Adding Employees & Schedules

Adding Employees & Schedules

Adding Employees & Schedules

This instructional video will show you how simple it is to enter your employees’ information and schedule into the software.

To enter a new employee go to the Employees icon in the toolbar. Displayed here is a list of the employees that have already been added to the software. To add a new employee, click ‘Add Employee’ on the left side of this screen. The name fields are the only fields that are required to save the employee, but you can add other information such as the employee’s category, address or phone number.

On the Service Limitations tab, restrictions can be added so that the employee can only perform certain services within the business. To set up these service limitations, select the option ‘This employee cannot perform all services’. With this selected, click ‘Add Service’ to enter the individual services this employee can perform.

On the ‘Display Options’ tab, you can specify the employees visibility within certain sections of the software. If the employee is a receptionist for instance, it’s not necessary for them to appear on the appointment book or when creating tickets, so we can uncheck the appropriate boxes here.

To save the new employee, click ‘Save’. The employee is now saved in the software and is added to the list of employees at the business.

Setting up employee schedules is important because the software must know when the employees are available to see appointments. Click on the Schedule icon along the toolbar which takes us to the scheduling screen. To set up the schedule for one of your employees for a single day, double-click on the square that corresponds to that day and employee.

On this screen enter the start and end times that the employee is working. You can also specify if the day you’re marking for the employee is a working day, or day off. After you finished click ‘OK’. This schedules the employees for this one day.

It would be time consuming to schedule each day individually, so to create a recurring schedule double-click another square for the employee. Click on the ‘Recurring’ button and then ‘Add Multiple Dates’. On this screen, change the recurrence type to ‘Weekly’ which displays the days of the week. For this example, let’s say this employee works the same hours Tuesday through Saturday. So you checked the corresponding boxes. In the ‘End of Recurrence’ section, this schedule would be set to run adequately far enough into the future. A few months should be fine. Click ‘OK’ and then ‘OK’ again. Enter the start and end times and click ‘OK’.

Now the software sets the schedule up according to the recurrence we entered. To avoid doing the same process for another employee and if the schedules for the two employees are the same, you can use the
‘Copy Schedules’ option which can save some time.

On this screen the source employee is the employee whose schedule is to be copied. The two date fields relate to the start and end dates that will be used for the copy. Check the box next to each employee that will use the same schedule as the source employee. Finally, click ‘Copy’ and now the schedule is entered for both of the new employees.

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