Point Of Sale

Integrated point-of-sale that takes retail to the next level

Business POS Product Sales

Our business POS software is a completely hassle-free retail system that does most of the work for you! Track sales, inventory, orders, and even set up product reorder reminders when stocks get low. With a barcode scanner, you can easily scan products at checkout, and we’ll  automatically update your inventory.

POS Hardware System

Here, There, or Anywhere

With 123Pet Software’s integrated credit card processing, you really can check out anyone from anywhere in the world!  Process credit cards on your business PC, or carry your POS software in your pocket and process online with  an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

All Credit Card Types

Pay It Forward

Sell packages of products and services ahead of time and redeem them as they’re used or add a balance on an account if a client is strapped for cash.

Mobile Credit Card Processor

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Promote  your business, and look good doing it, with customized or pre-designed gift cards that can be reloaded and reused and integrate directly with 123Pet Software POS software.

Custom Gift Cards
123Pet Coupons


Use coupons to enhance your marketing plan, and see the dollars roll in!   123Pet Software POS software makes it easy to create  promotional offers,  a proven way to increase sales. With 123Pet Software, you can have coupons ready to send out in minutes, easily scan them in when they’re redeemed, and even track their effectiveness with special reporting.

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