you know how to make the most of this spooky season, Halloween is actually a great opportunity to grow your grooming salon business. It gives you a chance to host a fun, pet-friendly dog Halloween events like a dog costume contest.

This is something that many dog owners would love to attend. But if you want to make it really successful, you need to make sure everyone has an amazing time from the moment they walk through your doors.

Here are a few tips to help you host the ultimate grooming salon Halloween event.

Dog Halloween Events

1. Get the Word Out

You can’t decide to have a last-minute Halloween party and expect it to be a success. The best parties happen when they’ve been carefully planned.

You need to consider details like how long you want the party to last and how you’re going transform your grooming salon into the perfect party space. Think about how many of your employees you will need to help you out on the day-of, and consider having a few of them support the planning process, too.

Most importantly, start getting the word out as soon as possible.

The last thing you want is to plan a huge Halloween event only to have a few pets and their families show up. Marketing the event well ahead of time ensures this doesn’t happen. It gives dog owners a chance to work the event into their schedule and to plan their dog’s costume.

Some easy event marketing tactics include putting up flyers in the store and at local businesses, sending email invites to salon clients, and posting the event details on social media. You can also create a public event on Facebook which will boost the amount of exposure and foot traffic for your dog Halloween party.

grooming salon

2. Create a Schedule

Most parties are laid-back settings where people can go with the flow and have a good time. When you host a party for the general public as a business, though, it’s better to have a bit of structure.

Create a schedule for the event before the big day arrives.

Determine how much time you’d like to give people to show up and mingle until the dog contest begins. Consider whether you’d like to have dog-friendly Halloween games at the event to encourage people to talk and make friends before the contest.

Plan for them to hang around after the winners have been announced as well. You may want to have a DJ and a dance area at the party to keep the fun going for a little while.

Also, write a timeline for yourself and your staff to follow before the party begins. This is where you can detail any last-minute preparations you need to have ready like decorations and food.

grooming salon

3. Set Specific Rules for the Dog Costume Contest

Be sure everyone understands the rules of the dog costume contest before they arrive. Guests will appreciate it while preparing for the contest and they’ll be less likely to have questions or complaints during the event.

Ground rules may include things like whether you can enter multiple dogs together as one entry or if each of your dogs have to be individual contestants. Decide if you’d like to have dogs and their owners compete or if the contest judging will be solely focused on the pet costumes.

It’s a good idea to create classes for small, medium-sized, and large dogs. You can give out a “best of show” award for the best costume out of the entire event. But, having classes gives all the dogs (and their owners) a fair chance.

grooming salon

4. Allow Late Entries

Remember to share entry fees with guests if you plan to charge for the dog contest. However, it’s probably better to make the event free and set a late entry charge for owners who want to sign up their dogs at the last minute.

This has two main benefits.

The first is that it makes the contest available to everyone because money isn’t a barrier. Pre-event contest registration also gives you a good idea of how many people you can expect if you make registration open ahead time, which makes the planning process significantly easier.

Charging for late entries does have it’s advantages, too. It allows you to make a bit of money from the event which can help cover the costs of hosting. Or, this could be a good opportunity to raise funds for a charitable, animal-friendly cause!

dog halloween event

5. Consider Hosting Dog Halloween Events for a Cause

You don’t have to gear your grooming salon Halloween event toward fundraising or charitable giving. But, it wouldn’t hurt to do so!

This is a great opportunity to charge a small fee per contest entry or per family and generate a decent amount of money. The funds can go to a local animal shelter or a national pet-friendly organization, which are two initiatives that most dog lovers can get behind.

Or, you can make your event’s charitable purpose more personal and turn it into an adoption event! Why not team up with a local shelter or pet store and have them bring some of their pups in to meet the families? You never know which dog owners are interested in getting another pet or who will invite a friend without a pet to join the fun.

These suggestions are simple things you can do to make a big difference. Plus, as far as foot traffic goes, they make the event more appealing for people to attend!

dog halloween event

Dog Halloween Events

It’s one thing to know how to use a holiday as an opportunity for business growth, and another to ensure your business is succeeding 365 days out of the year. Thankfully, advanced pet software can make management a lot easier for you.

