All-In-One Solution

 Simplify your business operations and eliminate your headaches with the newest durable, flexible and affordable all-in-one solution from 123Pet. This system integrates all of the functions a modern groomer needs to manage staff, please clients, track inventory, market their business, and analyze and report on their performance. Oh yeah, and process all of your transactions (at great rates!) in a single system offered for an affordable monthly fee.

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Here, There, or Anywhere

With 123Pet Software’s integrated credit card processing, you really can check out anyone from anywhere in the world!  Process credit cards on your business PC, or carry your POS software in your pocket and process online with  an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Pay It Forward

Sell packages of products and services ahead of time and redeem them as they’re used or add a balance on an account if a client is strapped for cash.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Promote  your business, and look good doing it, with customized or pre-designed gift cards that can be reloaded and reused and integrate directly with 123Pet Software POS software.

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