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    Simplify your grooming operations and eliminate your headaches with the newest all-in-one solution from 123Pet. This system integrates all of the functions a modern groomers needs to manage staff, please clients, track inventory, market their business, and analyze and report on their performance. Oh yeah, and process all of your transactions (at great rates!) in a single system offered for an affordable monthly fee.

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Appointment Reminders & Notifications

Upcoming appointment reminders are delivered automatically to clients by text or e-mail when they have an appointment coming up. Pet ready for pick up? Check a box to quickly send a text to your client to let them know!

Online Booking

Keep your groomers open 24/7 and increase bookings with powerful, customizable online salon booking! Allow customers to login to manage their appointments, request new ones and add their credit card on file. Add Facebook and Instagram integrations so prospects can ‘Book Now’ straight from your social media accounts!


Credit Card Processing

Integrated payments means faster checkouts, fewer errors, and simple reporting. “Meet or beat rates” mean you save on every swipe! With the integration of credit card processing you can also access more features such as Membership Billing & Customer Facing Portal.

Recurring Marketing

Send customizable, pre-made or one time email campaigns. Simply pick a campaign, choose your clients criteria, set its schedule and 123Pet will take it from there! See what’s working and what’s not with open rate visibility and make your marketing strategy a success!


Client Management & Loyalty Points

With client management you can track purchases, store photos and keep detailed client notes to provide an unforgettable business experience for your customers! Show your clients they are valued with a loyalty program and get alerted for pet vaccination records.

Powerful Reports & Dashboard

Choose from dozens of reports for clients and employees! Run payroll, check your sales totals and service statistics plus much more. Take a quick look at your upcoming day with our advanced dashboard complete with productivity meter and upcoming appointments.

123pet dashboard
appt book and client

Mobile Apps for Apple & Android

Our mobile apps are formatted to make managing your groomers on the run quick and easy. Check your appointment book. Check clients in and out. Review formula notes. It’s like having a mini version of 123Pet, right your pocket!

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Nikki spent three years grooming at a salon where her suggestions fell on deaf ears. She decided life was too short to be working toward someone else’s dream. Nikki combined her passion for animals and her entrepreneurial drive and just opened her third location.

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Pro Tip!

Set customers up on a six-week schedule.  Time goes by too fast, and if your clients don’t make their appointments upon their departure, they might forget. Booking in advance helps you avoid having an overgrown mess on your hands.