QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks® Connect for Grooming Salons

Tired of separate workflows for scheduling and payroll? Business management just got a lot easier. Use 123Pet with QuickBooks® for grooming salon management, bookkeeping, scheduling, and more.

QuickBooks Connect

Scheduling Software That Integrates With QuickBooks®

By pairing 123Pet with the right QuickBooks® subscription, you can track employee timesheets and run your own payroll. Print checks or pay via direct deposit, all at the touch of a button. Include tips, manage commissions, and deliver bonuses without the expense of an outside payroll provider.

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks® is one of the most trusted names in business bookkeeping. That’s why we’re proud to offer QuickBooks® Connect. With integrated bookkeeping and payroll, running your business has never been easier.

  Eliminate Double Data Entry

Instead of entering data in both 123Pet and QuickBooks®, QuickBooks® Connect captures data from your grooming management software. Import POS transactions, paid invoices, and other financial data without typing in data twice.

  Convenient, Customizable Syncing

Set up the syncing schedule and options you prefer to automate QuickBooks® data imports. When you need information outside your syncing schedule, it’s easy to import transactions manually — your options are always open.

  Easily Import Transactions & More

With the customized sync that you set up, QuickBooks® scheduling software can import transactions and other data types from 123Pet. Capture your POS transactions, manage accounts payable and invoices, and see your business’ financial performance at a glance.

  Flexible QuickBooks® Compatibility

Our QuickBooks® scheduling software connection integrates with QuickBooks Pro® and QuickBooks Premier®, from 2009 to the latest version. It also works with QuickBooks Canada® and QuickBooks UK®, from 2010 forward, and QuickBooks Payroll Services®.

 Seamless, Accurate Bookkeeping

Save time on filing taxes — and avoid late fees, interest, and penalties — by using QuickBooks® for grooming salon bookkeeping. Make agile, real-time financial decisions, so you can seize opportunities and manage cash flow wisely.

QuickBooks® Connect is compatible on Professional and Multi-Location packages only.

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