You can use this to track everything from customer payments and employee payroll to online booking and marketing. It’s a great way to get the word out about your dog costume contest, other special events, and more fun things going on at your grooming salon!

To find out more about such an amazing tool, click here.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday? Find Out The Facts Here!

how much exercise does a dog need everyday

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend for a reason, they are cute, loyal and lovable additions to any family. However, they’re also a lot of work! New dog owners frequently underestimate how much time and energy they take up. But how much exercise does a dog need everyday?

Dog exercise, in particular, is one area that demands a considerable effort. Insufficient exercise can lead to unhealthy and hyperactive animals to have at home. No two dogs are the same. It’s important to know how much exercise they need, but hard to figure out what that means in practical terms!

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday? Find Out Below!

1. Apply the 5 Minute Rule for Puppies

Puppies are an absolute joy to have in the house.

They’re cute little balls of fur that you just want to cuddle all day long!

But they can also be little terrors that chew their way through your property, leaving a trail of mess as they go. It’s vital that they get enough exercise and time outside.

The 5-minute rule is a good one to follow.

Here’s how it works:

Decide the minimum amount of playtime and exercise they need by multiplying their age in months by 5. The numerical answer reveals the time in minutes you should spend exercising them.

For instance. A 6-month-old puppy should get a 30-minute walk or play session at least once a day. You could do this twice a day to tire them out. As they get older, dogs can enjoy much longer periods of exercise.

2. Adult Hounds Need More Exercise

As people, we tend to think of a child reaching adulthood at age 18.

However, life isn’t as clear-cut in the canine world.

The true age at which a puppy transitions to adulthood depends on different factors. The breed can make a particular difference. For instance, larger breeds mature later than smaller ones.

In general, though, dogs move into adulthood between 6 and 18 months of age.

As we just noted, dogs need more exercise as they get older. In adulthood, the majority will benefit from a bare minimum of 30 minutes per day. Anywhere up to 2 hours is better.

Games, long walks, doggy play dates and so on are all options at your disposal. Dog owners take different approaches. Some will go on one long walk in the middle of the day. Others will go on a number of shorter walks instead.

how much exercise does a dog need everyday

3. Take It Easier on Seniors

Sooner or later we all move from adulthood into old age.

It’s an inevitability for all of us- our dogs included.

Older dogs still need exercise. However, the amount and intensity should both be reduced. They may no longer have the energy or mobility of youth! After years of chasing sticks and running wild, they’ve earned the right to take it easier.

You’ll know your dog better than anyone at this point. Judge the amount of exercise they need according to their physical health. In general, though, go on shorter walks that are less demanding.

An alternative form of exercise to consider is taking them swimming.

Their joints may struggle with the impact of running and walking. Swimming in a river, lake, or ocean nearby can provide the necessary activity with less of the bodily stress.  

4. Keep the Breed in Mind

Age only one factor that determines the right amount of exercise for your dog.

The breed is another. In fact, your dog’s breed is arguably a more telling factor in deciding how often to walk and exercise them.

As a rule of thumb, tiny dogs and giant dogs will need less! That means that your Chihuahuas and Great Danes are happier with lower levels of exercise. Flat-nosed dogs (like your much-loved pugs) are the same.

Indeed, they often struggle with their breathing, which renders them less active in general.

By contrast, dogs such as Terriers, Retrievers, and German Shepherds will want as much exercise as they can get! These are known as active breeds. They got that name for a reason!

Be sure to keep these dogs as active as possible. That way they’ll be happier and healthier animals to have around the house.

how much exercise does a dog need everyday

5. Let the Dog Decide

Want an alternative solution to the problem?

How about letting your dog decide how far they can go?

Obviously, this won’t always be possible. Time is of the essence. We live busy lives and have to fit dog walks around other roles, responsibilities, and chores.

That said, dogs are generally pretty good at letting their owners know when they’re tired.

