Software Release History Version 12


November 21 - Version 12.0.4 Build 2045
  • Appointment Book now displays the Reminders/Confirmation icons by default
  • Fixed an issue where some users got an error when modifying a client
November 17 - Version 12.0.4 Build 2044
  • Fixed an issue which causes a ticket not to open when first loading the software in some cases
November 15 - Version 12.0.4 Build 2043
  • Updated the User’s Guide
  • Updated TeamViewer version
  • Improved software startup routine to prevent errors for some users
  • Added icons to the Appointment Book to indicate when a reminder has been sent and a confirmation received
  • Changed 'Advanced Search Option's to state 'More Search Options' or 'Fewer Search Options'
  • Improved UI on Messaging screen sidebar
  • Clarified message status bar for Messaging sendout
  • Added warning to alert user that text message may send in multiple segments
  • Wait List now automatically refreshes for network users
  • Improved UI for software registration screens
  • Added a link on the Remote Access Status screen and Online Services drop-down menu to quickly manage Remote Access users
  • Fixed an error that was being thrown when filtering the Clients screen by last visit, which cleared out the most recent visit
  • Schedule warnings now show when creating an appointment during scheduled off times
  • Fixed an error generated when modifying a client’s Prepaid Services and the current quantity was negative
  • Fixed an error sometimes thrown when saving a template with images
  • Fixed an error sometimes thrown when loading the database connection settings
  • Improved the Marketing Campaigns screen to show more detailed information about sendouts
  • Reminders sent for multiple dates were now including additional dates
  • Fixed an issue with sending an email receipt for a Closed ticket
  • Fixed an issue when closing a ticket with Referrals
  • Fixed an issue where the tax was doubling on a ticket when tendered by Gift Certificate containing a service with a linked product
  • Ticket History can now be updated for tickets with Void/Cancel/No Show status
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate IDs now recorded in Ticket History
  • Improved sync process for QuickBooks Connect
  • Fixed an issue with an error thrown when trying to open Account Mapping screen after canceling the Auto Sync with QuickBooks Connect
  • General Ledger entries with a negative price now sync with QuickBooks
  • Products with a negative price now sync with QuickBooks
  • Fixed an issue with reports 17, 21, and 22 when ran through Reports drop-down menu
  • Color codes now work when a Service or Category contains special characters
  • Improved Client Report search functions
  • Fixed an issue with negative Loyalty Points being recorded when performing a Multi-ticket Checkout using inclusive taxes
  • Fixed and issue where the Address 2 line not printing on Dymo template labels
  • Fixed an issue with barcode labels printing with special characters in the description
September 19 - Version 12.0.3 Build 2039
  • Corrected object reference error for select users during email reminders sendout
  • Corrected error logging for select users during email reminders sendout
  • Error log now automatically submitted when reminders cannot be sent
August 31 - Version 12.0.3 Build 2036
  • Improved UI for Messaging Service screens
  • Added a Status Bar containing Messaging Service usage information
  • Improved UI for Database Controls screens
  • Improved reliability and functionality of Select Server Process
  • Added functionality to automatically set up LogMeIn Hamachi in a network environment
  • Improved UI for Employee Passwords screen
  • Updated License Agreement
  • Corrected an issue with multi day tickets when updating from Version 9 to Version 12
  • Corrected an issue with future appiontments when updating from Version 6 to Version 12
  • Previous Other tab in Purchase History now displays correct information
  • Added Helvetica to the font list when creating HTML e-mail templates
  • Order of items in a Package can now be edited
  • Order of Linked Resources on a Service can now be edited
  • Corrected issue with software freezing when processing a credit card
  • New employees now show automatically in Payroll setup screens
  • Aveda Benchmark report can now be exported to Excel correctly
July 13 - Version 12.0.2 Build 2031
  • EMV credit card transactions now submit and begin to process automatically
June 27 - Version 12.0.2 Build 2030
  • Updated the license agreement
  • Improved performance of Appointment Book navigation
  • Improved performance of updating and saving Tickets
  • Added support for the DaySmart Registration system for UK users
  • Added password protection to View Employee Contact Information
  • Online Booking icon can now be added to the Navigation bar after sign up
  • Added “Configure Online Booking for Facebook” link to Online Booking Settings
  • Added “Configure Booking Plugin to Your Own Website” link to Online Booking Settings
  • Check stub now displays correct YTD totals if the pay date is in the future
