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Looking To Increase Profits?

If you’re a medium to large groomers looking to expand your brand, reward your top clients, allow 24/7 online booking, reduce missed appointments, then you have found what you’re looking for…

123Pet Premier is the right solution for you – perfect for 5+ employees!

Premier Includes Unlimited Users & All Deluxe Features, Plus:

Payroll Commission

Overtime Rules

Our payroll system is fully customizable to best suit your business and employees. Add overtime rules for the particular pay frequency your business runs on (weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, or every 4 weeks), and calculate overtime wages for employees working more than a particular amount of hours per day, week, or for a 2 week period. You can then multiply that amount based on retail price or profit, the choice is yours!

Advanced Commission

Employee Commission Exceptions – when configuring an employee you can set up service and product exceptions for the commission, back bar, or bonus.

Sliding Scale Commission – use commissions to encourage sales behavior – vary commission levels based on volume and watch your overall sales rise.

Hourly or Commission – choose whether you pay employees an hourly wage or commission, depending on which is higher.



Record and report on your business expenses with ease – track utilities, booth renter fees, supplies, and so much more! Add reference numbers, organize by category, filter by different date ranges, and edit/void expenses all from the same screen.


Full Front-Desk Solution!

Did you know this software is available on a fully functional, integrated hardware solution that is perfect for your front desk?

Looking For Something Else?

The Wilsons started Smoochie Pooch as a mobile grooming business and never intended to grow beyond one mobile unit. Their focus on quality, connecting with industry influences, and providing meaningful careers for their groomers has spurred their growth, and they now have multiple salons and mobile units.

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Pro Tip!

Set customers up on a six-week schedule. Time goes by too fast, and if your clients don’t make their appointments upon their departure, they might forget. Booking in advance helps you avoid having an overgrown mess on your hands.