You’ll see them lie down, hesitate when it comes to going further, and start panting too. They’ll probably start walking differently too. If you get to this point after a given distance, or length of time, then you’ll have a metric to refer to in future.

You’ll know how far you can reasonably go.

This is arguably the best way of knowing they’ve had enough exercise! Don’t push it too hard though. Younger and older dogs, as we now know, shouldn’t be over-exercised.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday?

A classic question new pet owners have is “how much should I walk my dog?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t necessarily a straightforward answer!

As we’ve seen, the true amount of dog exercise required depends on myriad factors. Age and breed are two particularly important things to think about. As a rule of thumb, though, a minimum of 30 minutes per day is a good starting point.

From there, taking your dog’s individual characteristics into account will become important.

Hopefully, this article will help you determine exactly how much exercise your hound requires.

Are you in the pet business? Looking for support with your systems and services? Be sure to contact us today to see how we can be of service!

10 Things Dog Kennels Wish You Knew Before Bringing in Your Dog

boarding a dog

We all know dogs are man’s best friend. And the statistics back up this age-old saying. Dogs are the most popular pets in America with 60.2 million families having at least one dog in their household.  Having a dog is a serious commitment. Especially when you want to go on vacation. Although the majority of dog owners in America choose to travel with a dog instead of boarding them, sometimes boarding a dog is the best option. 

If you’ve got a dog at home and you’re planning a vacation any time soon, you’ll have to make the decision whether you want to bring your furry companion, leave him or her with friends, or board them at a kennel. 

Before you board a dog at a kennel, get your furry friend prepared with these 10 things dog kennels wish you knew before bringing in your dog. 

10 Things Dog Kennels Wish You Knew Before Boarding a Dog

1. Make Reservations Early Before Boarding a Dog

Don’t just show up to a dog kennel on your way to the airport and assume they’ll have space. Considering how many households in America have dogs, it’s safe to assume dogs outnumber kennels. 

Especially during popular holiday times like summer and Christmas, make sure to call the kennel ahead of time to book your dog’s stay. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the kennels in your area, this will also give you time to research the facility and make sure it’s a good fit. 

2. Consider Their Exercise Needs

As anyone who’s ever had one knows, all dogs are different. Younger, bigger breeds need more exercise. While older, smaller dogs might be fine with one walk a day. 

If your dog is a high-energy breed who requires a lot of exercise in a day, consider finding a free-to-roam facility. 

This will give your dog a chance to run around in a gated area and get the exercise they need. 

3. Be Upfront About Behavioral Issues

Not all dogs play well with others. If your dog isn’t particularly social or suffers from an anxiety disorder, those are things you’ll want to disclose to kennel operators before you leave your dog with them. 

Some facilities are more equipped to deal with anti-social or high-anxiety dogs. Others prefer only to board dogs who don’t suffer from any behavioral issues. 

Be honest. Of course, you think the world of your dog. But if you know your pitbull tends to get a bit snappy with smaller dogs, be transparent about it. 

4. Share Vaccination Records

First of all, make sure your dog is vaccinated before leaving them at a kennel.

It’s a requirement that most facilities will have you sign off on before you go, and if you’re not honest about your dog being behind on its shots, you could be in for serious trouble. 

There are many airborne viruses and contagious infections affecting dogs. Imagine if you left your dog at a kennel and they contracted a disease from an unvaccinated dog? Exactly.

5. Dog Kennels Want to Know Your Dog’s Health Issues

In addition to vaccination records and behavioral issues, dog kennel personnel will want to know about any health issues your dog has.

Whether they have arthritis, an ear infection, or simply a benign bump on their back, save yourself and the kennel operators the stress of having to call you on your vacation to ask. 

Also, keep hygiene in mind. It’s always a good idea to take your dog into a pet groomer before leaving them at a kennel to make sure they’re nice and clean for their home away from home. 

6. Make Sure to Use Flea & Tick Preventatives

It’s good practice to use preventative medications against fleas and ticks regardless if you’re leaving your dog in a kennel or not. 