  • W2/1099 report no longer displays employees with no gross pay for the year
  • Running payroll no longer prompts to enter hours for inactive employees
  • Improved UI for modifying text message templates
  • Reports 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 now run without selected Products or Services
  • Corrected "ARITHABORT" on reports 19 and 38
  • Improved descriptions on the Employee Performance Report
  • Corrected issue with rounding calculation on Tickets screen for select users
  • Hours Worked Based on Time Clock Entries report no longer throws an error for select users
  • First and Last names are now automatically capitalized when adding a new client
  • Tickets paid in full by one tender now automatically closed when Split Tender is checked but second tender is not used
  • Previous payrolls exported to Excel are now readable
  • Reactivating a canceled marketing campaign delivers e-mails not previously sent
  • Process and Finish times now display correctly for Resources
  • 0 minutes Finish Times no longer cause scheduling conflicts
  • Remote Access Service now disabled when software is deactivated
  • Client Report now excludes clients who make returns for items that would have qualified them for a campaign
  • Clients Purchase History now displays returns under Other tab
May 17 - Version 12.0.2 Build 2028
  • Improved Bootstrapper installation performance
  • Blacklisted e-mail addresses no longer marked invalid
  • Improved messaging template performance
  • New appointments can now get reminders if the client has already received reminders on the same day
  • Ticket History now updates when a reminder is sent
  • Exception error no longer thrown due to high Windows security settings
  • Corrected object reference error thrown when sending pending messages
  • Improved QuickBooks Connect installation performance
  • 'To' number now correctly populates when sending messages
  • Corrected repair & compact errors experienced by select users:
    • when trying to save a closed ticket
    • when deleting a ticket
    • when doing a ticket search without a Service ID
    • when changing the database password
    • when e-mailing a receipt while closing a ticket
    • when sending e-mails during ticket cancellation
    • when editing a ticket for a deleted employee
    • when running reports without required input
    • when saving a gift certificate with no cash value
    • when generating a test document for label printing
April 22 - Version 12.0.2 Build 2024
  • Date Closed field now retained properly when syncing to QuickBooks. Any tickets previously synced will automatically reflect correct information
  • Working Times now only enforced for Resources when scheduled off for the entire day
  • Resource schedules can now be properly copied and pasted
  • Program is now better able to detect an Internet connection when blocked by third party applications
  • Client Notes now importing properly
  • Comments now save properly on time punches when Clocking Out
  • Messaging Service now has its own error log
  • Corrected an issue that caused only some e-mail reminders to be sent automatically
April 13 - Version 12.0.2 Build 2022
  • New Bootstrap installation process for first-time (full) installations
  • New and improved software startup and automated SQL connection process
  • Added estimated character counts when modifying text message templates
  • Access key computer data from the About screen by going to Help > About > Advanced > System Information
  • Default text message templates shortened to avoid exceeding character count for a single text message segment
  • Program now displays more informative message when registering an expired or invalid serial number
  • Client Lookup screen now passes information from the Search field into the data fields when creating a new client
  • Program now displays more informative message when a client computer fails connecting to a server computer due to build incompatibility
  • The computer's "Sleep Mode" is disabled when the Messaging Service is running, increasing reliability of automatic messages send outs
  • New password protection options added:
    1. Checking in an open ticket
    2. Unchecking the sales tax box on a ticket item row
    3. Performing a petty cash transaction
  • Importing a list of items with the same IDs as items already in the database now correctly updates existing records
  • Updated ZIP code list with latest available from USPS to add newly created or changed ZIP codes to the auto-complete options
  • Clients and Client History Notes no longer duplicate if imported more than once
  • New titles for Clients now added as new categories automatically when importing
  • Textboxes in the Client Information section of the Client Mailing report now trim leading spaces
  • Mailing Report now excludes future dates when searching based on First and Last Visit Dates
  • Multiple reminders for a single day now send correctly unless the option to send only one in a single day is enabled
  • Activity Log now clears based on selected settings
