Scheduling A Kenneling Appointment

Scheduling appointments is easy!

See how scheduling a kenneling appointment for your client’s pets is easy with this training video. Never overbook your kennels again with 123Pet Software.

Scheduling A Kenneling Appointment

Scheduling A Kenneling Appointment

In this instructional video we’ll show you how easy it is to schedule a kenneling appointment with your client’s pets in 123Pet.

Before you can book a kenneling appointment, you must first have at least one resource entered into the software. Typically each kennel in the business will be set up as a separate resource as shown here. With these entered, you also need to have a multi-day service saved in the software.

In our example here, we will be using this kenneling service. As you can see, this service is set up as a multiple day service. On the Linked Resources tab, the same service should be linked to all of the kenneling resources in the software. With this saved we can create a kenneling appointment that spans multiple days.

To do this, go to the appointment book by clicking on the Appointment Book icon. Use the calendar to select the first day of the kenneling service. Find where the service will start and double click on this time slot for one of your kennels. In this screen, find the pet using the search filters. Once you have found the pet, press ‘OK’ with the pet’s name highlighted.

On the Ticket Information screen, double-click the ID field and select the kenneling service. Since this is a multi-day service, you will be prompted to enter the services end date. The service will be added to the ticket. You can optionally specify when the pet will be picked up in the Pickup At section.

The last modification we need to make is to the service’s end time. Click on the ‘Show Detailed Date Columns’ and then click the value in the End Time field and type in the correct end time for this service. With this set, the appointment can be scheduled. Click on the ‘Schedule/Leave Open’ button and the kenneling appointment will be scheduled for the time range entered.

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