How To Boost Business During the Summer Slowdown: Part 1

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Summertime is nearing, and while that means beach trips, ice cream and cookouts for most people, it can mean slower days for pet grooming business owners. This infamous summer slowdown comes as a result of more than half of your customers going away on vacation or simply trying to maximize the time they’re spending outside, according to a survey by Bankrate.

So, while you may end up with fewer customers coming through your door as the temperature rises, don’t let this summer slump keep you up at night! Instead, follow these four strategies, which will not only help combat the slow traffic but could also make a huge difference in how much revenue your grooming business brings in this summer.

  1. Offer seasonal promotions

Your customers’ needs to change in the summer. Think of the kinds of activities they have planned for the summer and create promotions for your services that support those activities. For instance, offer discounts on preventative flea and tick baths or haircuts that will keep pets cool during the hot summer months. While those are practical summer grooming services, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your promotions, too. In the weeks leading up to the 4th of July, buy some festive decorations that make coming into the grooming salon as fun as a family cookout.

  1. Try something new

Summer gives people an adventurous spirit. If there’s a unique service that you’ve been nervous to roll out, this might be the season to give it a try. For example, if you’ve been considering building out a retail section at your grooming business, offer some festive Independence Day outfits. Try them out on some of your most loyal clients for a photo-op for Instagram that will draw in new customers. With your customers having a lot going on in the coming months, coming into the grooming salon might not be top of mind. But rolling out marketing for brand-new offerings might pique their interest and bring them in.

  1. Check in with your customers

Between vacation plans and last-minute trips to the beach, there’s a higher chance that your customers might forget their appointments. It’s important that you check in with them a bit earlier than you normally would to ensure they’re thinking about their appointments while planning out the rest of their summer. If you have an online booking software, like 123Pet, you can do this with ease by adjusting when you want to send out automated text reminders. An early appointment reminder could mean avoiding costly no-shows on sunny summer days.

If it has been a while since some of your regular customers have made an appointment, you can also use software like 123Pet to send an automated email encouraging them to come in. Our software tracks which of your customers haven’t been in recently, and can automatically send them a promotional coupon to try and get people in the door. For example, messages like, “We haven’t seen you in a while! Here’s 20% off your next visit,” work wonders in keeping your grooming business top of mind for customers.



  1. Analyze your business performance

In addition to being the official start of summer, June also marks the midway point of the year. Take some time to analyze your reports and do a mid-year review of your products and services. What you find may surprise and inspire you to change things up at your grooming business. Identify what your best and worst sellers are and make adjustments accordingly with your marketing tactics and staffing schedules. Giving your customers more of what they want can result in increased sales and set you up for success for the second half of the year.

By trying out some new marketing campaigns or adding new services, you can make your grooming business an enjoyable place for your customers, so they won’t mind missing out on a couple of hours in the sun. And with more customers coming through the door, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about any lasting effects of the summer slowdown.

Stay tuned for part two of our summer slowdown blog series for more business-boosting tips!

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