Setting Up Remote Access

Setting up remote access is easy!

Apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are free so you can use Remote Access as many ways and in as many places as you’d like.

Setting Up Remote Access

Setting Up Remote Access

In this instructional video we will show you how to set up remote access: a powerful feature that allows you to use our mobile apps and website in conjunction with the software. You will not be able to create a remote access account unless your software is activated. If you have yet to activate your software, click on the Help pull down menu, and select ‘Activate’ before beginning remote access setup. Additionally if your business operates a multicomputer set up for the software, make sure you’re working from the server computer for this setup.

To start the setup, select the Web Access pulldown menu and then click ‘Remote Web Access’. You’ll be asked if you would like to create a new remote access account. Click ‘Create Remote Access Account’. The software will launch a web browser and the website will attempt to connect to your database.

You may have to perform a manual setup if the automatic setup is unable to complete the process which can be found back in the software by pressing the ‘Show Me the Manual Setup Instructions’. This requires you to enter an access code inside of your browser.

After the website is able to successfully connect with your database, you will be asked to set up an administrative account using an email address and a password. You will also be asked to set up your billing information. Once you’ve completed these forms, click ‘Continue to Remote Access’. You will now be able to use the website to manage your business.

Now that you’ve created a Remote Access account, you can download the mobile apps. For iPhone and iPad, you can find our app in the App Store. On Android devices, you can find our apt inside the Google Play Store.

Once you launch the app, enter your administrator email and password to login and begin managing your business on the go.

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