Pet Hotel Software

Pet Hotel Software

Impressive Software For Your Innovative Pet Hotel

Group drop offs and pickups can create a hectic environment for pets, clients, and employees alike. 123pet care’s pet hotel software will provide the tools necessary to reduce stressful busy work, accept online reservations, manage employees, collect payments, automate communications, plus so much more to ensure you (and your clients!) sleep easy knowing we have your back!

Pet Hotel
pet hotel

Pet Hotel Management

Set up your pet hotel rooms with various customizations; from pet size and weight categories to number of pets allowed in each room. Arrange your pet care software to suit your specific business needs!

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Multi-Location Support

Do you have multiple pet hotel locations? Group locations into regions and keep track of business easily by running reports across all or a selection of your locations.

Multiple Calendars

Does your pet hotel for daycare, grooming and/or also training? 123pet care offers seperate calendars for each of your business models so you never lose track or double book your appointments again!

Auto-Charge Late Pickups

Fed up with clients turning up later than their selected check out time? Easily auto-charge clients for late pickups, simply select the pickup time and if a client arrives late an automatic late fee will be charged!

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Reduce No-Shows

Cut down on no shows by sending automatic booking details directly to your clients by text or email. Remind them that they have booked a room at your hotel and what the check-in time is.

The confirmation texts and emails are totaly customizable – so you can choose exactly what you send and when you send it!

Grow Your Pet Hotel

Easilly send mass emails with promotions to your client lists with 123pet care’s broadcast feature. Setup automated happy birthday, we miss you and/or thanks for staying campaigns – the choice is yours!

Monitor what days of the week you are heavily booked and which days are lightly booked to align with your marketing emails to entice more clients to stay at your hotel.

Pet Hotel Booking 24/7

Allow clients to book rooms at your pet hotel 24/7 with powerful, customizable online booking! Your website contains online scheduling features and is entirely your own.

Link customers to your own Customer Booking Portal and show only those add-ons and services that you want to display.

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pet hotel

Credit Card Processing

Simplify checkout and consolidate reporting at your pet hotel with integrated credit card processing. “Meet or beat rates” mean you will save on every swipe!

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Client/Pet Records

Easily manage and track the activity of all of your customers and their pets! Make specific notes about client stays and purchases so you remember for next time and can create an unforgettable client experience.

Visual Dashboard

Visually see your upcoming pet hotel schedule from the overview dashboard – filter by individual calendars, employees, type of customer and/or dog type.

See at a glance the arrival time, payment details, add-ons requested, and check-in information!

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pet inventory

Pet Hotel Inventory

Do you sell retail items at your pet hotel? You should! Selling shampoos, brushes and dog sprays can be a great way to add additional revenue to your services! With 123pet care you can easily scan barcodes onto appointments and reservations to allow your customers the chance to purchase what they need in addition to their stay.

Ready Made Reports

You’re a pet hotel owner, not a data scientist – let us do the reporting for you!

123pet care comes with all the crucial reports you would ever need for; appointments, services, revenue, payments, inventory, employees, customers, and pets.

pet hotel, pet camp, pet resort, pet spa
pet hotel, pet camp, pet resort, pet spa

User Permission Management

3 out of the box roles allow for your staff to have access to only what they need: Administrator, Manager and Employee.

pet hotel, pet camp, pet resort, pet spa

Free Data Conversions

We can have your data converted to 123Pet care from additional software solutions, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access in as little 24 hours!

Try 123pet care absolutely free for 14-days!

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