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Pet Care Software

You made a choice when you started your pet services business. A choice to pursue the work you love, and to build a business of which you can be proud. When you choose a system to run that business, make the right choice.


The 123pet care™ products of pet service software is the right system to run your business:

  • A system you can easily use (and teach others to use!)

  • Simple dashboard to track activity and appointments per day

  • Unlimited runs and kennels included – setup as many as you need!

  • Track appointments and billing, and manage kennel capacity with alerts

  • Maintain a detailed database of clients and pets (with photos!)

  • Manage employee schedules with built-in timeclock

  • Run business reports for accounting and tax preparation

  • Customize digital forms (liability waivers, intake forms)

  • Track inventory and get automated restocking alerts

  • Receive phone, email, chat support plus 30 days of training

Kenneling, Daycare, Grooming, Training…123pet care™ has what you need

– at a price you can afford.

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