Dog Daycare Software

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Say Goodbye To Busy Work & Get Back To What You Love

The key to running a successful pet daycare operation is efficiency, and the best way to gain efficiencies is to automate as many tasks as possible, and centralize your systems so you can “see across the operation” to head off problems and navigate the myriad tasks involved in this business.

$75/ Month For Unlimited Users Includes:

All The Core Features to Run Your Business Efficiently

  • Online Booking

  • Vaccination Tracking

  • Bulk Packages

  • Employee Timeclock

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Customer Login

  • Powerful Reporting

  • Automated Texts/ Emails

  • Paperless Digital Forms

  • Employee Scheduling

  • Phone/ Email Support

  • 30 Days Training

Walk-In Appointments & Quick Check-in

Don’t waste precious time during your hectic check-in period. Check regular clients in with one click on arrival, and quickly identify pets with additional services. For walk-in clients – you can quickly create walk-in appointments, add multiple walk-ins all in the same workflow, and check them in with a few simple clicks.

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dog daycare software, doggie daycare business, day care software

DayCare Packages

Create simple, flexible daycare packages for your clients. Easily setup packages at different price points and enable clients to buy in bulk from your 123pet care™ software – making purchasing easier for you and your client!

Track Feeding & Medication

Never worry about missing feedings or important medications again with simple task tracking! Add a new task right from the appointment book, select the pet and task type, the time you want to be notified, and any extra notes. 123pet care™ will then ensure you don’t forget! You can even automatically prompt clients when vaccinations are expiring.

dog daycare software, doggie daycare business, day care software
daycare calendar

Calendar Based on DayCare Schedules

Setup a calendar based on your daycare schedules. Different employees have different availability? No problem! With 123pet care™ you can set up each employee’s schedule to fit the needs of your doggy daycare. This will also prevent overbooking when customers request their own appointments.

Price by Room, Size & Service

Check and manage pricing details easily with 123pet care™. Setup your system to price by room, pet size, service, or cage-free. Pet checking in for just a half-day? Establish daycare room prices based on half or full-day! This will allow you to easily pull your daycare sessions from a drop-down menu instead of having to always use an hourly rate for your DayCare rooms.

dog daycare software, doggie daycare business, day care software

Are you just a groomer?

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Pro Tip!

Let potential clients know that their animal means as much to you as your own. 

That dedication has to show in everything from your marketing to your facilities and especially your face-to-face consultations.  When you lead with passion, your pet care business will be far more likely to take off!