Creating a Package

Creating a Package

Creating a Package

This instructional video will walk you through the setup process of adding a package.

Click on the Packages icon along the toolbar to display the current list of packages. To add a new package to the system, click ‘Add Package’. On this screen, you can edit package details. Start with the package ID which will be the shorthand unique ID of this package. Next, enter the description which is the name of the package. You can optionally enter a comment and a category for the package as well.

Now enter the services and products that make up this package. Press the ‘Add Item’ button. Find the first product or service that will be added to this package and click ‘OK’. Repeat this process until each product and service is listed on the package. If you intend on using this package for prepaid services, be sure that the quantity purchased and quantity used fields are correct for these services. For instance, if this will be a package of five sessions of this service, and the client typically uses the first session when they first purchase the package, set the quantity purchased to 5, and quantity used to 1.

Lastly, determine the price of the package. The current price of the package is the sum of the individual items in the package. To change this price, you can use either the Force option to set a specific price for the package, or use the Percent Discount option to discount the package at a specific percentage. In this example the Force option is used to apply a new forced price. Afterwards press ‘Save’ and the new packages now added.

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