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If all you do is groom – then 123pet groom is for you.  But if you have a boarding, daycare or training facility that sees grooming as a value added service you can deliver to your clients, then 123pet care™ makes managing grooming services easy and profitable.

$75/ Month For Unlimited Users Includes:

All The Core Features to Run Your Business Efficiently

  • Online Booking

  • Vaccination Tracking

  • Bulk Packages

  • Employee Timeclock

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Customer Login

  • Powerful Reporting

  • Automated Texts/ Emails

  • Paperless Digital Forms

  • Employee Scheduling

  • Phone/ Email Support

  • 30 Days Training

Pet Weight Classes

Auto Price by Weight and Coat

Set your grooming services to dynamically update the price and duration of a service based on a pet’s weight class and coat type. Weight classes can be defined in the ‘Company Info’ page, and coat types for short, long and complex are available for selection. 123Pet Care will automatically map a pet’s weight to the appropriate weight class and you can set up as many weight classes as needed.

Service Time Estimator with Overrides

You never know how long a service will take, but with 123pet care™ you can configure your best guess and have appointments automatically allocate the correct time depending on the dog breed, size, and service requested. Service providers can easily override these allocations for pets who need a little more time.

Dog Grooming

Employee Access & Schedules

With unlimited user accounts, you can give all your groomers their own logins. Ensure everyone has visibility into the schedule by allowing them to access their upcoming day to set their calendar availability, see any last-minute changes or cancellations that may have occurred since they left the shop and to ensure they clock in and out.

Automated Email & Texting

Automate your client communication with texts and emails. Send appointment reminders to reduce “no shows” for requested and approved appointments. Setup ‘Thanks for Visiting’ texts after client appointments and ‘We Miss You’ emails to clients that haven’t booked an appointment for a while!

appointment reminders
Grooming Calendar

Calendar Based on Grooming Schedules

Setup a calendar based on your groomer schedules. Different groomers have different availability? No problem! With 123pet care™ you can set up each employee’s schedule to fit your groomer’s needs. This will also prevent overbooking when customers request their own appointments.

Are you just a groomer?

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Pro Tip!

Double check appointments.
Reconfirm every appointment the day before, even if they just made it. This will help reduce the number of no-show appointments and enable you to fill in any cancellations.