How To Boost Business During the Summer Slowdown: Part 2

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While summer may mean vacations and cookouts for most people, for business owners it can mean slower days at the groomers. In response to this dreaded shift, we published part one of our tips series last month, which offers tactics to boost sales during the infamous summer slowdown.

Since it can never hurt to have more fresh ideas to try out in case business starts to slow down as the temperature heats up, we came up with five more tips for keeping revenue rolling in during summer—and beyond.

  1. Don’t jump to cutting prices

It’s tempting to cut prices during the summer months to try to boost traffic, but that ultimately reduces your profits. Instead of selling items for less than their value, try to increase the perceived value of your grooming services in the eyes of your customers. For example, instead of discounting your dog baths, sell them at full price and then add in a free nail trim. This increases customer loyalty by making your customers feel like you’re going out of your way to give them the VIP treatment.

If your grooming business uses 123Pet Software, be sure to use the email marketing feature to send out these deals to your entire client base automatically!

  1. Sell more memberships

The one exception to cutting prices is when it comes to selling memberships, as they are a great way to encourage repeat customers. A membership deal gives your clients a good price on bulk services, and helps your groomers strengthen their relationships with clients. Whether you’re offering four haircuts for the price of three or weekly dog baths for a set monthly price, you can ensure that your favorite clients will visit your grooming business more often, keeping your groomers busy.

With 123Pet Software, you can make it easy to set up monthly payments for customers that want to join your membership program. The system even keeps track of which memberships are still active, simplifying the process for you and your clients.

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  1. Learn the art of upselling

Increase your sales this summer season by upselling to your customers. Encourage your groomers to try out new products on their furry clients and explain the benefits of each to their owners. Dog owners may not know that some dogs need special sunscreen or fur detangling spray. But they do know that you’re the expert, so let your customers know what they can do to keep their dogs clean and healthy in between visits to the groomers.

Another way to upsell is to offer product bundles. Products like shampoo and conditioner or dog nail polish and nail clippers go hand in hand, so display these together at your grooming business to encourage customers to buy both. Taking the extra step of adding some festive Fourth of July packaging to physically bundle the products together as a set will attract even more attention.

You could also try selling less popular products in a set with your top sellers. This will make sure that merchandise is constantly flowing—and your customers might even discover a new favorite product. With 123Pet Software’s inventory management capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly discover how well each of your products are selling to identify which ones can be bundled and which ones are your customers’ favorites.

  1. Hold a social media contest

Rev up excitement for your grooming business during the summer with a social media contest! Social contests can help improve customer engagement and loyalty, and boost your business’ visibility.

Take advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities and holidays to promote your contest. Brainstorm a couple of different ways to create excitement for your services on social media by tying it into some summer fun. For example, you can offer a discount to the customer who shares the best photo of their pet in festive Fourth of July gear or to the customer who tags you in photos of their freshly cleaned pup lounging at a cookout.

When your customers are tagging your grooming business in the photos they share, it will help you reach a wider audience and ideally encourage their followers to make an appointment. Set up online booking with 123Pet Software so as soon those new followers find out about your business, they can quickly and easily book an appointment.

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  1. Partner with a new business

In addition to marketing and sales tactics, you could also try to partner with another local small business to boost sales and traffic for both parties during the summer months. The partnership might entail you offering customers who spend $25 at your business another $25 in credit with your partner, and vice versa. For example, you can partner with the café next door to offer a free lunch with the purchase of a dog wash. While your furry client is having his bath, his owner can grab some food while they wait. Not only do these offers incentivize buyers to visit both shops, but it may also introduce each business to an audience it might not otherwise come into contact with.

Summertime can be a really trying season for business owners struggling to get people away from the beach and into the groomers. But with these marketing and sales tips, grooming business owners will be able to attract customers—new and old—and enjoy the summer months as much as their clientele.

Camilla A Mills

Camilla is an experienced Digital Marketing Professional and Salesforce Administrator. Her love of dogs stem from early childhood and has since found a passion for writing compelling content within the pet industry. When she isn't writing or marketing, you can find her hanging out with her Husky Shepard. She currently serves as Marketing Campaign Manager for 123Pet.
Camilla A Mills
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