Latest Version 12 Update

It’s easy & do it yourself in only a few minutes

This free update is only for current Version 12 users.

Updating Automatically:

Please update all computers that run 123Pet Software.

  1. Open the 123Pet Software
  2. Click “Help” in the top menu
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. If the update is relevant to you, then the pet software download will begin automatically

Manual Update:

Please update all computers that run 123Pet Software.

  1. Download the full update
  2. Run the installer
  3. Follow the prompts

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this update work for Version 11 or earlier?
No. If you are not already using Version 12, then you should purchase the update here.
I have multiple computers/locations running 123Pet Software Version 12. Do I have to update all of the computers?
Yes, all of the computers on a multi-computer or multi-location network need to be updated to the same build of 123Pet Software. A good rule of thumb is to update the server computer with the pet software download first then update the remaining client computers.
Is there anything I should do before updating my software?
Before updating we recommend making a backup of your database. This can be done by going to “File” and selecting “Backup and Restore”. Backing Up your database helps insure the safety of your information.