Document Tracking

Document Tracking

Document Tracking

This instructional video demonstrates how simple and powerful managing paperwork between your business and its clientele becomes using the document tracking feature in the software.

To access this feature, open up any client profile and select the Document Tracking tab. The top section of this screen allows you to track generic documents. An example of a generic document would be a questionnaire or a consent form you require all customers to sign. ‘Open Document’ will launch outside software to view the document selected while ‘Edit Status’ lets you view the document status for the client.

The bottom section allows you to track documents that are unique to the client such as a photocopy of personal information. ‘Add Document’, ‘Edit Document’, and ‘Remove Document’ allow you to place, edit, or remove a document from the client’s record, while ‘Open Document’ and ‘Edit Status’ function as they do in the generic documents action.

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