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manage and grow your business.

Is this you?

Number of Employees 
1-2 Employees

Annual Revenue 
Under $50k

You’re off and running! You’re a mobile groomer or small shop owner who needs a simple, affordable way to grow your business by increasing customer retention and reducing operational waste.

If you’re looking to grow your business, reduce no shows, reward your customers and improve customer service then…

123Pet is the solution for you!

Glenn followed his passion for pets and drive for financial freedom into the grooming industry. After selling his last salon, he realized a longtime dream of converted a van into a mobile unit dedicated only to nail trims and Peticured was born! His customers value convenience and prize his expertise.

$29-59/month includes:

Appointment Reminders

Remind clients about upcoming appointments with automated text and email notifications and put an end to expensive “no-shows”. Customize these notifications and select your sending  schedule (week before, day before, two hours before…)

Credit Card Processing

Integrating credit card processing with your software means faster checkouts, simplified reporting and features like memberships and online deposits. Accept all major credit cards with secure devices and process them at the most competitive rates.

Appointment Mapping

Make your way to your next groom with time to spare. Get turn-by-turn driving directions complete with arrival times right from within your appointment book. Stay on schedule and keep your clients happy by giving real time updates.

Mobile Apps

Our secure servers are waiting for you to connect from anywhere in the world on whatever device you happen to be holding. Our mobile app is free and allows you and your staff 24/7 access to the appointment book and client records.

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Pro Tip!

Take the time to work with and educate your clients on how to brush their pet. Working on a tangle-free pet is much easier and your clients will appreciate you sharing your advice!