Fleas and ticks are common in dogs, especially when their favorite pastime is running around off-leash in the forest, or even at the dog park.

Before you leave your dog at a boarding kennel, make sure they’re treated thoroughly with anti-tick and anti-flea medication. No one will thank you if their dog contracts fleas from your dog. 

7. Bring Your Own Food

It’s not the kennel’s job to provide food for your dog. Their job is to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy

Unless otherwise stated, the kennel will not provide dog food. Dogs are on such varied diets, there’s no way that they can stock every single type of dog food to suit every breed, size, and age. 

Suddenly starting a dog on new food can cause problems to their health, behavior, and sleep pattern.

Feeding a dog the wrong food can cause diseases like colitis, which causes inflammation to the colon and rectum. 

8. Provide Any Necessary Medication

In addition to flea and tick medication and the standard vaccinations, your dog might need additional medication while you’re gone. 

If your furry friend is prone to ear infections, they might need daily ear drops. Or you might have them on specific vitamins to deal with arthritis or anxiety.

Make sure you communicate this to the kennel personnel and provide any and all medication your dog requires.

9. Leave Emergency Contact Info

This is an important aspect that many dog owners forget. Make sure to leave your contact information, or the contact information of your hotel if you’re not bringing your phone. 

If anything goes wrong or if the dog kennel staff have any questions or concerns about your dog, they must be able to contact you. 

If you’re on vacation and you’ve left your dog at home, make sure to stay on the grid so the kennel can contact you if need be. 

10. Do Your Research Before Boarding a Dog

You wouldn’t leave your kids with a random babysitter. So why would you leave your dog(s) with a random kennel? 

Before deciding on a kennel, make sure to do your research. Read past customer reviews and visit the facilities before making your decision. 

Boarding a Dog

Now that you know what dog kennels need from you, you can take off on your vacation without worrying about your most loyal companion. 

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A Calm Dog Is a Happy Dog – Most Effective Dog Calming Aid

best dog calming aid

Did you know that 3.2 million shelter animals get adopted each year? Out of these, half of them are dogs while the other half are cats.  Adopting them is only the beginning. Like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety, regardless of the reason.

It’s likely that the dog you adopted also feels anxious and scared right after living on the streets or a dog shelter for some time. That’s why you need to have the best dog calming aid. That way, you can reassure your companion that everything will be okay. You need to calm them and get them on your side before officially training them.

The Most Effective Dog Calming Aid

It’s sad to know that dogs can get affected by separation anxiety. Around 14% of them have this disorder. That means these dogs can’t find any form of comfort when they’re separated from their family members or left in solitude.

The worst part is that dogs often exhibit undesirable behaviors when coping with their anxiety issues. They might defecate or urinate in the house, destroy furniture, and bark a lot. Most owners often dismiss these symptoms as lack of training and discipline.

If your dog is experiencing these symptoms, it’s high time to start thinking whether they’re having anxiety issues. Regardless, you need to give them the best dog calming aid. Here are some that you can use:

1. Under the Weather – Calming Soft Chews

Some dogs aren’t keen on wearing shirts or collars to calm down. That’s why these calming chews can help alleviate anxiety regardless of your dog’s breed and temperament. It supports relaxation and helps them start exhibiting balanced behaviors.

The chews have ginger, which helps in making their stomachs settle. It also has Chamomile and L-Theanine that makes them relax and have a restful sleep. Last but not least, these chews have L-Tryptophan, which converts into serotonin once they absorb it.

best dog calming aid

2. I Heart Dogs – When You’re Away Comfort Cuddler

Dogs that have separation anxiety will always miss you whenever you leave them alone, even for a short while. Your dog loves your scent since it makes them think you’re there. That’s why it’s important to leave something of yours whenever you’re not there.

The Comfort Cuddler is a great anxiety reliever since it has a pouch that allows you to store an item of clothing with your scent. Your pooch can now use this as their pillow and cuddle it up. The result is that they’re relaxed and comfortable even when you aren’t there.