  • 'None' Employee now shows on the Sales and Totals Report even if only Active Employees is checked
  • Program no longer automatically checks for update when the software is not activated
  • Viewing previously calculated payrolls now sorts by date properly
  • Resource scheduled OFF now have the 'Warn/Do Not Allow' options appropriately applied
  • Capped maximum file size when importing an image to Picture Manager
  • Wait List search results now consistent whether the 'Between X and Y dates' option or 'Any time after X date' option is used
  • Gift Card IDs can now be added directly to the ID column on tickets
  • Improved the way the Client Pre-paid Services screen builds its list
  • Search by Category on General Ledger now shows associated Split transactions categories
  • Only Administrator DaySmart accounts can now register and activate the software
  • Corrected description for the Year to Date Payroll Report
  • New alert informs user that pending marketing campaigns will not send if the software is closed before exiting
  • Sending Marketing Campaigns no longer throws an 'out of memory' error
  • Improved UI for minimize/close buttons
  • Commission exceptions now properly enforced when using Dual Commission system
  • Custom reports now working properly
  • Corrected issues with client First/Last Visit Dates
  • Scheduling a ticket now requires a service
  • Increased the timeout duration for SQL Server to prevent timeout during startup
  • Special characters can now be used in SMS messages
  • All Voided, Canceled, or No Show tickets will now show on the Tickets screen
  • Fixed an issue where some price exceptions were lost when updating from Version 9
  • Registration message for network users now correctly reflects the number of available licenses
  • Improved printing of Daily Schedule from the Appointment book
  • Improved performance of HTML Editor for marketing campaigns and templates
  • Showing Linked Resources on Tickets screen no longer throws an error when browsing for multi-ticket checkout
  • Client Notes now correctly ordered by appointment date when printing Appointment Book
  • Gift Certificate quantity now updates when item quantity is altered on the Gift Certificate
  • Report #14 now included Gift Cards and Gift Certificates correctly
  • Date range now correctly reflects birthdates on the Client Report
  • Multi-date appointments now reflect dates for specific services on appointment reminders
  • Improved performance of Client Report search time
  • Improved UI for Text Message Template editing screen
  • 'Only show working employees and resources' option now works correctly when the appointment book is showing multiple dates and an employee/resource is only working on some of those dates
Jan 15 - Version 12.0.1 Build 2015
  • Auto Update working again
  • Tip Line Receipt now printing tip line for users without OpenEdge
Jan 14 - Version 12.0.1 Build 2014
  • Tooltip on the Appointment Book now displays the description of the appointment
  • Improved appearance of Appointment Blocks on the Month and Week View of Appointment Book
  • Corrected issue with EMV credit card processing
Jan 13 - Version 12.0.1 Build 2012
  • Fixed issues with and implemented signature capture for OpenEdge EMV Processing
  • Optimized screen load times
  • Optimized Sample Database information
  • Resolved issue with large Red X replacing button toolbar
  • Resolved errors generated using Picture Manager for clients with ID numbers over 1bn
  • Corrected ‘Open on Startup’ preference
  • Corrected errors generated when Managing Templates
  • Fixed issues with Finish Time appearance on Appointment Book
  • Improved Client Report sorting filters
  • Profit and Loss report now reports negative values
  • Resolved issue with available Prepaid Services counter
  • Product Reordering improved for product descriptions containing ‘&’
  • Client Balance updates properly when adding a Ticket using the Purchase History screen
  • Fixed Client Importing where fldMailing was not being set
  • Minimized the chance of adding duplicate Employees with Employee Importing
  • Improved Messaging Feedback reliability
  • Tip reconciliation corrected when using multi-computer edition
  • Barcode Scanner usage improvements
  • Corrected accuracy of percentage amounts shown on some reports
  • Corrected Employee name appearance on a report
  • Fixed issue with changing font size when printing labels
  • Time Clock permissions now enforced
  • Fixed an issue with creating Packages containing a $0 Service
  • General UI performance improvements


Nov 05 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2009
  • Improved wait list search results and functionality
  • Dashboard display improvements
  • Resolved issue with time clock comments being removed when employee clocks out
  • Fixed ticket item look up screen displaying the incorrect number of prepaid services remaining
  • Fixed error when saving marketing campaigns using client purchase history
  • Closing tickets with client default discounts now updates the ticket item properly
  • Ticket item look up no longer applies a service limitation filter when (none) employee is selected.
