Running the Sales Total Report

Running the Sales Total Report

Running the Sales Total Report

In this instructional video will show you how quick and easy it is to run the sales total report in the software.

To run the sales total report, go to the Reports drop down menu and select ‘Sales Totals and Sales Tax Report’. You can also access this report by clicking on the ‘Totals’ button along the toolbar. This will prompt you with several options for the report. You can specify the report’s date range, time range, individuals, and computers to include. In this example, the report is run for today, for the entire day, for all employees, and for all computers. With these settings the totals report will include all of the business’s sales transactions recorded today. Press ‘OK’ to run the report.

Within the report there are several different sections. The Summary section provides batch totals for things like product sales and service sales, and ends with a grand total amount representing the total sales for our search criteria.

The Payment and Change section gives a summary of how the clients paid, giving the total for each payment type in this box. In the Taxes section, the report lists the amount of sales tax that was collected. And finally, in the Employees section, you can see the sales that were recorded by each individual employee.

As a general rule, the report shows batch totals information, however if you need to know how the report has generated one of the values shown, you can double-click on the value to see how it was calculated. For instance, to see how the report calculated this employee’s service sales, we can double click on the value to see the list of tickets that total to this number.

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