Adding Products & Services

Adding Products & Services

Adding Products & Services

This instructional video will guide you through how easy it is to enter in your inventory and services with our software.

To edit products in the software, click on the Products icon along the toolbar. This shows the current list products in the software. To add a new product, click on ‘Add Product’ on this screen. You will enter the new product’s information. Here, you can add a unique product ID and enter the product’s description, which is the name of the product. You can also add a make, a category, and size. Make sure to enter in the wholesale price and retail price as well, located towards the bottom of the screen.

If the item is used in-house only and is not sold to customers, we can check the box for Back Bar. Also, if the product is taxable check the Apply Sales Tax box. Finally, in the supplier field, you can select the company that usually supplies the business with this product.

On the ordering tab, a few extra settings can be added to help with managing inventory. The first field we’ll enter is the Reorder Point. The reorder point is the stock count which this product needs to be reordered. For instance, if you’d like the software to start warning you when the quantity has been reduced to five, we can enter 5. Finally, the reorder quantity determines the suggested quantity to reorder when you place this product on a purchase order.

At this point, if more products needed to be added we could click on ‘Save and Add Another’ and repeat this process, otherwise click ‘Save’ to see the new item added to the list.

To edit services click the Services icon along the toolbar. This will display the list of services that have already been added. To add a new service, click on ‘Add Service’. On this screen, you will enter the service’s information. Start by adding a unique service ID, and enter the service’s description which is just the name at the service. Add a price to this service, which is what will be charged by default for this service.

If some of the employees in the business charges more or less than this default price for this particular service, you could go into exceptions to set that up. Additionally, select the service’s category, and if this service is taxable, check the box for Apply Sales Tax. Lastly, enter the default length of time that the service takes. Similar to the price exceptions, if some employees tend to take more or less time to perform this service than the default length of time, we can enter this by going into exceptions.

At this point, if more services need to be added we could click on ‘Save and Add Another’, and repeat this process, otherwise click ‘Save’ to see the new item added to the list.

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