3. ZenCrate – Best Dog Calming Aid Relief Crate

Does your pet get scared by storms or fireworks? If so, this anxiety aid gives them a safe space they can always fall back to. The best part about the ZenCrate is that it doesn’t just function as a wooden box—it has some amenities that help in calming down your pet.

This space plays soothing music while making a gentle airflow. It does so as soon as your dog steps inside its space. When they calm down and exit the crate, it turns off without any intervention.

4. Dog TV – DogTV

Talking or keeping your pet entertained can help ease their nervousness. Dogs will often have positive reactions when given the right types of audiovisual stimuli. With DogTV, your dog will get the full experience with programming made specifically for them.

DogTV’s content has a scientific basis to ensure that it gives the right type of stimuli for your dog. It doesn’t matter what situation they’re in. If you play these, they’re guaranteed to become happier, calmer, and stress-free.

best dog calming aid

5. Pet Acoustics – Pet Tunes

Dogs can experience anxiety even outside your home. If you want a means of comforting your dog during long road trips and the like, you’ll need something portable. Pet tunes is a great option since it’s a portable speaker with modified frequency music.

The music from this Pet Acoustics product has clinical proof that it helps decrease stress and anxiety levels in dogs. It’s rechargeable and small, making it possible for you to take it almost anywhere. With that, your pup has a guaranteed happy time no matter where they are.

6. Smart Pet Love – Snuggle Puppy

Dogs are pack animals, meaning their instincts make them want to stay close with others. That’s why they get attached to you—you’re their new packmate when they leave their siblings behind. To make it easier for them to cope when you’re gone, the Snuggle Puppy is a good choice.

This product imitates that pack intimacy feeling. These snuggle puppies feel warm and they have an almost-realistic heartbeat. Your dog can cuddle up with them when they feel lonely or scared, making them at ease with their “real” packmate.

7. EarthHeart – Canine Calm Spray

This is an essential oil remedy for dogs that can fit your pet’s needs due to their sheer variety. Canine Calm has lavender, making your dog feel relaxed and peaceful. It’s available as spray mists, oil diffuser blends, roll-ons, and wipes.

This special essential oil formula can help keep your dogs calm during stressful situations like thunderstorms and vet visits. Pick the type of product most convenient to you and make your pet calmer using a more natural method. 

best dog calming aid

Calm Your Dog With The Best Dog Calming Aid

Your dogs have complex emotional needs as well. They love you as much as you love them, meaning they’ll get lonely whenever you’re not there. They deserve the best, and that’s why you need to give them the best dog calming aid.

That means you need to find the best option that will work best for their temperament and behaviors. It’s recommended not to stick with a single option—pick as many as you need. That way, you’ll have the means of calming them down regardless of how stressful their situation is.

Are you a pet industry business owner? If so, we have software that can help you. Request for more information, and we’ll gladly talk to you.

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous!

dog instagram

Did you know that dog Instagram accounts with over one million followers can generate up to $16,000 per post?

That kind of cash can make a huge difference for your household or business. But how do you create a successful enough dog Instagram to reach those figures?

With the number of pet Instagram accounts floating around, it can seem very trial-and-error to build up a massive following. Are some people just lucky?

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks for achieving Insta-fame. Read on to find out how to make your dog Instagram famous.

Figure Out Your Dog Instagram Quirk’s

A recent poll revealed that around 60.2 million households across America own at least one dog. On the one hand, that means that there is no shortage of dog-lovers who will be delighted by the pictures of our furry friends.

On the other hand, you have to remember that everyone will always think their dog is the best dog on the planet. No matter how cute or intelligent you think your dog is, you will still need to find a way to make your dog stand out from the pack.

Proving that the experts think there’s something extra special about your furry friend is one way to jump through these hoops. If you have a pure breed, consider entering your dog in dog competitions. If your pal starts winning medals and gaining traction in the big leagues, people will be sure to pay attention!

Of course, every dog has his or her quirks. Maybe they have a goofy grin or know how to follow unusual commands. Leaning into the qualities that make your dog different is crucial to their success as an Instagram dog.

dog instagram

Keep Your Pup Looking Fresh

Human Instagram influencers always look polished for their Instagram photo-ops. The same should go for your dog!

