Business Marketing

We'll help you get the word out with an effective marketing strategy

Make Your Mark

Don’t get lost in the marketing shuffle. Dare to be bold and beautiful with completely customizable e-mail templates. With over 50 built-in templates,  123Pet Software provides the inspiration you need to turn your marketing ideas into reality.

E-mail Templates for 123Pet
Recurring Marketing

Set It and Forget It

Want to execute a marketing campaign for the week? How about the year? No problem. With 123Pet Software, you can schedule your marketing campaigns to run whenever you want, making your growth strategy even more automated.

Hit Replay

Why settle for one great marketing campaign when you can have endless? With 123Pet Software’s automated recurring marketing, you don’t have to. Create a campaign. Set its schedule. Once. 123Pet Software will take it from there.

See What’s Working, and Market More Effectively

It’s not just about sending some e-mails. It’s about optimizing your business marketing efforts to produce maximum positive growth. With 123Pet Software’s marketing referral tracking and reporting, you’ll have the marketing tools you need to turn those mediocre campaigns into outstanding ones.

Marketing Reports
Marketing Client Wizard

The Right Client, The Right Message, The Right Time

Unleash your business’s growth potential with complete precision. The business marketing tools found in 123Pet Software include dozens of criteria, helping you create profitable marketing campaigns targeting only the clients and pets you want, when you want.

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