  • Fixed red ‘X’ appearing for tool bar
  • Resolved issue where sometimes checking the tax box would throw an error
  • Line item discounts on invoices now only applies discounts to the individual item
  • Improvements to services with processing times displaying correctly when connected to a resource
  • Now allowing duplicate vaccination names to be used by different types
  • Fixed Quick Book syncing issues with gift cards
  • Fixed Quick Books syncing getting caught in an loop
Oct 22 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2007
  • Fixed issues where the user with regional settings not supporting decimals throws an error
  • Improved mini previews for Manage Message Templates
  • Resolved issue where appointment reminders would not send for tickets with products
  • Corrected problem with time clock entries permissions
  • Fixed issues when updating from versions 9 or 10
  • Enforcing edit/delete tips permissions
  • Resolved error when client's have apostrophes in their email addresses
  • Improved software performance for businesses using multiple CALS
  • Improvements to Messaging System background worker
Oct 09 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2005
  • Fixed an issue with computers without the xcharge server program running were unable to process credit cards
Oct 08 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2004
  • Corrected Quick Books sync issue that did not allow voided tickets to be synced
  • Fixed Dymo Label Printing for Windows 10 users
  • Selling a gift certificate with a credit card now adds the gift certificate correctly
  • Sales Benchmarks in the Business Summary view now shows the correct currency symbol based on regional settings
  • Warnings are now in place for using old builds of X-charge
  • Resolved issue that did not allow a tickets history to be viewed if ticket was deleted
  • Fixed conversion error in the client report
  • Corrected time clock screen issues when an employee had an apostrophe in the name
  • Fixed issue not allowing users to restore a database from an older version of SQL
Sept 28 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2002
  • Improved text message thumbnail preview
  • Resolved date display issue on software Dashboard
  • Client search now defaults to today
  • Fixed issue with recurring appointments and their tender types being blank
  • Improved software updating from lower versions
  • Updated sample database
  • Resolved issue with processing a credit card and the prompt for tips
  • Merging clients now merges their pre-paid services correctly
Sept 17 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2001
  • Resolved an issue with the Appointment Book not displaying multi-day appointments
  • Fixed Dashboard where Today’s Appointment were counting time blocks
  • Updated SQL installing DSI instance
  • Fixed X-charge printing error
  • Corrected Dashboard business and social tabs not password protected coming back into the dashboard screen
Sept 16 - Version 12.0.0 Build 2000
  • 123Pet Dashboard implemented including Today Dashboard and Business Summary Dashboard
  • Today Dashboard includes quick check-in and check-out feature
  • Two-way Appointment Text Confirmation implemented
  • Credit Card Processing Support for EMV implemented
  • Improvements to client lookup and service/product lookup screens
  • Improvements to Marketing screen and added over 30 new professional designed e-mail templates
  • Service/Product screen now features Smart Client Booking allowing for selection through client history
  • Improvements in appointment creation system for faster software performance
  • Password protection for Business Summary Dashboard implemented
  • Quick Select feature for client marketing wizard implemented
  • New e-mail template editor implemented

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