Getting your dog groomed on the regular is a must when it comes to Insta-fame. Plus, a puppy spa-day is a perfect opportunity for a post! (Especially if you happen to work for or run your own grooming business–flaunt your dog and promote your business all at the same time!)

If you happen to find a grooming product you love, go ahead and show it off on your account! This can be a great way to make connections in the pet industry and could lead to paid endorsements.

Post Consistently and Build Your Fanbase

Once your followers start trickling in, make sure that you’re delivering the content they crave by posting consistently. Don’t go crazy and flood people’s Instagram feeds with dozens of pictures a day, but try to post at least once or twice daily.

It’s also important to engage with your fans. It may be difficult to answer each and every comment left on your posts, but try to answer enough that your followers feel like they’re part of your account and your dog’s life and not just watching from the sidelines.

You should also spend some time every day scouting out new fans and building connections with the successful Instagram dog community. Don’t wait around for everyone to come to you. Follow other accounts and actively comment on their posts.

By posting regularly and engaging with your community, you’re building connections with people. This will help Instagram users feel personally invested in your dog and anticipate all of your upcoming posts!

dog instagram

Research the Top Dog Instagram Hashtags

Until other Instagram accounts with a wide following start tagging your account and posting about it in their own content, hashtags are your best friend when it comes to reaching more users.

There are tons of puppy hashtags, and rather than using them all and hoping for the best, look to doggy influencers to see what their owners are using in their posts. Start using them in your own captions and keep track of which hashtags bring in more likes and which ones aren’t helping you to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to go specific and broad with your hashtags.

In addition to the conventional hashtags like #dogstagram or #dogsofinstagram, use hashtags that reference your dog’s breed. Of course, dog lovers tend to love all dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold a special place in their hearts for, say, pugs, labs, or terriers.

Throw in a few that push you beyond the scope of the dog community. A #cute here and a #love there might put you on someone’s radar that wouldn’t have seen your fluffy friend otherwise! 

Take Your Dog to the Streets (But Don’t Forget a Camera)

Do you take your dog to the same park every day? On the same walking routes? Do you forget to take pictures of her until your at home and she’s laying on the couch?

Time to shake those habits. To gain more than just a couple hundred followers, you are going to have to plan adventures and activities that create interest and excitement in your pictures.

Of course, you may not have time to drive to a lake or attend a parade on a daily basis. Designate a few days a week for a variety of doggy-friendly activities, and build up a backlog of pictures. That way, when you’re back at work on Monday, you can still create a post or two that will delight your followers.

Plus, attending public events will give your fans a chance to meet your dog in person! (Keep in mind, this lifestyle is not suitable for shy or high-anxiety pups – your dog’s health and happiness are always the biggest priority.)

Allowing others the opportunity for a photo-op with your Insta-dog celebrity will not only help to build their love for your account but will also lead to more exposure when they start sharing those pictures with their own friends and family. 

dog instagram

Put an Emphasis on Training

How many times have you gotten up to take a picture of your dog doing something hilarious just for them to run away from the camera?

No matter how much you want them to, your dog will never care about the quality of your pictures. They’re here to have a good time, not to pose for the perfect shot.

Rewarding your dog for certain behaviors and increasing their intelligence with training can help you to hold their attention longer. A well-trained dog means fewer blurry pictures and more pristine shots.

You Know How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous, But is it Worth it?

You might be thinking, “this sounds like a lot of work,” and if we’re being honest, it is

Now you know how to make your dog Instagram famous, but knowing what you hope to achieve with your pet Instagram account is important.

Are you hoping for the extra cash or do you want the world to enjoy your dog as much as you do? Or maybe you own a business in the pet industry, and you hope that by making your own dog the face of your business, you’ll bring in more clients.

These are all valid reasons to strive for Insta-fame. 

If you do work in the pet industry or want to help out one of the companies who has partnered with your doggy Instagram account, contact us and let us know how we can help this business thrive!