Syncing With Quickbooks

Syncing with Quickbooks is easy!

Save time and eliminate double entry work by porting payroll, ledger, inventory, and sales transaction data directly to QuickBooks!

Syncing With Quickbooks

Syncing With Quickbooks

In this instructional video we’ll show you how to sync your database with QuickBooks, a powerful add-on feature to the software.

After activating the software with the QuickBooks module add-on, go to the Accounting pull down menu and select QuickBooks. To begin the QuickBooks setup wizard click on ‘Next’. Select which version of QuickBooks you use, either desktop addition or online edition, and then click ‘Next’.

You will need to install a support file that’s required by QuickBooks in order to sync. To begin the installation, click ‘Install QuickBooks foundation’. After the support file has been installed, click ‘Next’. You’ll now be asked which company file you wish to use. You can use your QuickBooks default company file with the ‘Use default company file’ option, or you can specify a company file with the ‘Use specific company file’, then clicking ‘Select’ and then locating the company file you wish to use.

After a company file is selected, click ‘Next’. On this next screen make sure to follow the directions and that your QuickBooks software is open. After clicking ‘Next’, the software will establish a connection to QuickBooks. Keep an eye on QuickBooks as QuickBooks will ask you for permission to allow this connection. Select ‘Yes. Always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running’. Check ‘Allow this application to access personal data such as social security numbers and customer credit card information’, and then click ‘Continue’. A confirmation window will pop up. Click ‘Done’.

If the connection is successful, the software will go to the connection established screen. Click ‘Next’. You’ll be taken to the account mapping screen. Here you can map information from our software to your QuickBooks accounts. Once you’ve specified the mapping click ‘Next’. Our software will update the account mapping and will now sync with QuickBooks. Click ‘Finish’ to close the window and exit the setup process.

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