Closing & Balancing the Cash Drawer

Closing & Balancing the Cash Drawer

Closing & Balancing the Cash Drawer

This instructional video will show you how to utilize the software for closing and balancing your cash drawer.

Closing the cash drawer in the software each day is completely optional. By default, the software is able to keep each day’s transactions separate based off the date on your computer. However, closing the cash drawer is useful to verify that the cash currently in the cash drawer matches the software’s expectations based off have the day’s transactions. If the drawer does not balance this could indicate that a ticket was closed out incorrectly in the software, incorrect change amount was given to a customer, or potential theft.

To close and balance your cash drawer, click the Cash drop down menu and then ‘Close Out and Cash Drawer Balance’. Select the date and time range for which we will be running this cash balance. If you’re prompted to select a computer, choose the specific computer the cash drawer is connected to, or keep the selection on All Computers to record the balance for the entire business, and then press ‘OK’.

You’ll then be taken to the Cash Drawer Balance screen. Displayed on the screen are the reported cash amounts the software has calculated, the balance status, and a listing of non-cash income. To begin counting cash, select yourself as the employee, and double-click any count quantity next to a denomination, then type in the quantity you’ve counted for that denomination and hit enter on your keyboard. This will then recalculate the counted cash amount. The balance status will change to reflect whether the cash drawer amount is over, under, or balanced with what’s logged in the software.

With this information entered, we can click ‘Save’ to add this cash drawer balance to the database.

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