Adding a Purchase Order

Adding a Purchase Order

Adding a Purchase Order

This video will go over the purchase orders feature of the software.
Purchase orders allow you to keep track of the products that you order and receive.

To add a Purchase Order, go to the Accounting drop down menu. From here, click on ‘Edit Purchase Orders’. On this screen, click on the ‘Add PO’ button. This will bring up a new purchase order. From here you can enter in general information about the purchase order such as the date due, status, and any comments about the order.

You can also select the supplier of the products you are ordering. Click on the drop down menu next to the Supplier field to choose from your list of suppliers. If you have no suppliers entered or the supplier you want to use is not listed, you can click on the ‘Add Supplier’ button to create a new supplier. You can also click on the ‘Edit Supplier’ button to change the information of the selected supplier. Once the supplier is selected, you can modify their contact information in the fields below. Keep in mind that this will only modify the contact information for this particular purchase order.
To add products to the purchase order, double click on an empty ID field. This will bring up the product look up screen. From here you can select the product you want to place on the order. You can either double click on the item to selected or click ‘OK’ once the item is highlighted to select it.

Once a product is on the purchase order, you will want to modify the Quantity Ordered field. To do this, double click on the Quantity Ordered field on the product line item and enter the quantity ordered. You can either click out of the field or press Enter to save the change. You can use this same process to modify other attributes of the product such as the wholesale cost and description.

Once all products have been added to the purchase order, click on ‘Save’ to save the order. If you want to print this order, you will need to set up the printing format if you have not done so. To modify the printing format click on the ‘Print Setup’ button under General Options. This will allow you to add your business’s contact info, additional comments, and a company logo onto the printed purchase order. Click ‘OK’ once you are finished.

To print the purchase order, highlight the order and click ‘Print Single PO’. You can also email a purchase order. This will require that you have your email configured in the software.
To email a purchase order, click on the ‘Email PO’ button. On this screen, you can enter the supplier’s information in the name and email field in the Email To section. You can also modify the subject and body of the email in this section. If you have not configured your email in the software, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Email Setup’ button.

Lastly, you can modify what appears in the From field at the email by modifying the text box in the Email From section. Once you’re finished entering the email information, click on ‘Send’ to send to the purchase order.
Once you receive a product, you will want to record this in the purchase order. To do this, go to the Accounting drop down menu. From here click on ‘Edit Purchase Orders’. On this screen double click on the purchase order. Once in the purchase order, double click on the quantity received field and type in the quantity received. Press enter on your keyboard once the quantity has been entered to save it.

Once all the products have been received on the purchase order, clicking on save will prompt you to close the purchase order. If you decide to close it you will also be given the option to add the purchase order to the General Ledger. If you do not choose to do either of these you can both close the order and added to the general ledger manually from the purchase order.

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